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  1. The Time of Griffins Rp

    Liriope sat and stretched in a sunny spot where the brush was thick, though somehow, there was just enough space for bits of sunlight to reach through. She rested her head on her talons, flicking her cat-like up only to thump it back onto the ground. However, a shaking bush made the golden griffin jump up. Was it prey? No... she could smell something. Perhaps even two somethings. Liriope smirked. Either it was someone who she could cause trouble with, or it was someone whom she could cause trouble. Liriope crouched down, head low, and hid behind two especially thick trees, only to spot an adult griffin. A male? Yes, one who was slim (a bit weak looking, if Liriope were to be honest) and black and very much bird. He muttered something, but she couldn't make it out. Then, there was a sudden movement nearby. Something smaller than they ran, fell... she could hear the thud. Liriope leaned forward, trying to look through the brush... she could just barely make out a hint of red, maybe even some black feathers. Was it a baby griffin? Fabien, lumbering but stealthy, spotted a large doe scaling the rocky sides of the mountain. He crouched, and with little effort, crashed down on the doe with amazing speed and power. The pretty deer let out a loud bleat that echoed over the forest and through the mountain, though it ended with a shrill note as Fabien gently sliced her open and ended her life. He always felt bad after a catch, though he knew it was necessary for survival. Fabien felt his throat grow hot, and gently blew a steady stream of fire onto the doe's body. Now, he had cooked the deer and it's wonderful smell wafted into his beak nostrils... he began to gently tear pieces off. Felis grew interested in a nearby conversation from two griffins she knew some what. Ithai and Amara... more like Sneaky and Flirty. The neutral gossip seeker padded up with her small legs and thin frame, much more delicate than the other two, though confident that she could easily run away if need be. Without saying a word, she sat next to Amara and began to preen... carefree, but interested in the conversation.
  2. Hunger Games *Roleplay*

    (*skids to a halt* I'm here guys!!! Alcide is sort of my weirdo (I wanted an L-or-Near-like character), and he'll probably develop a love interest... but, of course, it won't be super straight-forward Alcide had his hands lazily in his pockets with Bread sitting tightly in a leather pouch on his side. His eyes flicked back and forth, eyeing the Cornucopia with careful precision. However, the strange guy wasn't interested in the weapons... he was interested in obtaining a backpack with only necessary things; maybe a shirt or two, a small knife, even some food. A true intellectual, Alcide read attacks well and scored extremely high when it came to hand-to-hand combat. He was flighty, moving side to side and blocking when necessary. His attacks were smooth, graceful... with a sword or a knife or a bow and arrow, Alcide was clumsy. He waited for the countdown, glancing occasionally at his opponents. He already formed opinions and analyzed them very carefully... he knew who to trust, who to avoid, and who he could kill. For Alcide, he had trouble understanding other emotions, true feelings, and killing seemed easy, simple. Roxy knew she had the advantage when it came to speed. Her opponents, or at least, those who were female, were smaller this time around and had short legs. Roxy was a bit taller, though, and had stronger arms and upper body strength. She turned her head towards the Cornucopia and locked her eyes on a dagger; it's blade was twisted and crooked, tribal designs etched in the hard steel, and it had a lovely bone handle... possibly a deer antler handle. She smirked... if Roxy got there in time, she'd take it and run to the forest.
  3. Lavenderclan � Roleplay

    Hawkpaw fell limply, appearing rather unimpressed. "I never saw you guys stalking it... I never stole anything. He just should have been faster." His grip loosened on the rabbit. "I don't think I'm the best." He unsheathed his claws slowly so that Featherpaw wouldn't see, preparing for attack. "I am the best." With that, Hawkpaw used his hind legs to roughly shove the light she-cat off of him, pinning her. You could finish her! Right here, right now! The voice was jubilant as it rang in his head. Get the annoying squirt out of the way! Come on... all it would take is a bite to the throat and a cut to her stomach. But Hawkpaw bared his teeth at this voice, shaking his head and softening his grip. "Stop talking to me!" He growled; it was directed at the voice, the thing inside his head, though he realized once he said it aloud that it seemed as though it was directed towards Featherpaw and the others. "I... wasn't talking to you." His eyes softened and he backed off of Featherpaw. With a dream-like, hazy look, he pushed the rabbit towards the group. "If you really want it, you can take it. Just know that you have a shallow victory, one without meaning." It was greatly unlike him, yes, but he wasn't like himself at all lately. This voice, dark and high and shrill and cruel, paranoid him and sparked a tiny insanity. "I hope you're happy with the rabbit I caught." With a flick of the tail, Hawkpaw gathered his other two catches, a squirrel and a rabbit, and went towards the camp once again. If they really wanted to win with a catch they lost... so be it. Leopardpaw slowed, now glancing around and sniffing for any sign of prey. Morningpelt followed her patrol into the forest, ears perking up when Vulturepelt spoke. She grinned. "It's especially refreshing getting out with the horrible mess that the patrols and apprentices... Lionstar seemed a bit... dazed." Sparrowsong padded over to his group now, eyes still sleepy. He yawned. "Let's... move out." He lazily trotted after his clan-mates.
  4. To my fellow RPers, I won't be able to post as much due to summer homework for Honors.... I can probably visit about once a day and make one or two posts, though.

