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  1. Elemental Wolf RP

    Star: She was curled up with her pups, Flame and Lilac, when Chasm came in. "Yes, what is it?" She asked him, licking the pups between they're ears, and proceeded to sit up. Pine: He sat up, trotting out of the den. He was about to go out hunting, but ran into Snowdancer on the way. He growled at him, "get out of my way!" he spat at Snowdancer. Sky: She yawned, sitting down next to the stream. She bent down to lap at it. she then walked back to her den. She went inside, then quickly curled up in her nest, and fell into a deep sleep. Skunk: He stalked out of his den, scratching his ear. He saw Cricket and quickly trotted over to him. "Hi!" he said, sitting down. Cherry: She walked over to the oak tree, trying to be quiet. She stalked towards the squirrel, unfortunately knocking into Flint. "Flint?" She said, surprised. She squirrel fled. She got back onto her paws, looking at Flint. Marigold: She stalked up to the doe, making sure to be quiet. She then clawed at it, barely scraping the doe. it then ran. She looked after it, disappointed. She walked slowly back to the camp, running into Pine and Snowdancer on the way in. Silver: He went to go lap up some water from the stream. He stretched, yawning. He then quickly lapped up some water from the stream, and went back to his den.
  2. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    @Alcarie I am writing the reply for the rp right now. Also, np!
  3. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    @Alcarie Silver could be Crickets mentor. ^^
  4. Vulcan's CYO Shoppe ~ New Stuff!!! (I'm back!!!)

    @Puma concolor Could I still purchase something from here?
  5. Pet Shop!

    @KaylaDoesEverything No problem! Would you like me to give you your mystery pet now?
  6. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    @Alcarie Accepted!
  7. Free pet Giveaway!

    @KaylaDoesEverything I will send you the trade with the other pet. So sorry!
  8. Free pet Giveaway!

    @KaylaDoesEverything I am so sorry, I don't know how the other Fairy Pom Pom got in there. It is one of my really beloved pets. That is my favorite alt and I already gave the other one away. I am very sorry. I hope you can understand, I really love that pet and really don't want to give it away. I am not sure how it ended up in there.
  9. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    @Dashy Sure! I think I might create one as well. Name: Marigold Age: 8 moons Gender: Female Rank: Apprentice in-training to become Alpha Appearance: Reddish-brown with white along the tips of her tail and ears, she also has green eyes with specks of grey Personality: Happy, outgoing, loves pups, doesn't care much for the other clans, cheerful ( Can sometimes get grumpy ) History: Her mother died when she was only 5 moons old. She mourns her, but knows it is not going to drive her back. Her father still lives, although he is sick and weak. Crush: Right now she is focusing on the future Mate: ^ Pups: ^ Kin: Father, brother if anyone wants to be him :Mother: Deceased Other: None Name: Silver Age: 40 moons Gender: male Rank: Guard Appearance: Dark grey with white on the tips of his ears, tail and paws. Personality: Sometimes cranky, depressed, mournful, can be cheerful sometimes History: Crush: None Mate: Timber ( Deceased ) Pups: Marigold ( Also if anyone wants to be the son ) Kin: Marigold ^ Other: Can barely breathe fire, and when he can, it is very weak.
  10. Pet Shop!

    @paws4ever Sent your mystery pet!
  11. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    Actually, I might make a few more too.
  12. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    Also, does anyone want to be one of the apprentices in training to be Alpha?
  13. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    Yep! I have read all of the books. I was thinking that they would have one mentor. (But the other mentors could help too) Also, I would like it if they're mentors could be a bit more experienced.
  14. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    I was planning on making the Beta, but if you would like to take the role, then I would be fine with that. Also, usually the stronger, burly apprentices take the role of guard, but smaller, faster ones could also be useful in battle.