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  1. Quillfeather// Interacting with Deerspring, Swiftpaw and Sparrowfur Hearing Deerspring reply makes Quillfeather's fur raise back his neck as he can feel his blood boiling. " I clearly see that he more sick then before. If you would be so kind and wait in the nursery. I will send Bluepaw to come get you after I care to Sparrowfur." He hisses with anger behind his words. Quillfeather don't seem to care how Deerspring would take his reply. He quckily turn his attention toward Swiftpaw. "Go get Bluepaw. I need to get Sparrowfur in the medicine den." He grumbles. Quillfeather carefully grabs Sparrowfur by the scruff of his neck and slowly and carefully drags Sparrowfur. He really don't care at all about Sparrowfur. Sliverfur// Interacting with Rabbitpaw Taking in deep breath then out Sliverfur knew Rabbitpaw not in the best of shape to even go on a hunting patrol. He feels very bad for her. "I wanted to know how you are feeling? Also wanted to see if you were up to go on hunting patrol with me." Sliverfur don't really know what was really going on and all he did know it was not something good. "Rabbitpaw, everything will be alright ". Seems Sliverfur sees Rabbitpaw as his own kit. Darkkit//Interacting with Interacting with Whitekit, Fallenstar Honeykit Flarekit, and Lynxkit. Darkkit looks away from Lynxkit as she felt very bad what she said. Feeling her sister fur beside her made her feel so much better. "Whitekit, can we still play?" She really don't know what else to even say. "We can play hunt. I can be the mouse." She meows.
  2. Quillfeather// Interacting with Fallenstar,Bluepaw Swiftpelt Taking in a deep breath then out Quillfeather tries to shake the terrible though of death. Seeing Fallenstar paddling over he quickly moves aside to make room. "Bluepaw, if your not busy we must go gather some herbs." He call out to him. Quillfeather knew this is not the best time to get herbs but again most his clan mates need the herbs. He just don't know what to say or think at the moment. Quillfeather grins as he sees Swiftpelt rushing over calling out his name "What's the matter? " He yowl like if he is concerned. Sliverfur// Interacting with Rabbitpaw Heading over where Rabbitpaw is Sliverfur couldn't stop thinking about Poppyfall. He truly likes her, but dose not know how to truly tell her how he feels about her. "Rabbitpaw." He calls out. In one way he knew Rabbitpaw is still sick couldn't go on hunting patrol but in another he wanted to check up on her to be sure. Darkkit//Interacting with Interacting with Whitekit, Fallenstar Honeykit Flarekit, and Lynxkit Darkkit don't understand what is really going on. She don't know why her mother place Honeykit, Flarekit,and Lynxkit in their nest. In away she thought more friends to play with. She begins to play nip her sister's ear. "Whitekit why we have to stay in here. Fallenstar so mean. I want to play!" She quickly begin play paw toward Honeykit, Flarekit and Lynxkit "I guess we will be sharing a nest." Course she wasn't sure what happen to Gingerfox.
  3. Quillfeather// Interacting with Fallenstar,Sparrowfur and Deerspring, Bluepaw Shakes his head in annoyed Quillfeather shifts his mood as he could see Fallenstar paddling over. "Hello Fallenstar I was just remind Sparrowfur to not get to close to the other heathly cats. He dose look worse then yesterday." He dips his head toward Fallenstar. In his mind he wondered if Bluepaw have found the right stuff. His question is soon is answer as he sees Bluepaw paddling to the nursery with the herbs. Hearing Bluepaw yowl that Gingerfox is dead, he quality dashes over to the nursery to Bluepaw. Quillfeather eyes widden with sorrow. "Are you sure Bluepaw!" Sliverfur// Interacting with Poppyfall, Swiftpaw,Fernwing Turning his attention toward Poppyfall, Sliverfur takes in deep breath then out. " I guess your right, but I still need to check up on Rabbitpaw." He meows. Hearing Swiftpaw's reply Sliverfur nods his head. "Swiftpaw can join if that right with you Poppyfall." He begin to smile toward Poppyfall. Sliverfur quickly turn his attention toward Fernwing. "Course, more the merry I always say." He flicks his left ear. He then his attention back to Poppyfall "I will be right back, i got to see if Rabbitpaw is alright. Poppyfall will you tell the others to meet me at the enter of the camp?" He askes her. Darkkit//Interacting with Interacting with Whitekit, and mintkit Darkkit begin to smile toward her sister's reply. "I want to catch a mouse to. Outside sounds a lot of fun. I really want Mintkit to join us,but he does not seem to be alright. I am to happy to be coop up in here all day long." Darkkit rolls on her back and begin to play with bits of dirt that falls off of the top of the den. "Maybe we can hunt Whitekit." She added.
  4. Quillfeather// Interacting with Bluepaw, Deerspring, Sparrowfur, and Fallenstar Moving his own thoughts a side, Quillfeather glances up at Deerspring as she paddles up. His fur begin to flatten along his back as if his good mood have become very annoyed instead. "Your right Deerspring there is no cure as I know of." He grumbles. Seeing Bluepaw glance at him, Quillfeather flattens his right ear. "We should have small sock of honey and bramble twigs which would help him sleep. If he sleeping he wouldn't suffer." Quillfeather flicks his tail at Bluepaw. "I need you to fetch them for Deerspring. You should know where to find the honey and bramble twigs " Quillfeather quickly turn his attention off Deerspring and toward Sparrowfur. He begins to fold both ears down as he knew his bad temper is riseing more. Beside the fact Quillfeather really wants to take out his anger on another cat anyway. He don't want to take out on Deerspring as she don't do anything wrong, and Sparrowfur is the best target anyway. He shakes his head in annoyed, he don't understand why the tom would be out about the camp and washing himself right now any way. He paddles over to Sparrowfur as he felt this matter needed to be address now and not later. "Sparrowfur not a good idea to be out and about around heathly cats. Makes more work for me. I am tried of running around like crazy for herbs, because the sick cats don't listen to me." He grumbles. "I need to go see Fallenstar. Have you seen him?" He added with a nicer tone behind his words. In his mind Fallenstar is the only cat he truly cares a lot about, which he don't want any other cat to know this. Silverfur//interacting with Poppyfall, Tidechaser,Flamesky, and Tawnystripe Listening to Poppyfall's reply about going on a hunting patrol Sliverfur begin to smile. He really likes her, and happy she said yes. He don't mind Flamesky to come along to as he don't know the other tom had a crush on Poppyfall as well. Seeing Tidechaser flirt with Poppyfall, Sliverfur just rolls his eyes, as he knew the tom is just a charmer. Seem Tidechaser has many crushes and it changes everyday. He don't really care anyway. Hearing Poppyfall ask Tidechaser to join. Sliverfur allows his fur to lay back down his back so that he don't look very jealous. "Sure Tidechaser, I just need to see if Tawnystripe wants to come. I need to check up on my apprentice anyhow." He meows as he paddles off to find Tawnystripe. Darkkit//interacting Whitekit, Mintkit Becoming bored playing by herself, Darkkit begin to play paw her sleeping sister Whitekit. "Wake up sister I want to play. The sky awake so am I. Let's jump around and play warrior please." She meows in her ear. Darkkit also wanted to play with Mintkit but she knew he don't feel to good to play anyhow.
  5. Quillfeather/ Interacting with Bluepaw and thinking about Fallenstar :3 Watching Bluepaw head outside the den, Quillfeather just takes in a deep breath then out. He really want to sit there all day and watch Fallenstar but he knew couldn't do that after all he knows there is sick cats need attention. Which he dose not really care anyhow. Quillfeather flicks his tail back and forth to clear his mind. Hearing Bluepaw greeting Quillfeather blinks as if it was a surprise to him that his apprentice came back so quickly. "Hey Bluepaw, thank you for the vole. Gathering herbs would be good idea, as we are running low, but I am afraid no herbs will cure this sickness." Quillfeather flashes a smile toward Bluepaw, something he rarely never does. Quillfeather quckily looks up at the sky "Not like starclan would help us anyway." He grumbles under his breath as he takes small bite of the vole. Silverfur/interacting with Poppyfall, Fallenstar,Flamesky, and Tawnystripe Hearing Fallenstar's orders about a hunting patrol, Silverfur dips his head in respect toward his leader. Silverpelt gives Fallenstar a nod before he heads off to find heathly warriors to go. "I will see if Poppyfall,Flamesky and Tawnystripe are up for a hunting patrol." He tells himself. In his mind he felt bad about Rabbitpaw being sick. Silverpelt heads toward Poppyfall and Flamesky. "Are you two up for a hunting patrol?" He mewos. Darkkit She still playing by herself.
