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  1. SITE USERNAME: aihhzahh BRUSH TYPE: MC Brush QUANTITY: 1 PS: I believe I bought it for 15 ZP.
  2. Swapping Mega/Ultra Rare Pets

    @tomomi I have (F) I'd like to trade

    @BritttheGravityDefiant thanks! I'd really like male :3 I'll send you a trade right now)

    @BritttheGravityDefiant hello! I'd like to buy this kitten do you sell them for ZC?
  5. have: want: have: want: have: want:
  6. All pets* up for offers.

    I'm interested in these: 350 ZC each will be enough?
  7. closed

    @Chaosdawn 250 sounds good for me. male, please and thank you!
  8. closed

    @Chaosdawn yes, I still need it. how much do you want for yours?
  9. closed

    @FernisWolff Yay! I love this alt, too. Check your trades. And thank you :3
  10. Male, please And thank you!
  11. Hello! I'd like to buy one Starry Heaven for ZC.
  12. FernisWolff's Official Custom Shop [Open]

    @FernisWolff yep, female, please
  13. Blue's Perfectly Petable Pet Portal {Closed for a few days}

    I'll pay 1000 :3 Check your trades
  14. Blue's Perfectly Petable Pet Portal {Closed for a few days}

    @bluesand1313 how much ZC for them? :3
  15. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Yay! New cute custom! ^^ Can I buy female for ZC? :3