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  1. Thunderheart: Interacting w/ Hushpaw He turned to Hushpaw, a bit startled by the question. He looked at the sky. had Starclan abandoned them? He looked back at Hushpaw. She was sitting down with a small, scrawny squirrel at her paws. He thought about what she had said for a minute. "Well...I think they might have, but then again, Starclan could still be watching over us, maybe they have just not shown a sign yet." He looked across the clearing, then went over to Hushpaw and sat down. "Do you?" He asked, leaning down and biting into the small squirrel. It tasted a bit bland and dry, but he wasn't really paying attention. He flicked his tail, then put it over his paws. He looked at Hushpaw. They would be leaving for the patrol soon. Mintkit: (Asleep in the nursery) Flamesky: He realized Poppyfall had been talking about Silverfur. He felt embarrased to think that she had been talking about about him. Why would she be talking about him? He thought about Tidechaser and Poppyfalls relationship. Were they just friends? Or were they something more? She shook out his fur. Tidechaser had a new crush everyday. He sat back down. Looking at Tidechaser who was sitting nearby. Flamesky sat down and watched as Silverfur padded away with Poppyfall following. As he knew that Tawnystripe was already on a patrol. He felt slightly nervous at the thought of going on a patrol with Poppyfall. He hoped he didn't mess up, like trip over his own tail or anything like that. Sparrowfur: Interacting w/ Quillfeather, Deerspring, and Fallenstar He sat for a moment, feeling delirious. It took him a moment to register what Quillfeather had said. After a moment he realized what he said and got up, stepping away from Deerspring. Even though he was happy to see her, he didn't want to get her sick. He looked at her, not sure who to answer to. He looked from Fallenstar, to Deerspring, to Quillfeather. He blinked slowly, registering what they were all saying. He hadn't thought of mingling with all the healthy cats, he just wanted to see his mate. "Is Mintkit okay?" He asked Deerspring, not really sure what was happening around him. He had felt desperate to see his mate. He had been clinging onto life, for he had to survive. For Deerspring and his kit, Mitkit. He hoped this wasn't the last time he could see his mate. Flarekit: Interacting w/ Honeykit He woke up, yawning. Sitting up, he looked at his mother. She felt cold, and smelled different. He tried nudging Gingerfox, nothing, not even a slight movement. He looked at Honeykit, who was awake next to him. "Is Gingerfox okay?" He asked her in his squeaky voice, feeling worried. What was wrong with their mother? He tried nudging her again. "Gingerfox? Gingerfox! Wake up!" He nudged her several times, trying to get her to wake up. Something was wrong. This wasn't like their mother. He looked at Honeykit, worried. Had something happened to Gingerfox while he was asleep? He felt scared and worried at the same time. "Honeykit?" He said, looking at her, worry showing in his gaze. Swiftpelt: Interacting w/ Silverfur and Poppyfall (Sorry about the short reply on this one) She dipped her head to Fallenstar, padding away. She went over to where Silverfur was with Poppyfall. "Could I join your hunting patrol?" She asked to Silverfur, dipping her head in greeting to Poppyfall. She hoped her thick fur wouldn't get in the way of hunting. Usually it got stuck in a bramble bush, or in the gorse tunnel. She flicked her tail in joy. She couldn't wait to hunt. Stellarsky: (Sitting nearby the warriors den, not doing much) Frostwhisker: (Asleep with Whitekit in the Nursery) Dustblossom: Interacting w/ Blazepaw "Fallenstar is going to assess you and Mosspaw today. I bet you'll do great." She told him once they were out of the nursery, attempting to distract him from thinking about Gingerfox. He knew that the siblings had always been close, though it seemed that Gingerfox got worse everyday. She worried for Gingerfox. It seemed as though the queen had gotten the worse of the sickness, and she knew that it was hard for her apprentice. She looked around for Tawnystripe, seeing her after a minute. She went over to her and signaled for Blazepaw to follow. Mosspaw: Interacting w/ Tawnystripe . After he washed himself, he turned to Tawnystripe. "Do I have enough time for some fresh-kill?" He asked, licking his chest fur one last time. He looked over to the meager fresh-kill pile, seeing Thunderheart and Hushpaw nearby. He felt a bit annoyed. The white tom was almost always trying to find a way to be with his sister nowadays. He looked back over to Tawnystripe, hopeful. But even if he couldn't eat right now, then when he got back the hunting patrol would probably have found prey better than what was on the pile. He sat down, neatly curling his tail over his paws. He wanted to look good for his assessment. Even though it wasn't his warrior assessment, it was still a pretty important part in his training.
