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  1. Are there any roleplayers still hanging around? I am looking for a few people to join an open world role play on another website


  2. Arrival of Sen

    Awesome, where is this character from?
  3. Take out can mean, food, dating or murder

    1. Kageshiryu21


      This feels like something one would find on a fortune cookie slip XD

  4. I have no idea.

    Its clearly the very rare and mysterious Warriorborg
  5. Weird moment of the day t work:

    A customer came to me wanting a goldfish. She told me that a psychic told her that her deceased cat wanted her to get a goldfish. Furthermore the goldfish had to go in a very specific bowl on top of a shrine she built to her dead cat...


    What do you think goldfish are lady? An offering? And you built your dead cat a shrine.....?

    1. OldFoo


      When the goldfish dies, do you think she will build a shrine for it?

  6. Hi there!

    Welcome to PA
  7. Its a sad day when all the snacks you bought are eaten before you get to them.

    Me: Where did my crackers go?

    Sibling: I ate them

    Me: My cheese?

    Sibling: That too

    Me: What about my peanuts?

    Parent: I ate those.

    Me: My chicken nuggets?

    Other sibling: Got those

    Me: The whole bag?

    OS: Yup

    Me: My nuggets *sniff*

    OS: They where the good ones

    Me: "...."

    Me: Okay, and the girl scout cookies?

    Family: What cookies?

    Me: "........."


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    2. Creus


      Not that I know of I have not seen them go door to door in awhile, it seems these days that parents sell the cookies for their kids lol. I bought them at work from a coworker.

    3. Apples


      This happens to me all the time so i literally label everything i own and make sure everyone dares not to touch the snacks i bought. 

    4. Creus


      Unfortunately most labels are removable lol. "Oh, it must have fallen off"  or "Oh, I didn't see the big words written in bright red by a double wide sharpie marker"

  8. If life shuts a door, open it again. Its a door. That's how they work.

  9. So at work a coworker was holding a baby bearded dragon. Another coworker was petting it. The baby beardie opened its mouth and the person petting it stuck her finger in its mouth...she seemed rather shocked when it bit her lol


    And upon getting home, I turned on my tv, put on a channel and set the remote down. Three minutes later the channel suddenly changed by itself, the screen on the new channel was black except for three words, The possession of


    Soo looks like my tv's possessed...


  10. Foster kitten and puppies

    From the album Foster kittens

    I found this old image of one of my old foster kittens named Lucy, she has since been adopted but here she is snuggling with my two dogs. Yancy is the darker colored dog and Leila is the lighter colored dog.
  11. Foster kittens

    The two kittens I am fostering, Arya and Sansa. Note, I do not watch GoT but these where names suggested by quite a few people. I figured names from such a popular show might help increase their luck in finding a home.
  12. Art Dump

    Those look awesome, I actually just joined rescreatu
  13. Random weird conversation with family member:

    Me: I am off work tomorrow, do you want me to make dinner?


    Family member: Yes, I pulled out some chicken to defrost.


    Me: Is there anything you want me to do with it?


    Family member: Snow


    Me: Snow?


    Family member:  Coat the snow


    Me: Coat the snow with what? Chicken?


    Family member: Yes


    Me: Mm'kay...sounds easy enough I suppose. Just open the door, toss the chicken in snow and voilà,  dinner?


    Family member: Sounds good


    Me:   "..."

    1. plot_twister
    2. Creus


      I don't know either lol

    3. Apples
  14. Winter sunset

    From the album Sunset

    Saw this will heading out to run some errands
  15. Sunset