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  1. I have discovered it was a bad idea to invite my friend to bring her little rescued kitten with her when I invited her over for dinner...


    Before I knew it I had a hungry kitten on my plate eating my burger lol.


  2. Technical Difficulties

    My friends rescue kitten Nyx stopping by for a visit. She is practicing for the ancient feline art of laptop sitting.
  3. Technical Difficulties

    From the album Technical Difficulties

    My friends rescue kitten stopping by to practice the ancient feline art of laptop sitting
  4. My dog is such a genius...not.

    First off I have four dogs, three smart, one not so much. The smart ones where on the couch, the not so much one was not but wanted up. She cried until I made room and then instead of jumping up like a normal dog she ran off, grabbed a toy and began to pace around the spot. In the end, instead of jumping up into the nice empty space on the couch I made for her, she jumped up on the opposite end of the couch. She then proceeded to try and get to that spot by walking across all the other dogs lol.

    That and when I let my dogs out and they spot a squirrel, three of them will ru toward it. She will run off in a completely random direction barking before coming to a stop, looking confused and then running back to the pack.

    And no, this is not a vision issue.

  5. New DnD Char

    That looks awesome
  6. 4 Requests Into One

    @Bloodstone Nice, thank you for drawing my Blitz @SwiftTalon There's no need for such harsh words as severely disappointed, as I recall this was practice and it was free. There is nothing wrong with giving pointers but it helps to be a little nicer about them.
  7. Taking Four Free Drawing Requests CLOSED

    I don't really have any pictures for references, Blitz is a pure white wolf, black nose and golden yellow eyes, his appearance is fairly standard however if its helps any, personality wise he is very mischievous and loves food
  8. Taking Four Free Drawing Requests CLOSED

    Do you have room for one more? Not a PA pet but an OC of mine, a white wolf with golden eyes named Blitz
  9. Awesome, I will send you the 50 now Also if you do animal companions, I may be interest in a white wolf, if thats possible
  10. I have been looking for a particular hair style for my male avatar, similar to what he has now but less bulky with slightly longer bangs, and straight not wavy. Its basically long blond hair in a pony tail, with bangs hanging free. I am not very good at describing it but it is more or less that old fashioned look with the hair being tied back by a leather cord. I have been slowly trying to make my avatar look like my OC, air style is next on my long list lol