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  9. Ooc: Sorry about the late reply and the short reply's. Was trying to hurry to comment. Thunderheart: Interacting w/ Hushpaw and Moonfeather "Of course!" he said to Hushpaw, then turned to Moonfeather. "I guess I can't say no now." He said cheerfully, following Hushpaw as she went ahead to the fresh-kill pile. He looked through the fresh-kill, not seeing much, and waited for Hushpaw to choose something. Looking around the camp, he saw just about every healthy cat bustling around camp. He licked his chest, trying to make his ruffled fur neat, but it was almost impossible in this weather. He looked back down at Hushpaw. Her pelt gleamed in the little sunlight there was. He looked back at the sky. Then started thinking about Starclan. Why weren't they helping Roseclan? It didn't really make sense. Wasn't Starclan supposed to guide Roseclan? He looked back at the ground. What if Starclan had given up on them? What would happen? How would they survive? He shook himself out of his thoughts. He should be thinking about what was going on down here, not up there. He needed to help his clan right now. And that, well he could try to do. Mintkit: (Asleep in the nursery) Flamesky: Interacting w/ Poppyfall, Tidechaser, and Silverfur Hearing Poppyfall, he got a little embarrassed. Was it really that obvious that he had a crush on her? "Oh, sure!" He said, shivering against the chilly morning air. He got up, feeling energized. Hunting would be good for him. He needed to get his energy out. "I'm ready to go if you cats are." He mewed, glancing around camp once before looking back at Silverfur, Poppyfall, and Tidechaser. He sat back down, curling his tail around his paws once again. He was looking forward to hunting. Especially with Poppyfall. He looked at the sky. There was little sun. And even if there was, it was weak. It felt freezing to Flamesky. Even more with his short fur. He licked the bright orange fur along his back. He would have to stand the cold air if he was going hunting. Although he was cold, he must hunt for his clan. He flattened out his fur, making sure he looked neat. He liked hunting. The feeling of bringing back fresh-kill for his clan. The thrill of chasing after a rabbit. He looked at the entrance. He hoped he could bring something good back. He saw Dustblossom bringing a plump rabbit to the fresh-kill pile. Sparrowpelt: Interacting w/ Nightpaw, Swiftdarkness, Blazepaw, and Gingerfox. He woke up, startled after the nightmare he had. No need to explain it, I think you know what it was about. He weakly lifted his head to look around the den. He tried to stand up. The first time he fell back down, but the second he got it. Wheezing, he carefully made his way around his clanmates. Saying hi to Nightpaw and Swiftdarkness, he padded out of the den. It was a bit cold. Cats were bustling across the clearing. He stiffly padded to the nursery. He needed to see Deerspring. He padded inside, squeezing past Blazepaw. Surprisingly, Deerspring wasn't in there. Only Minkit was there. He looked at Blazepaw next to Gingerfox. It broke his heart to see his clan like this. He nodded at both of them, backing out of the nursery. He wondered where Deerspring could be. He thought for a moment. She could have went to the medicine cat den. He thought. He sprinted over there as quickly as he could. And thankfully, she was there. She was talking to Quillfeather about getting something for Mintkit. He waited for her, Sitting down and weakly licking his chest. He hadn't washed himself since he had gotten sick, and he bet he smelled like mouse bile by now. Flarekit: (Asleep in the nursery, batting at the air with his paws as he sleeps) Swiftpelt: "It's fine." She mewed to Moonfeather, putting the mouse down, she decided to go see if she could get on a hunting patrol. She went over to where Fallenstar was sending out patrols. She went up to him. "Could I be put on a hunting patrol?" She asked, licking her paw gingerly. Her long fur protected her from the cold, but it always got in the way when hunting. She sat down on the hard, cold ground. Leaf-bare was close. They should be hunting while they could. The prey would be scarce when leaf-bare came. Stellarsky: She yawned, stretching in her nest. but broke off by a cough. She had presumed she would get sick, she frequently visited the elders den, trying to help Quillfeather every chance she got. She got up. She didn't want to tell Quillfeather yet. He had much worse things to worry about. She wasn't as important as Gingerfox or Sparrowpelt. She stood up, padding out of the den. Cats were crowding around the clearing. She yawned. She had only woken up a few minutes ago. Padding out of the den, she felt the cold morning air. This wouldn't help the sickness she had caught. Perhaps she should go to Quillfeather. She trotted over to the medicine cat den, only to see Deerspring and Sparrowpelt waiting outside. She decided she would wait until later to go to the medicine cat. Stellarsky still felt a bit drowsy. she stretched once more, going back to the warriors den, she sat outside and washed herself. Frostwhisker: (Asleep with Whitekit in the nursery) Dustblossom: Interacting w/ Tawnystripe, Thunderheart, and Hushpaw She nodded to Tawnystripe and headed to the fresh-kill pile. She saw Thunderheart and Hushpaw sitting there. She flicked her tail, brushing past