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  1. Full Set Dire Wolves Auction! *If want alt 1 leveled up to stage three you'll haft to wait* Starting Bid: 3,000zc or 10zp Bid Increments: 500zc or 5zp End Date: July 10th Autobuy: 5,000zc or 20zp
  2. Flight Rising Sales Thread

    I have this gorgeous boy for sale at 10,000T
  3. Wolf Lodge Breeding and Care Center Welcome to the Wolf Lodge! Here we breed Pokemon and even raise them for you . Want a certain Pokemon but can't find it, not on your specific game, or just don't want to take time to find and catch it? Or do you like a Pokemon but more specificly a certain evolvation (like I wanted Flygon but had to evolve from TrapPinch)? We'll take care of it. Rules: 1. All PetAdoptable rules apply 2. Fill out the request form; anything other will not be accepted 3. No begging, whinning, complaining, or being rude. 4. All breeding is free just be patient time wise Breedable Pokemon: Not all Pokemon are listed here because I have way to many so I'm just listing a few. If you're curious or wanting another Pokemon not listed just ask. Ponyta Torchic Froakie Chimchar Bulbasaur Sneasel Pichu/Pikachu Chespin Charmander Tyrunt Fearow Bayleef Phanpy Mightyena Aerodactyl Noibat Mudkip Tirtouga Kabuto Shieldon Archen Absol Zorua Fennikin Bagon Vulpix Zweilous Axew Growlithe Dratini Riolu Rufflet Houndoom Evee (all forms) Trapinch Leopard Request Form: Pokemon: Friend Code: Nickname: Moves (Ask what TMs I have): What level/stage: *Below I have a list of Pokemon that are popular or that I'm looking for. To help the Wolf Lodge grow in it's breedable inhabitants it would be great if the other Pokemon for the trade (since we each must trade a Pokemon) would be one of these. By doing that it would expand the breedable Pokemon. Optional though just a suggestion.* Requested Pokemon (May change from time to time): Zebstrika Snivy Cyndaquil Totodile Ekans Meowith Treecko Oshawott Lillpup Deerling Drilbur Joltik Amaura
  4. Flight Rising Sales Thread

    I finally was able to expand and hatch these babies. All 6000T each (Female.....looks exactly like her mom) (Male) (Male) (Female.....though if no one buys her I might keep her)
  5. Flight Rising Sales Thread

    I also Just hatched this adorable boy! 8,000T
  6. Flight Rising Sales Thread

    @Chloecat194 Okey Dokey....will send both females over then.
  7. Flight Rising Sales Thread

    @Chloecat194 Sorry didn't see the post......I will send her back over now. Also is the guardian male or female? I'm not a fan of guardian males so I just take females.....also forewarning if the guardian is male I'll still take it but be warned I'll only sell him in place of the female pearl catcher since I don't keep male guardians.
  8. Flight Rising Sales Thread

    I have three spiral females ant two pearl catchers with the thylacine gene! All 6,000T each for spirals and 15,000 to 20,000T for the pearl catchers.
  9. Flight Rising Sales Thread

    Sold Them All! (Male) (Male) (Female) I also just hatched a litter of pearl catchers with the thylacine gene! I'm trying to decide between two of them so I'll only post one for now and once I decide which one of the two to keep I'll post the other here. I'm looking for anywhere from 30,000-50,000T or I'll do a dragon trade/swap for another dragon with the Thylacine gene. (Female)
  10. Flight Rising

    I just made a thread specificly for Flight Rising Sales you can visit it here
  11. Flight Rising Sales Thread I noticed quite a few people were posting dragons for sale on the Flight Rising Thread. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be good to have a thread just for selling Flight Rising things (not just dragons) so the other thread doesn't get so overcrowded. Plus you'll be able to just check on this thread and see what dragons, familiars, or other things are for sale by members. So simple the name says it all so I'm not going to explain the purpose and way this thread works any more. But, if you do have questions just ask and me or someone else maybe will be more than willing to answer your question. The rules are the normal common sense no being mean, rude, etc. so I'm not going into that.....just use common sense and curtessy (yes I spelled that wrong). I just ask you one thing. That once a dragon is sold you either put beside, above, or below it SOLD in bold letters or you remove the picture of the dragon so there is no confusion on which dragon is still available and which is not. The Flight Rising Thread can be found here Have Fun!
  12. Flight Rising

    I have these two for sale at 5,000T each. (Male) (Female)
  13. Wild World {Sign Ups}

    Name: Rose Gender: Female Age: Human/Wolf/Animal?: (put species here if animal, wolf/wild dog) Picture/Description: Personality: History: Family?: Crush?: