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  1. Silver's Looking for ...

    Accepted. Thank you so much!! <3
  2. Silver's Looking for ...

    Thank you so much! Yes, I still need a black one.

    Found a Fiery Whicker in the AR ... >.<

    "You have already adopted your limit today..."


    NOOOO >.< A million refreshes and finally found a horse I didn't have 

    1. SilverStallion


      HAHA Another one popped up!!! I LOVE IT

  4. Silver's Looking for ...

    Okay. Thank you. I added more zc and took out the bat thingy.
  5. Silver's Looking for ...

    Thank you so much!!! Added and accepted
  6. Silver's Looking for ...

    Thank you so much! How much would you like for it? I paid 135 and 145 for the other two alts but I'm willing to go up to 200zc so just let me know and I'll throw it in for you.
  7. Silver's Looking for ...

    Thank you! I Gah'd one and it was the mostly brown one. I'll Gah another one after reset
  8. Silver's Looking for ...

    I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO ZP. Please do not ask me to pay for a pet with this currency. Currently looking for horse cyos and pets I don't already have. I have a full collection of the following so please don't ask if I'll buy them: Alts I'm missing: Alt 6 for Butterfly Friend Alt 3 for Chimerian Steed Alts 2, 3, 4, 5 for Dreamspinner Alts 2, 5, 6 for Elemental Pony Alts 1, 2, 4, 5 Alt 3 for Hippalectryon Alts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for the Holiday Horse Alt 6 for Knight Pony Alts 1, 3, 4, 6 Alt 6 for Tailored Bronco Alts 1, 4, 6 for Tennessee Walking Horse Alts 2, 3 for Tranquility Pony I HAVE these two alts for the Fabled Unicorn but they're part of the ZP shop and I can't find them in the color almanac I have this alt for Waterhorse but again, can't find it in the Almanac so I don't know if it's the only one or not:
  9. WHY

    Trying to buy 4 butter pegs from bizarre and opening each in new tabs but it says, "It appears you've tried to spoof our system" ... nah bro, i just wanna buy 4 >.<


    1. kurokishi


      A quirk of the site; just have to buy them one at a time :D

  10. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @Alcarie Could I get 1 of each alt Arachnid Pony please? Total: 3,000 ZC Gender irrelevant Please and thank you
  11. GaH the Person Above You

    hatched. This one please! http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1067674

    Whatever ya get/got. Not picky at all. As long as I get 1 of each alt, I'm happy.

    @Aleah I need all of your horse CYOS!!! Please add a total price here or in the trade. (Pretty sure I have enough ZC to cover them all) ***Bouncing up and down while singing: I'm gonna pet ALL the pretty ponies!!!***
  14. Lots of different pets for sale or trade

    1,000zc total (griz is also breedable + extinct = higher value because of rarit-ay) And yes, the grizis an alt 1 and the elk is alt 5
  15. Lots of different pets for sale or trade

    It would be 40zc total. Please send trade This has already been taken above you.