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  1. KB's CYO Tries

    Thanks! I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to sell or keep, but PM me anyways & we can chat, Jade
  2. KB's CYO Tries

    Not sure what to think of these... XD Still working on the other stages, but it's just a matter of coloring now.
  3. Triple Tail Puss Alt Competition!

    I'd love the PSD if you have the chance.
  4. KB's CYO Tries

    The cat is on reserve. Feel free to PM me if you'd like me to do something specific.
  5. KB's CYO Tries

    Sorry JP! *huggles* Finished up the wolf, going to attempt a new CYO now.
  6. KB's CYO Tries

    Of course. Send me a private message & we'll work something out.
  7. KB's CYO Tries

    Yes I am. I'm also willing to color the stages for whomever purchases if desired.
  8. KB's CYO Tries

    I'm honestly not sure. I'm new to pricings and such, to those who asked if I'd sell. About to update the wolf.
  9. KB's CYO Tries

    I have not submitted them yet. Am I supposed to before I make a topic like this? D:
  10. KB's CYO Tries

    I absolutely would.
  11. KB's CYO Tries

    Added up two new ones I've yet to finish.
  12. KB's CYO Tries

    So I'm new to this site. Hi everyone! Well, here's some of my work. Should I open up a shop? Edit: New ones! ~oOo~
  13. New Member? Like Presents?

    I love bright colors and fantasy-like pets. ;P Thank you!
  14. New Member? Like Presents?

    I have 0 pets & have no idea how to adopt more. I just joined I think yesterday. XD Can I have a pet please? <3 Your choice.