  6. Quillfeather/ Opening his eyes to meet the little sunlight through the small crack in the wall of the medicine cat den, Quillfeather let's out a yawn and begin to stretch. Seeing Bluepaw head outside, he slowly makes his way to the entrance of the medicine den so that he can have better view of high rock. The thought about Fallenstar comes across his mind. Shaking his head to clear the thought, Quillfeather begin to wash his front paw, so that it look as if he was viewing camp and not his leader's den. He don't want anyone to know about his huge crush on their leader. Silverfur Laying in his nest Sliverfur looks around the warrior den. In his mind he wonder if Poppyfall is wake yet, and if she wanted to go on a hunting trip. He truly hope she would come along. Sliverfur slowly gets to his feet and heads outside the den, so that he could wait for her. Owlclaw (She is asleep right now in the warrior den.) Darkkit Rolling on her back Darkkit begin to play fight with the air with her paws. Even those she is sick it don't seem to bother her play time. She don't really understand being sick means to rest. Darkkit wish she could be a warrior and go hunting for the clan.
  7. @ Dashy Yes, I am fine with you creating a sibling for Darkkit. I also don't mind you creating a mom or dad as well. ^^
  8. I created three more characters
  9. Here my character (hope he ok if not I will change him https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/11/07/09/55/cat-1805305_1280.jpg Name:Quillfeather Warrior Name: (if kit/or apprentice) Age in Moons: 32moons Gender: Tom Rank: Medicine cat? Description: Quill Feather has a gray furry pelt. His eyes are green. Personality: Quill Feather dose not care about any one but himself. He has a bad temper. Seeing some the cats in his clan getting sick Quillfeather feels deep down he does care about his clan mates. He dose try to help them. History: Clan born Parents: deceased Siblings:deceased Kits?: forbidden Mate?:forbidden Crush?:forbidden (he dose not care) he likes a certain cat Sick or Healthy?: healthy for now Other: hmm peaches are my favorite fruit. https://timeincsecure-a.akamaihd.net/rtmp_uds/2111767321001/201711/1416/2111767321001_5646089435001_5400925636001-vs.jpg?pubId=2111767321001&videoId=5400925636001 Name: Owlclaw Warrior Name: (if kit/or apprentice) Age in Moons: 36 moons Gender:she_cat Rank: warrior Description:Owlclaw's pelt is a cream color. She has blueish and greenish eyes Personality: Owlclaw is a very shy cat. She takes her job very seriously. She also loves kits. History: (optional) clan born Parents:unknown Siblings:nope Kits?:no Mate?:no Crush?: Rainfur Sick or Healthy?:sick Other:peaches https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQTa36n6EXQJVbfCcSdc_CNQpIqtUfppeLYNCz-p_Tld8LFCYH3 Name: Sliverfur Warrior Name: (if kit/or apprentice) Age in Moons: 22 moons Gender:tom Rank: warrior Description: Sliverfur's pelt is a light gray with white mix in it. His eyes are green Personality: Sliverfur is a loyal warrior and takes his job serious. He is a sweetheart. History: (optional) unknown Parents:no Siblings:no Kits?:no Mate?:no Crush?: huge crush on Poppyfall Sick or Healthy?:healthy Other: https://fthmb.tqn.com/mJroA0u-j7ROts63xY4oJkosaMs=/3372x2248/filters:no_upscale():fill(transparent,1)/kitten-looking-at-camera-521981437-57d840213df78c583374be3b.jpg Name: Darkkit Warrior Name: Darkpelt Age in Moons: 4 moons Gender:she_cat Rank: kit Description:Darkkit's pelt is black, gray and white mix. She is a small kit. Personality Darkkit is very hyper. She loves to play and play. She really wants to be a warrior. History: (optional) Parents: Frostwhisker Siblings:Whitekit Kits?:to young Mate?:to young Crush?:Mintkit Sick or Healthy?:sick Other:
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    All accepted @everyone, sorry about my absent. My internet was down for couple of days. I will post the rp sometime tomorrow.
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    Name Buddy Gender male age old history Buddy was a beloved family pet. He lived happy life with them till he was diagnosed with cancer. Buddy's family don't want him suffer so they had the vet to put himself to sleep. Rest his history is mentioned above personality: Buddy personality changes never the same since he is a zombie dog. dog or cat? Dog breed black lab looks on photo crush nope mate she died offspring he had one litter with his old mate before he died. Then second litter with another female dog in the lab. family Unknown Bonzai is his son. other
  13. Project 0 sign ups (open)

    The rp will be post soon.