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  1. *pops on every 6 months or so, realizes none of my old friends are on here, disappears for another 6 months* [poof]

  2. Hey, back after long time. I'd love to get back into roleplaying! Anyone have any ideas, let me know please!!!


    1. Dashy


      Hi Revan! I think we roleplayed once or twice together or something, lol. 

      I'd definitely be willing to roleplay, although as of now I'm pretty brain dead, xD. If you're up for a 1x1 just PM me and we could figure something out tomorrow. :3 

    2. darkxros3x


      Yo can we rp again haha? 

    3. Revan


      @darkxros3x Yeah, sure thing


  3. I've been gone sooo long



    1. mcmuffin


      a long-awaited return, eh? :P Nice to meet you ^w^ if you need anything, I'd be happy to try and help

  4. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    "Where is he?" Grimm demanded
  5. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    He growled in annoyance. "Fools." he shoved open the gate, clearing the small space with his rifle. "Where?" he asked
  6. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    "That's a long time" he muttered. "He got a name?"
  7. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    "How long as he been locked up?' asked Grimm, scratching his scruff as he followed her through the snow
  8. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Grimm nodded, with a bit of a chuckle. "Yeah, lead the way. My bad" He gazed around them, everything covered in a layer of white. "Sure seems baren with all this snow..." he murmured
  9. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    (I am so sorry!!!) He followed after her. "Probably, but I'm glad you told me all the same" he said quietly, motioning to the guard to open the gate. He sighed, as the gate was open before them, walking into snow drifts. "Which way?" he asked, looking back to her
  10. Elk Skull 2

    Want one
  11. Elk skull 1

    so pretty...
  12. They Walk We Run (OXO Flip/Punisher)

    (hit start new conversation, send it to noahmstrahm@gmail.com, and that should do it.) "Whatever comes our way, I'm sure it's no scarier than admiting my feels for you the first time" he grinned in reply, looking back at her. "Too bad you gotta cover up" he winked
  13. Punisher RP

    Most of it'll be leftovers" he said, "just feels wierd to eat so much when you're not'
  14. Mine Art Online RP

    Shado yelped, throwing himself forward, pulling his knife out and stabbing it in the leg. The orc howled, kicking him. Shado sailed back into the office, crashing through the desk
  15. They Walk We Run (OXO Flip/Punisher)

    (not an issue! Hazel and I switched all our rps over there and it worked just fine. I would think it would let us set up 4 separate chats on there) He moved so he was in front of her, pressing close. He grinned. "Then we'll do it all" before giving her a big wet kiss on the forehead, pulling himself from the water