  5. Never realized how messy my GPXPlus PC was until I started cleaning it out...

  6. The Elements *interest check*

    I'd totally join!!!! This sounds awesome c: If I don't create a werewolf, I'm going to be very distraught...
  7. Lavenderclan � Roleplay

    Hawkpaw, with a lifeless squirrel swinging lazy over his back and a greyish-brown rabbit now securely in his jaws - it was lousy with sleep and obesity, which made the kill easy - kept his ears up and his eyes in front of him, looking for just one more rabbit. The scent hit him like a wall; he was right by the creek when the scent of a few rabbits wafted into his nose. There was another scent, one that reminded him of camp... there couldn't be apprentices out here, right? No... Hawkpaw was almost positive that he was alone. Then, he caught sight of them; two rabbits, nibbling at fresh grasses, with not a care in the world. Very, very slowly, the tom placed the squirrel and his rabbit on the ground, gently covering them in dead brush. He creeped into a stalking position, tail barely on the ground and his ears flat. Taking a few slow steps forward to assert a good distance, he was careful not to make to much noise. However, it was of little use. One rabbit's head shot up, and the moment Hawkpaw could see his reflection in the poor animal's eyes, he leaped, claws out and teeth bared. And, just like the squirrel and rabbit before, the apprentice dug his teeth into the Spring rabbit's neck and felt it's life seep from the wounds; it was refreshing as much as it was horrible to him. When he looked up, Hawkpaw's eyes widened with surprise, but then narrowed in contempt and amusement. Ferretpaw, Minkpaw... Featherpaw who had been mid-air just as he was, more than likely trying to catch the rabbits that he had been too. Meeting their eyes, he threw the rabbit over his back like a macabre cape, and flicked his tail. "How's that teamwork thing working out for you guys?" Without waiting for an answer, the large speckled cat turned and cantered away, picking up his other catches as he went. He began to trot back to camp, though, thinking about those apprentices. Teamwork was a stupid thing to him... most of the time, he found that others just got in the way. The voice chuckled. You're right, you know! It's quiet voiced hissed, like that of some phantom snake. Why rely on the help of those who are weak? Leopardpaw looked at Dawnpaw, and his heart did a little leap for joy. The cream colored she-cat had always been an object of particular interest for Leopardpaw... whether it be her charisma and her stubbornness or her lovely amber eyes, he found her wonderful. "Sure, you can come!" He said. "Let's get going though... we're already pretty late." He began to trot off, glancing behind to him to see if the others were following. However, he saw a large cat, a darker, stronger version of himself, brush past him with dead animals hanging from his back and mouth. Hawkpaw! Leopardpaw groaned, and glanced at the ground. His brother was constantly a step above him... a wonderful role model, but a horrible brother. Had they not looked similar, one might assume that they weren't even related. Hawkpaw avoided his weaker sibling like the plague. (Moving Morningpelt to Vulturepelt's patrol as well, to further even everything out). Morningpelt has no idea where she is in the world, and neither does Sparrowsong. c:
  8. Lavenderclan � Roleplay

    Hawkpaw sprung away, leaving his brother and other disoriented apprentices in the dust. As he ran, he focused in on scents; each animal smelled a bit different. Mice, for instance, smelled like pine wood shavings... birds, though, smelled a bit more sour, and squirrels... well, squirrels were harder, their scents mixed and exchanged as they leaped from tree to tree. He found, quite fast, that he couldn't rely on scent here. Hawkpaw stopped in his tracks, eyes narrowed, determined to catch a stupid (or just oblivious) squirrel. Just then, he saw one cross his path. Fate is an amazing thing; it doesn't ask what you want. Instead, it takes and gives as it pleases. As the large tom crouched down, slowed his breathing, he decided that fate, cruel and kind in many beautiful ways, was an equal opportunity lender. Now, Hawkpaw's breathing stopped. The only sound was the birds above and the sound of his heart throbbing. And in an instant, he sprung from his position at lightning speed... and in a matter of a few seconds, the sad, lifeless body of a squirrel hung from his jaws. As he flicked his ears, dislodging minuscule blood drops, Hawkpaw changed his mind. An innocent life had been taken for the sake of sport. Equal opportunity? No... fate was much kinder to those who were selfish... to those who manifested themselves in acts of violence and tyranny. He shook his head of most thoughts, though as the apprentice trotted through the forest looking for prey, a voice rang in his ear. Fate, it whispered, will be kind to you. He shrugged at Lightningpaw. "I'll improvise. Planning... is not my thing." Just then, he heard Lionstar's voice, and Leopardpaw watched his brother bolt away, as well as the competitive Featherpaw and her legion of determined friends. However, being much less ruthless, Leopardpaw looked towards the apprentices who remained. "Does... anybody wanna join up?" He flicked his tail. "If not, I guess be off." The ginger spotted tom sighed, but cracked a grin. "It's not like I have much of a chance, not against those guys." He nodded in the direction that the others ran off in. (@Animal_8_Namer @Rose305 @IcyWolf99 @others, so... what's the status and location of the patrols? I'm so confused XD)
  9. Hunger games roleplay sign ups!

    Name: Roxanne Hill (Roxy) Age: 17 District: 11 Gender: Female Looks: Knowledgeable in capitol style, the tall and muscular Roxy has (quite illegally) had two very noticeable alterations to her model-esque body. The first, a long rose-and-koi tattoo sleeve along her left arm and across her shoulder blade, and the second, multiple piercings which are pictured above. In truth, Roxy despises the pin-up doll, girly look and prefers the tough "I can beat you up and be feminine at the same time" aesthetic. Her hair is long, black, generally tussled to one side and defines her cat-like and lithe face. Pretty, yes, though not in the traditional European sense... instead, she carries with her the air of an Amazonian princess. In the games, she wears a black skin-hugging body suit with no sleeves and that stops at the ankles. Personality: Stubborn and thick-skulled, Roxy follows her instinct, no matter right or wrong. In this, she tends to make fierce loyalties and protects any friendships with her life. However, she has a habit of being a little blatant and honest; if you're unattractive, she'll tell you. If your hair is out of place, Roxy fixes it. If you tripped, she'll grin. Such a trait is a blessing and curse, however, she finds that it gets her into bad situations more often than not. History (Optional): Grew up in District 11 as a harvester in the orchards. Weapon: Her feline-like body will assist her in climbing trees and jumping rocks... evasion and speed are on her side. She's more flight than fight, though, if faced by an opponent, Roxy will wield a long dagger with a bony handle and a wickedly twisted and dangerous-looking blade. Weakness: Being fast, Roxy isn't super strong (though she's above average, like most District 11 workers) and will attempt to flee if a fight is imminent. Of course, her blunt and honest personality may also get her into some trouble. Crush: None as of yet. (may change later) Other: --- Name: Alcide Smith & Bread Age: 16 District: 4 Gender: Male Looks: Average height and weight, Alcide could be considered cute in a school-boy type of way... if he wasn't so weird. His black hair is medium, a bit wavy and is wildly strewn all over the place. Alcide's eyes are light brown, almost hazel, and a bit dreamy (as in, it looks as though he's always staring off into space). During the games, Alcide wears a form-fitting active wear t-shirt and athletic carbon-plated tights. Alcide's companion, whom he refuses to live without, is a fat (but small) tabby tom named Bread, who is constantly around Alcide's neck or in his arms. Personality: Alcide is constantly mumbling something to himself... or Bread. Bread is, truly, his best friend, and if Bread died... so would he. Alcide is an introvert, preferring to be by himself. Around other people, especially large groups, Alcide is a fumbling, twitchy mess who says the strangest things that pop into his mind. Regardless of his quirks, Alcide is extremely intelligent and analyzes every emotion, every movement, and is able to detect the slightest changes in mood and state of being. History (Optional): Grew up in District 4, though suffered from a stroke at a young age and had very slight brain damage. Weapon: His sheer intelligence... and an amazing hand-to-hand fighter, being an amazing analyst of attacks, movement, and emotions. Weakness: Can't handle a weapon, is extremely awkward and has a hard time connecting with people. Crush: None as of yet. (may change later) Other: ---
  10. The Time of Griffins Rp

    Liriope walked along a forest floor, quite unhappy with her current position. Her head cocked to the skies, looking for any signs of other griffins. She was more bored than she would have liked to admit and was interested in causing some sort of mayhem. However, Liriope continued walking, eventually making her way into an open field where she continued to stare upwards. Fabien, the huge fiery beast, scaled a small mountain looking for deer, mountains lions... even rabbits, food that he could hunt and satisfy his large stomach. Felis bounded through fields and fields of wild grasses and weeds, eyes narrowed as the wind worked agaisnt her. In truth, she could go like this forever... she had yet to find her limit, and wondered what exactly would tire her long cat-like legs.
  11. The time of Griffins (sign up open)

    Adding dos characters!! Aaaahhh wait!!! I'll be done in like fifteen minutes, promise!
  12. Lavenderclan � Roleplay

    (@Animal_8_Namer Can you please wait maybe 3-4 other posts before posting? Sorry, absolutely nothing against you - it's just hard to keep up, especially for those of us who aren't on as much in fact, that goes for everybody...) Hawkpaw discretely snorted at the leader's comment about holding him back - he respected his leader, yes, but occasionally found his honesty annoying. He turned to Whisperfang and offered a toothy grin, clearly entertained. "Almost." He nodded to Featherpaw. "She's upset for whatever reason... something about Ferretpaw, probably." Hawkpaw chuckled. "I think it's obvious to everyone that she's mooning over him." The large tom found the whole situation a bit chaotic, enjoying the occasional disorder. He licked his lips, though, now itching to go out and compete. He glanced at Whisperfang. "Hopefully this ends soon. It's cutting time away from a competition we were promised." Just then, Lionfang snapped at her, something about a patrol. Hawkpaw's eyes widened, surprised to see the leader as high-strung as he was. "I guess I'll have to see you later." He nodded to Whisperfang and offered a small smile before nodding to Angelwhisker, proceeding to follow the older warrior. Leopardpaw nodded towards Lightningpaw. "Oh..." He was still confused, but the situation became just a bit clearer. Some love interest thing... it was obvious that Featherpaw had a thing for Ferretpaw, after all. He noticed a new presence... Dawnpaw! He looked at her and tilted his head. She interested the ginger spotted tom, for whatever reason, and he laughed when he saw the absolutely bewildered look on her face. "Don't worry." He said. "None of us know what's going on either." He turned away and drunkenly followed his brother and Angelwhisker. We're distracting...? Sparrowsong and Morningpelt both proceeded on with the patrol, following Wolfpelt out of the clan. Sparrowsong yawned as he trotted along, but Morningpelt rolled her eyes at the still tired warrior and smiled just a bit as she walked with her head high.
  13. Lavenderclan � Roleplay

    Hawkpaw glanced at Ferretpaw, surveying him with careful eyes. He liked the apprentice, though had never known him especially well... except that he was more independent than most of the other apprentices, something that the tom admired. Hawkpaw spent little time on the other cat, however, and flicked his attention back to Lionstar. A competition? Hawkpaw's lips curled into a small smile which was something of rarity for the solemn apprentice. His eyes narrowed. "I'm ready, Lionstar." He stretched, tail in air, glanced at a distraught Featherpaw, and brushed Ferretpaw's shoulder as he stood, rearing to leave. "Better go tend to your mate." Leopardpaw smiled at the approaching Lightningpaw. "Hey, Lightningpaw." He then turned his attention back towards the mess that was Featherpaw. What happened...? He had completely zoned, too caught up in thinking about other little thoughts that filled his mind. He glanced around until he caught the eye of Minkpaw. "What's happening? I looked away and... Featherpaw?" He flicked his tail in the crying she-cat's direction, worry filling the features of his face. Sparrowsong, finally ready to wake, padded out of the den with sleepy eyes. He licked his dry lips and flopped down, enjoying the sun as it bathed him. Just then, a large ACHOO! leaped from his delicate pink nose. The warrior groaned... no matter the season, his nose was constantly agitated. (he's open for any patrols!) Morningstep glanced around for her apprentice. She enjoyed Minkpaw's presence; they're energies were compatible, both uber energetic and constantly looking for something to do. This morning, she wanted to train... her muscles were limp and weak after a lazy and long winter and Morningstep wanted to build her endurance and stamina as much as her apprentice's. However, when she caught sight of Minkpaw, she was with the other apprentices and Lionstar. The long she-cat gracefully padded over and stopped next to Coyotemoon. She brushed the shoulder of the deputy with her tail and gave a friendly nod as a greeting to her apprentice. "Coyotemoon... I'm sorry for interrupting, but are we training with our apprentices, or is Lionstar having them do something else?" Her voice was hushed as to not draw much attention.
  14. @ Yep! @IcyWolf99 Oops, thanks for letting me know! Updating the list.