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  1. Official Raffle!

    May I have 1 ticket please? <3
  2. More free CYOs! ;P

    @tomomi Thank you!!
  3. More free CYOs! ;P

    @tomomi May I get one of each? Cyber Whinny and Fairy Flicker as the only males, thank you so much!!
  4. PA Holiday Discussion

    I can't be on much so I'm afraid I'll miss a lot of these cuties
  5. *New* Giveaway Thread! Open!

    @Vixxey What does your trade message mean? <3
  6. 2 free CYOs for everyone! :)

    @tomomi May I have both?<3
  7. *New* Giveaway Thread! Open!

    @Vixxey In your Giveaway tab, may I have Adopt your own virtual pet today!, #829909, #816645, and number 620777? If this is too many I will take some off <3
  8. *New* Giveaway Thread! Open!

    @Vixey What For a Cotton Kitty, Gypsey Horse, Star Spangled Pup, Metallox, Boxer, Cubby, Wild Wings, and 3 stray cats? I fell in love with so many, it was hard to choose Dx
  9. CYO Names needed

    Set 2 "Wild Dreams" Set 3 "Avians" Set 4 "Roaring Skies" Set 5 "You can dream, You can achieve" Set 6 "Meow or Never"
  10. Get a FREE Tsuno Horsey! ~Always read the rules~

    Err...did I miss it? Dx I'd love a Beach Groove Alt 3! NVM, posted on the new forum!!
  11. @matchiitehew #26 please? <3
  12. first 5 to post get a free moss kitty

    @ Awww darn I missed it!!!!!!!! They're soooooo cute!
  13. Grow Over Time

    @tomomi I love this idea especially since I cannot be active hardly at all anymore.
  14. Trick or Treat!

    @Ikiru I want to join!
  15. Gift the Member Below You Game!

    @Oddora Sent a hare over! Technically lions are Felines so yes