them as she dropped her rabbit on top. She nodded to them and then padded away, enjoying the fresh air. She looked at the elders den as Sparrowpelt padded out. He looked weak and tired. She felt bad for him. Seeing the deputy in this state wasn't at all enjoyable. She looked around the camp. She looked for a puddle, but it hadn't rained recently. She lay down, basking in the little sun there was. She glanced around the camp for no particular reason. She felt a bit tired, but not tired enough to not help her clan. She then remembered she had to get Blazepaw and got up, shaking out her pelt. She guessed that Blazepaw had went to see Gingerfox. The siblings were very close. Padding to the nursery, she squeezed inside and saw Blazepaw like she had thought. "Come on, Blazepaw." "We are going training in a little while, come with me." She mewed, gesturing at him with her fluffy brown tail. Mosspaw: He looked up at Tawnystripe, still a bit nervous. He licked his chest fur, trying to seem calm and organized. He finally calmed down, no longer feeling sleepy, but energized and ready to go training. He knew the leader had been joking, but he wanted to do his best anyways. He felt happy and no longer nervous. He looked at Tawnystripe. He wanted to be a great warrior like his mentor one day. His eyes gleaming, he quickly flattened down his fur and quickly cleaned himself. Ooc: Please remind me if I missed any cats. As I mentioned before I was in a bit of a hurry when I wrote this. @Dashy @darkwolf @Alcarie
  10. @Dashy @Alcarie @darkwolf Thunderheart: Interacting w/ Poppyfall and Hushpaw He rustled in his nest, blinking open his eyes. He looked around the warrior den. Most of his denmates were already awake and outside, the only cat left in the warriors den was him, Tidechaser, Swiftpelt, and Stellarsky. He sat up, yawning, and began to wash himself. He looked outside, seeing a flash of some cats pelt in the elders den before they retreated back into the safety of the den. He felt a pang of sadness. Would Roseclan be able to survive this? He shook out his fur, getting up. He got up, fresh air would clear his mind. He quickly walked outside, enjoying the fresh air. He saw Fallenstar sending out hunting patrols. Maybe Fallenstar will put me on a hunting patrol, he thought. He went over to the side of the clearing, and seeing Poppyfall, he rushed over to her. "Hoping to be put on a hunting patrol too?" He asked, sitting down beside her. He looked at Fallenstar, and thought about Sparrowfur. He should be sending out patrols, not Fallenstar. He was the deputy. Everything was wrong. He fluffed out his fur in the morning breeze, looking at the meager fresh-kill pile. He needed to be out hunting right now, not sitting around camp worrying about things he couldn't control. He licked his paw, drawing it over his ear. He then saw Hushpaw padding out of the apprentices den. "I'll be right back." He mewed to Poppyfall, rushing over to the calico apprentice. It appeared she was washing her pelt, getting prepared for today. "Hey!" He went over to her, slowing his pace as he got closer to her. "How are you?" He asked cheerfully, looking at her before continuing on. "Is Moonfeather taking you out training today?" He asked, looking at Moonfeather clawing through the meager fresh-kill pile. He looked at her thoughtfully, then after a moment he shook himself out of his thoughts. Sitting down beside Hushpaw, he licked his ruffled fur, enjoying the cool morning breeze. Sparrowfur: (He is in the elders den, asleep) Flamesky: interacting w/ Poppyfall He sat to the edge of the clearing, basking in the sun that there was. He looked around the clearing, getting up, he decided to go see if he could go on a patrol with Poppyfall. He got up, shaking out his fur. He headed towards the Poppyfall, looking around camp as he did so. Fallenstar was sending out hunting patrols, Moonfeather was looking through the fresh-kill pile, Thunderheart was talking with Hushpaw, and he also saw the medicine cat, Quillfeather, who seemed to be washing himself right outside his den. He then saw Poppyfall, she was sitting on the side of the clearing alone. He headed towards her. "Hi, Poppyfall." He mewed, glancing at her. He would never admit he had a crush on her, and he didn't want it to become obvious. He sat down beside her, curling his tail around his paws. He had washed himself already this morning, though he still felt like his pelt was a bit messy. Licking himself once more, he looked at the apprentice den. As he did, he saw Bluepaw come out. He felt bad for the medicine cat and the medicine cat apprentice. Having herbs that couldn't cure the sick cats in camp. But basically every cat felt like that. He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He has to be strong for his clan. Mosspaw: Interacting w/ Fallenstar and Tawnystripe Opening his eyes, he looked around blearily. He sat up, stretching his jaws in a yawn. He looked outside, seeing Thunderheart and Hushpaw. He stretched, then, he got up, pushing past Hushpaw as he came out of the den. He looked at her, still sleepy."Sorry," he murmured, walking into the clearing. He then started to wake up. Seeing Tawnystripe, he hurried over to her, but slowed when he saw her talking to Fallenstar. The chilly air had woken him up, and he felt ready to go out. He got a little closer, catching some of their conversation. "Fallenstar is coming