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  1. E-Mail change

    I have a bit of an issue. I recently moved and had to cancel my internet service because it did not service the area I am in now. As such my old E-Mail no longer exists which is a problem because I have a new provider that we just connected to today and when I submitted a E-Mail change I got the message saying that a verification was sent to my old E-Mail which, of course, no longer exists. What can I do to remedy this issue? Thanks
  2. Xymore?

    Hmm..that is too bad. Really, it is. I am sure I was not the only one who was looking forward to it. Oh well...stuff happens.
  3. Xymore?

    So...whatever happened to that project? I just see the main page but no other information is forthcoming. Has that been abandoned? If so that is too bad because it sounded promising.
  4. Sister site Paladore

    Nevermind..it is ok now.
  5. Sister site Paladore

    I just joined Paladore a few days ago and now I can't log in at all. When I click on my paladore profile that I posted here I see a banner that says "locked" and I seen that with amny others too. I submitted a ticket on the 10th or so for help but it has not been addressed yet. Anyone else having issues? I ask it here because I cannot ask on Paladore because...well, I can't log in. If my posting this is considered wrong then I apologize. I hate having to register to a site then find out it was close to going down and now nothing is happening.

    Hmmm...sounds interesting.
  7. People and their mouths

    It's not all bad though but I really think practicing basic courtesy never goes out of style.
  8. People and their mouths

    I agree. When I was a teen this was just one of the many reasons I did not "hang out" with any people my age. It was either stupid gossip and hateful talk from either gender. The girls giggled and shrieked like idiots and the guys acted like all that mattered was beating up someone or talking just as dopey as the girls. Sadly as I got older, the level of conversation from adults wasn't any better. They whined and complained about their kids or other family members, bragged about how blitzed they got on the weekend or were gonna get or the like. The older populace seems to love talking about their various illnesses and all the foods they hate or can't eat or whine endlessly about how everything was supposedly "so much better when they were kids" and how everything nowdays is garbage, crap or just no good. And not just the level, or lack thereof, in conversationbut the manners of people of all ages has become deplorable. Here is another thing I would like to see stopping and that is spitting. Please people, stop it now. I do not appreciate having to carefully navigate around YOUR pools of foamy spittle. It's disgusting; I do not find it cool to see a guy of any age walking around and spitting. Heck, I watched some old codger in a small coffee nook spitting on the floor, he had napkins on the darn table right in front of him but Noooooo...he had to spit on the floor. I cringed when I seen one of the people who wipe up the tables, having to clean the disgusting mess. Anyways..public spitting is gross. Please don't do it. You are old enough to know far better and you do not look cool casually spitting. This is not some movie or video game, this is real life and no one sees it as sexy or cool.
  9. Well, it looks like PA is dead more or less. I have passively watched this site or months and ever since it was slimmed down to be like all the other sites, something happened and it wasn't good. In my naivete I hoped that PA would regain some of what it decided to toss but if Cake has given up then what is stopping us from evenually giving up too?
  10. Since all the other things here on PA were eliminated, (observing from a few months past) the only thing remaining that attracted me was the variety of creatures. Yes, the VARIETY!!!! There are so many people out there with loads of skills and it is basically an honor to have one of their creatures because they put in so much effort into their creatures. If those are eliminated and just have only "real life" animals then the site becomes mundane. It will no longer provide a means for artists to display their works. I do not mean to say it doesn't take skill to create recreations of "real" animals but not everyone wants to go that route. Eliminating "fantasy" beings shuts out a huge portion of creators. For those who want to go into the field professionally, PA can even serve as a means for them to have their works seen. Also..I would think that maintaining two sites would be pretty hard and I assumed that the new pet rooms would let people organize their pets especially if you want to keep the fantasy ones in some areas and the "real life" ones in another. If there is such a concern about saving animals then why not attach a special doojiggy to the "real life" pets that lets a person donate to that specific cause? I just do not want to see all that creativity that I appreciate get shoved into oblivion. Creativity is what makes things move, not mundanity (wait, is that even a word?) Do as you like. ANywhoo..I am not so good with word so I guess that's it. Need coffee now.
  11. Well, anything that is new takes a bit to get used to and/or to learn how to use. Also..the spacebar needs to be my friend when I type.
  12. I just wanted to say that just because some people didn't like the features doesn't mean no one did. Sorry to say but from what I have observed, the majority of the complaints came from people who were here for a long time and it seemed that they were themost vocal which in turn made the creators of thesite remove them after a short while, basically ruining it for everyone else who was just getting into thegroove of it all and really liking it. I do not mean this as a criticism but merely as an observation. All things change, no site, no business, no anything can survive if it remains in stasis forever. It just dies. The CYO features, for example, are useless for me HOWEVER it is a feature that many really like; there are lots of great artists here who have made lots of really neat things for everyone utilizing the CYO stuff too. Just because I don't use it doesn't mean it should go. Same applies for all the other features I have heard about too. Anyways..I realize the mods and web creators have their own lives and are probably working on their own projects so I am not trying to whine or anything. By the way..this may sound silly but can one get zp out of a mine?
  13. Thank you for expressing so succintly what I and I think others wanted to say.
  14. I have to agree. From what I have gathered from reading past posts, this site took quite a hit when attractive features were deleted. The creators assumed that they would be doing everyone a favor by becoming "traditional" but in doing so they have also become indistinguishable from all the other sites. I came here hoping that the overall situation would change and the only thing that is keeping me here is the nice eggs. I like the artwork and there are so many that have a skill for creating creatures. Sadly since there is no description for the creatures, they become pretty much boring and irrelevant. I too do not want to see PA go the way of sites I had seen like Dragon Adopters where the creator decided it was too much work to learn coding or anything and just quit. I realize real life takes precedence over PA but if PA degenerates any more then it will die and those who donated real money will no longer see an incentive to keep donating. This was also mentioned, I think, when features were removed especially when donors had given money for said features. I don't want another "traditional" site, there are too many out there already. Even Forest of Mirrors has more to do than this place.
  15. What Has Changed on PA?

    From what I am gathering from past posts about changes, the creators of PA wanted to be more "traditional" which basically means they just wanted to be like everyone else.