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    This makes many of my friends think I'm crazy, but I love school. I'm in advanced classes to, and many of my friends well complain that they are to hard, but I find them easy. I enjoy civics and math the most. Civics because I love hearing about government and politics, and math because I love doing algebra. At the end of summer I'll be going into 8th grade, I'm hopping that I can still get into Algebra 1 honors. You see, I've lived in Florida for most of my life, and did my 7th grade there. I was taking advanced per-algebra, and at the end of the year for the last month and a half we started on basic algebra. After we took a test, the teacher told each of us which class we would take next year, and I got Algebra 1 honors. I'm just hopping that I can still get into all the advanced classes at my new school in Maryland.
    Also, I hope to one day enter the Navy or Air force as a lawyer. I got the idea of being a lawyer from civics (Shout out to the best civics teacher Mr.Miller AKA, Mr.Fabulous or Mr.Civics)and from my parents who both said I would be great at it. At first I was only going into the military as a lawyer because my dad told me they would pay for my law school, but now I'm excited to join the Air force or Navy. And after I retire from the military, I don't plan to stop working! I then plan to become a detective with the PD, I got that idea from watching a anime Death note and Psycho Pass. The detective L in Death note is kinda like a role model to me, and I think it would be awesome to be just like him someday.
    As for smaller things I like, I love music, but whenever I try to write a song its garbage. I also like writing, well, more like coming up with the story and all the details, but when it comes to writing things down I get lazy. I have many story's trapped in my head that I need to write down one day. Also I wanted to make my own Anime one day, but I don't think that well happen, but who knows?
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