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  1. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    (( @Rose305 *Dramatic gasp* You forgot about me?! For shame!! ;-) )) Ben shifted awkwardly on the deck, scratching one leg with a booted foot. "I have.... no idea. The sea gets weird during storms. Could we just... check islands as we go?" Feeling that it was a terribly inadequate answer, he ruffled a hand over his extremely short hair, then hunched slightly. Sindhu made the mistake of opening her eyes. She was laying on her side, her right eye pressed against sand. Which was all to obvious, as grains got into her eye. She sat up, hissing in pain and trying to blink it out. She debated rubbing her eye with her hand, but a glance showed that that would be a mistake, since her skin was dusted with sand as well. Her hisses changed from being wordless to containing words--swearing, to be exact. Her head shot up and she jolted into a sitting position as she suddenly remembered the crate. Oh, and Lard. As if on cue, she heard her shipmate--could he be called a shipmate still if they had no ship?--call for her. "I currently have one eye on fire, but I'm fine beyond that!" she yelled back. "Also, I'm missing the crate, but I'm guessing it washed up somewhere close by."
  2. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    ((Hmm... Lets go with a larger boat. That way they don't have to come up with one later. x) And I'd guess Jade and Ben would be better off, since a larger boat would probably have food and fresh water on it. Skipping sounds good to me! Actually, I think it might be good to skip now, mainly since I'm not sure what else to do with Sindhu. x) ))
  3. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    Sindhu's knuckles were white as she clung to the boat with one hand, and the crate with the other, mentally screaming "THIS VESSEL IS NOT IDEAL FOR STORMY WEATHER" over and over. When Lard paused in his retching (the part of her mind that wasn't busy screaming was otherwise occupied by feeling sorry for him) to ask if she was still alive, all she could manage was a wordless, very nervous, "UUUUUUUUUUAAAAAH." She flicked the soaked strands of her hair out of her face, wishing she had a lull that would allow her to tie her hair up and out of the way. ((When do we want to do the other two? Ben and Jade? ))
  4. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    @Rose305 Yup yup! :-)
  5. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    @Rose305 Flashy battle scenes, followed by Sindhu drenching everything in water to put out the resulting fires. xD (Also, A+ gif usage. xD )
  6. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    @Rose305 HhnnnNNNNNGGGG Sorry for the late reply oh gosh. ;-; Ahem, anyhoo. It backfiring after a while would be amazing, and the fact that his hands would need to be in fists is also great. *u* IF YOU PROCRASTINATE AND YOU KNOW IT, CLAP YOUR HANDS *CLAPS HANDS SO FAST AND LOUD THAT A SONIC BOOM HAPPENS*
  7. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    @Rose305 Pity neither of us are experts. ;-) And I know a downside-- no fistbumps. That would be bad. (Or, serious answer this time, maybe it uses up a lot of his energy? Or he's sensitive to heat, or doesn't do water too well? Maybe the Boom is diminished when he's wet?) Rosie!! Love, what are you doing on here?? Go do your essay!! *Gently nudges towards homework* You can check in once you're, eh, a quarter of the way through!!
  8. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    @Rose305 Hmm... I have no idea what studying is. Maybe we should ask an expert. xD I think I'll probably go with that last one, so she can control any liquids depending on the pH levels. And it sounds like we've got almost everything, so I guess we're ready to start? I'm game to wait until your schoolwork eases. :-) I just want my Rosie to take care of herself. ;-)
  9. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    @Rose305 Huh, that could be cool! I'd need to research water, since I'm not totally sure what the pH level for things like that is, so I wouldn't know how to gauge what she could control or not (Whoops not studying science is showing up oh well) but yeah, I like that idea!!
  10. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    @Rose305 After its. And I'd guess we could at least be in the tail end of the storm? Then, when it calms down, we can have a brief time skip to when our morons are out of food and they're like "what the heck" and eat the fruit? And they're probably still at sea after the storm. But once Sindhu eats her fruit, she can probably get them to an island. I still need to work out exactly what her fruit-powers are whoops
  11. The SeaKings (One Piece 1x1 with Rosie)

    @Rose305 No worries, love. <3 I actually hadn't made the connection that your school work was ramping up, so sorry if I added to your stress. ^-^; And I don't know. I think we could conceivably work with both? I'd love to try to go with just after they've stolen the ship, and before the storm. Or directly after the storm. That way we get to have our chars eat the devil fruit and have fun with them realizing what was happening.
  12. Ace Thinks Too Much

    @Ace @Rose305 I don't mind it being the three of us!! ;-) So the only idea I'd had for my character's motive was that someone they'd been related to was killed by the water fraction doing... something, thus why they ended up in fire. But that all depends on how long ago this all was. But I think that's something I can mull over while we work out the plot? Although, looking over your plot ideas, that kind of is true, kind of not. But I think I just came up with a way we can work in both my characters motive, and your favorite plot option. If your character discovers the information, that could somehow lead to someone related to my character being killed. Maybe while your character is trying to get away? And mine follows to give them a piece of their mind? If Rosie joins as well, then we might need to work out how to wiggle her character in. (Rosie, love, got any ideas??)
  13. Ace Thinks Too Much

    @Ace I've got a slight character idea. Probably water/elf, most likely female. Although it may end up being male. Who knows. Beyond that, I don't really have an idea on any of it. ^-^;
  14. Ace Thinks Too Much

    @Ace I'd be interested in the Our World is Dark roleplay!