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  1. Lucky's Custom and CYO Shop ~ New CYO!

    @Starstream have you decided a price on your utsukushii senshi? I'd love to get atleast one, although I'll probably end up getting 3 or 4 eventually
  2. Looking for japanese tigers to buy or breed

  3. I'm looking to buy japanese tigers. Or if you have a pair you breed ill pay you for a breeding. I can do zc or zp. Any gender/alt/gen is fine. If you have any please message me here if you want to possibly trade my site username is blade369. thanks!
  4. Phar's semi-return

    @Lilytora thank you so much!!!!!
  5. Phar's semi-return

    Hey guys! It's been a long time since I was last on here, not sure if anyone remembers me haha but I will be semi returning when I have a chance to get on. So I have big news, since my haitus I've had a job, got my own car, a 95 escort lx it's in mint condition and is a 5speed manual which I absolutely love about it and met a wonderful man who I've been dating for a while, we are ingaged in fact we are getting married New Year's Eve and I've never been more happier and I am super excited and I just wanted to reconnect and wish everyone a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Jelly!

  7. I may not be back online for a very long time after the 28th, people in my life are unrealiable and as a rule of thumb do not try to live with people and split the bills. Doesn't end well.

    1. Puma concolor
    2. Starstream
    3. Rose305


      Happy Birthday! For when you get back! Hope things get better!

  8. Haihai, It's Aerrow/Rainbow_Dashi,.. IM BACK

  9. Budgie's CYO & Custom Shop [Sneezyphant available!]

    @Snowflakke I added and accepted. sorry it took so long
  10. HUGE (FREE) CYO RAFFLE (Congratulations Winners!)

    @ female please and thank you!
  11. HUGE (FREE) CYO RAFFLE (Congratulations Winners!)

    @ I'd Love to enter!
  12. Budgie's CYO & Custom Shop [Sneezyphant available!]

    @Snowflakke Yes I am I just got caught up in some life issues.
  13. Budgie's CYO & Custom Shop [Sneezyphant available!]

    @Snowflakke I'm sorry Its taking this long I lack a little having enough and I've been stressed with real life things and haven't been able to be on here much/for long. I will get the rest and add it soon
  14. I really love the tanuki and I received a florin via the paladore promotion. I like this florin but I would trade her for a tanuki, any alt/gender/stage. Or buy one from you or I could trade something else for it. If you have one please mention me here or PM me. Greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. GaH the Person Above You

    @Ikiru Hatched