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  1. I apologize to everyone who cares. I thought I had returned to Pet Adoptables, but I was wrong. I cannot take it. I'm compelely overwhelmed by it all. I thought coming back to old friends and activities would help me deal with things happening in my life, but it turns out it has only exacerbated the problems. I'm sorry. I do not think I will return ever. I can't take it anymore. Thank you. I am very sorry. Goodbye.

    1. Teakitty


      I need to get away immediately, so don't expect any responses. I'm sorry for falsely stating that I was coming back. I really thought I could do it. But I'm not up for the task. I am quitting the site as well, although I won't delete my account, so as to at least save my pets. I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

    2. RabbitTZY
    3. QueenAngel
  2. Help Wanted!! HUMAN AVATAR BASE

    @Hazel Grey I am really sorry about this, but my life has abruptly gotten really crazy, and I have to leave PA again. I thought coming back and making some HAIs would help to deal with everything, but I can't take it. In short, I won't be making these outfits. I am very sorry. I just can't face coming back to PA and designing things for it. It's too much. I hope you can find someone else more reliable. I'm sorry again.
  3. Help Wanted!! HUMAN AVATAR BASE

    Yes, those are the right instruments. Cellists prefer to wear pants, but it is possible to play it in a dress, so we just go with whatever is allowed. Just do whichever would be easier.
  4. Help Wanted!! HUMAN AVATAR BASE

    The outfit looks great! So, do you want me to make that also for the ensemble line?
  5. Help Wanted!! HUMAN AVATAR BASE

    That sounds good. The cello will be very hard, because the whole avatar will have to be reconstrued to be sitting down. However, I think I can do it. I can also make instruments other than the ones I play (I have a decent understanding of most instruments), so if you think of any others you'd especially like, I most likely will be able to do those as well. Other than that, I think I know everything. I'll probably have some more questions when I start working on it, but for now I am ready to start.
  6. Help Wanted!! HUMAN AVATAR BASE

    I think the main question is whether the avatar should be holding the violin as if playing it, or if it should just be carried at the side/in front. Having it up by the neck will be more difficult, but it probably would look cooler in the end. It's up to you, really. The question will also go for other instruments: holding or playing?
  7. I have returned to PA mainly for HAI designing. The thing is, before I took a break from this site, I was making avatar clothing like MAD. However, I wasn't very good, and eventually my life didn't accommodate for it. In my time away, I have greatly improved my skills with digital art, and I am eager to make things actually worthy of being on the site. The only thing I lack is inspiration. So if you have any requests for avatar clothing to be in the game, by all means, please ask away! You can be very specific, or very vague, or anywhere in between. Currently I'm on break, so I have time to make multiple items a day. That means many people can ask, and I still might be able to get to it that day. I've also committed myself to making a request from another topic, and that of course will take priority. Anyway, I'm bored and would really appreciate requests. Thanks!
  8. Help Wanted!! HUMAN AVATAR BASE

    Hello! I play the cello, bass guitar, and ukulele, and I have a lot of experience with most stringed instruments. Although I am not the best computer designer, when I put a lot of time into something I can get it to look pretty good. I also entirely agree with you that PA needs more instruments for the avatar. So I am very interested in designing your violins, as well as other instruments!
  9. Help Me Help You

    I'm going through a kind of tough time right now, and one thing that always helps bring me up is helping other people. So if you have any troubles or worries or anything you want to talk about, please comment or send me a message (if you want it more private). This way everyone can be cheered up! I'm so tired of people being sad or depressed or angry or upset. Why can't everyone be happy and just get along?
  10. ¤Teakitty's CYO Shop!¤

    @RabbitTZY So sorry for the delay! Yes, I can send one right away. I'm not concerned about money right now, so you can have her for free (to make up for the wait). I'll set up the trade now.
  11. I'm back! I am excited to create more HAIs. I doubt I'll be active in the Forums or with anything relevant to anything other than HAIs and PFLs, but nothing is certain at the moment. If anyone is interested in buying nearly any of my pets in the General room, just tell me and I should be willing to give it to you for free. I'm trying to clean out some space.

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    2. Teakitty


      Okay, thanks. So far I have been able to pick up on the changes, but if I get lost I'll come to you! :P

    3. Rose305


      *salute**dons cape**dashes off*

    4. Teakitty


      *salutes back*

  12. haiahi, It's Aerrow/Rainbow_Dashi... IM BACK :3

  13. Seeking BREEDING ARTIST for ZP

    @Cake I'd be interested. I honestly don't care about the ZP (I do it for fun, not compensation), so anything would be fine. These are my personal favorites of CYOs I've coloured: Egg:Alt 1:Alt 2:Alt 3:Alt 4:Alt 5:Alt 6: Egg:Alt 1:Alt 2:Alt 3:Alt 4:Alt 5:Alt 6: Egg:Adult: I never ended up bringing this into the game, but it was designed as a CYO, so it should count: Lastly, I designed these Sushi Bulldogs for @Rose305:
  14. ¤Teakitty's CYO Shop!¤

    @Zeditha I'm so sorry for not replying. Or maybe I did but forgot. Either way, sorry! It's fine if you give them away.
  15. PA SURVEY: we want your feedback!

    Why do you play PA? I play it because my sister suggested it to me. What attracts you to the site? I like the variety of activities within the game: breeding; collecting; chatting; customizing; et cetera. The best part, however, is the custom designing. This is one of the few sites I've found that allow artists to have to work in the game without a ridiculous amount of skill and seniority. Would you say you collect pets to relax? No. If anything, it stresses me! What types of site events do you enjoy the most? Which site events do you dislike the most? I like CYO Custom design contests the best because they're something that are within my interest range yet also a challenge. I dislike events in which, for example, the first 50 people to post get a prize. I think speed isn't the way of life, and so I never get anything out of those events. What is your favorite part of the site? Your least favorite? My favorite part of Pet Adoptables is by far the custom artwork, such as CYO Customs, Avatar Clothing, and Pet Clothing. Designing things are great, and although I'm horrible at it, I have to learn somehow! In order to pay server costs and artwork fees, the site has to bring in an income. What types of things would YOU be interested in purchasing to help support the site? I would be most likely to buy something of or relating to custom designs! How much time would you estimate you spend on the site on a daily basis? Before school got in I spent a lot of time on this game, but recently I've spent about 1-20 minutes daily on it.