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  1. So what do you all think of this, one of my foster kittens got spayed, a week later she has a large grape sized lump right where the stitches/glue are. I contacted my foster group, they said she would be fine and they where adopting her out tomorrow. I told them no, she needs to go to the vet, after awhile of going back and fourth, they offered to take her but I could not be there. I refused and they finally said I could take the kitten myself but I would not be allowed in the room with the vet tech or see the report....

    1. OldFoo


      I've had that happen to me too and I didn't like it either but the kitten isn't yours. It's not right, we love them too.

    2. Creus


      Perhaps not, but the group should be more responsible and  not just assume the kitten is fine and if they want to keep volunteers they should be a bit more inclusive and let them too at the very least be there with the kittens and cats they have taken in and raised instead of pulling questionable stunts that would put anyone who cares about animals off.It brings up such questions as, are they actually taking care of the kitten or simply making it seem that way in order to appease the foster while saving money?

    3. OldFoo


      The turn-over rate of volunteers at the rescue I foster for is very high. You may be right about them trying to save money. That's always an issue. I once took one of my own cats to a vet and I wasn't allowed to see her treated. I never went back. So it's hard to say if that is a rule of the rescue or the vet.

  2. :cry: Two of my foster kittens left me today for their forever homes. Had them for two months now, they started off as terrified feral kittens


    1. OldFoo


      I fostered 4 cats and 13 kittens this year and they have all gone back to the shelter. Now I can't visit the shelter in case they are still there. I hope they got homes. :unsure:

  3. I am so glad I bought a laptop with a metal case, my yellow lab just full speed tackled...

  4. Kittens n pups

    From the album Foster kittens

    Foster kitten Alice and my guide dog drop out Yancy
  5. Foster kittens

    The two kittens I am fostering, Arya and Sansa. Note, I do not watch GoT but these where names suggested by quite a few people. I figured names from such a popular show might help increase their luck in finding a home.
  6. Kittens n' pups

    From the album Foster kittens

    Little foster kitten Alice looks identical to her sister Rikki but she prefers her snuggle buddies to be a little larger, luckily Yancy puts up with her new kitten friend.
  7. Kittenpile.jpg

    From the album Foster kittens

    Came in from doing some work outside and found foster kitten Rikki(black and white 3months) laying on top of foster failure Stormy(Silver, 9 months)
  8. Its been over a month since I last stopped by, how has everyone been?

    1. The_Arcana


      Pretty good! Hope you've been doing good!

  9. Creussssssss!!! I miss you! (and yes I know I was a butthead and vanished for way to long...)

  10. Stormykitten.jpg

    From the album Foster kittens

    Newest foster kitten
  11. Stormykitten2.jpg

    From the album Foster kittens

    Newest foster kitten
  12. Stormkitten3.jpg

    From the album Foster kittens

    Newest foster. this one may be a foster fail
  13. Its been an insanely busy last few months for me but I should be coming back soon. I know I owe at least one reply to someone, but feel free to pm to remind me.

    Also I just went to the book store today, the first time in years since a family member of mine got a gift card and I found a book. The last mage, a book about a mage who is a thief just like my main oc. Haven't read it yet but when my brother finishes it...now I want to do some comparisons lol


  14. Happy Thanksgiving everyone 

    1. Dashy


      Happy Thanksgiving! :D 

    2. vanillachapter


      Happy Thanksgiving! :) 

  15. The Frost Archer's 1x1 Search

    @Ashe If we do make it group role play here are some thoughts to keep it less hectic as I have had that issue in the past where people go off on a wild tangent and the original role play is lost to their posts. First I would limit the amount of role players to say no more than 3-4, two I would limit the characters they start with to 1-2, perhaps allowing another later on if needed for the plot. Three, generally I would try to keep the amount of characters even, that way every character has another character to interact with so that person doesn't get bored/ let out. Four I would try to keep the posting a turn based one, so we would have to wait for the others to post after us before we post again and I would ask for a minimum of one or two posts from each person a week, since people do have a life.....sometimes lol. It makes the role play slow but, I do have a counter attack that might work.... Basically my thought is since in most group role plays people tend to pair up characters and since everyone should have more than one, those that have a pair that are working well together can continue working on the role play via pm while waiting for the others to post. That way they can keep up the interaction of their characters/ role play at their leisure while not having to wait and loose interest, while at the same time giving the others a chance to post. They couldn't go too far, but at the very least they can role play out some of the basics such as character meetings ect and just copy and paste those posts in a spoiler once the others post and they can rejoin, that way if anyone has any questions they can check the hidden role play in the spoiler for details of what happened. That and should other people drop the role play then you still have a role play going in your pm and you can just finish the role play with whomever you got the pm going with, if that makes any sense