to watch us train!?" He exclaimed, feeling very nervous. What if he did something wrong? Or he forgot how to do a battle move? He tried to not make it obvious that he was nervous. He then realized he had interrupted them. He hung his head, looking at his paws. "Sorry." he said, feeling even more nervous now. Mintkit: Interacting w/ Deerspring He opened his eyes, feeling Deerspring licking his head, as though to soothe him. He looked around the den, exhausted. He had woken up last night to a coughing fit, and after that he had found it hard to find sleep. He could hear Darkkit playing nearby. He blinked, looking around. His throat hurt more than it had yesterday. He looked up at Deerspring, yawning. "My thro-" He suddenly broke out into a coughing fit, feeling weak. He lay back down, whimpering, as he broke out into but another coughing fit. He lay down, trying to get comfortable. He looked up at Deerspring, then heard Blazepaw enter the den. He heard Gingerfox say something to him, but most of it he couldn't hear as he let himself fall into a deep sleep. Dustblossom: She woke up, feeling as though she had overslept, but it was actually pretty early. She stretched, padding out of the den into the chilly morning air. She looked around camp. It seemed as though every cat was getting ready for day, like everyday. But it wasn't the same as everyday. Half of the clan was sick. She felt bad, but there wasn't much she could do. She sat outside her den and washed herself, looking around camp for something to do. She decided she would go hunting. She went to the entrance of camp, deciding to go hunting alone. She went outside camp, the air even fresher out there. She opened her mouth, hoping to get a scent. After a moment she could smell...could it be? Rabbit! She quickly followed the scent trail, leading her around a bramble bush and a few more plants before it finally came into sight. She got into the hunting crouch, looking at the rabbit. It was pretty plump, it could feed the queens and their kit (s) She stalked it, making sure her tail wasn't brushing the ground or her belly fur. She had to get this catch. It was the best thing the clan had seen in a few moons. She got closer and closer to it, but then accidentally stepped on a twig. the rabbit heard her, then shot off, alarmed, and she gave chase. She ran as fast as she could, catching up to the rabbit. Now! She though, pouncing on the rabbit. She got on top of it, biting it's neck. She then picked it up, the smell of fresh kill filling her jaws. She walked back to camp, her rabbit starting to drag on the ground. Suddenly she heard scuffling. The scent of mouse hit her just a moment later. She was hesitant to leave her rabbit, but she decided she would have to. She put her rabbit down, covering it with leaves. Then went after the mouse. She stalked through the bushes, seeing the mouse after just a few moments. But it saw her first. It scrambled away, into the safety of the roots on the tree. She felt a bit disappointed, but it was just a scrawny mouse, she already had a rabbit that she could bring back to camp. She backed out of the bush, padding back to her rabbit. She uncovered it, picking it up but again. She then walked back to camp, dragging her rabbit with her. She dragged it through the entrance, her long fur getting stuck on the brambles. She then came into the camp, it seemed as though everyone was getting on with their daily routine. She carried her rabbit proudly as she entered camp. Swiftpelt: Interacting w/ Moonfeather She woke up, Sitting up she began to wash like she usually did. After she washed herself, she trotted out into the clearing. She headed for the fresh-kill pile, seeing Moonfeather there too. She walked over, and started pawing through, finding a -scrawny but okay looking- mouse. She grabbed it, looking at Moonfeather. "Want to share?" She asked, holding the mouse in her jaws. She looked at her again, then at the elders den. Should she give it to the sick cats instead? No...there would be much more fresh-kill for them later, when the hunting patrols had been out. She reasoned. Flarekit: Asleep, unaware of what is going on. Frostwhisker: She lay down, watching Darkit play. Whitekit lay down asleep in the curve of her belly. She looked at both of them fondly. She then heard Blazepaw come in, most likely to talk to Gingerfox. Scooping Darkit up, she put her next to Whitekit. "Be quiet so Blazepaw can talk to Gingerfox." She whispered to her, licking her on the head to quiet her. She tried not to eavesdrop, pretending to be asleep so they could talk. They talked in hushed voices, she didn't catch any of their conversation. And she didn't want to, as she didn't like cats that eavesdropped. She gently licked both of her kits, curling around them as she actually fell asleep. Stellarsky: (Asleep in the warriors den)
  11. @Dashy Yep, everything looks good.
  12. @Alcarie @Dashy @darkwolf Finished, added three more cats. Swiftpelt, Flamesky, and Frostwhisker. We all have so many cats lol.
  13. @darkwolf @Dashy @Alcarie I could make the mother of Darkkit if nobody has already made her.
  14. Thank you too! I love the little heart balloons you added. <3 Happy early Valentines day!
  15. @Kaylercool Could I get two please? (Hoping to get alt two and four) Also they are beautiful! Great work! Anyways, could I enter the zc drawing contest if possible? Please and thank you!