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  1. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Of course! I'm sorry, I've been checking PA but not the forums. Send a trade with the alt 2 doggo over and I'll add the egg!
  2. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Thank you!! Both female if that's alright
  3. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Sorry to bother you again haha but could I get another Kudagitsune, the fox alt, as well as a Honou no Nyakuma? Thank you <3
  4. GaH the Person Above You

    I hatched eggs for the two users above me ^^
  5. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Thank you very much! ^^ <3 ZC is added and trade accepted.
  6. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Hey there <3 I'd like to buy a bunch of your gorgeous pets if that's okay ^^ Tenjou no Nyakuma - Female Hoshi no Kitsune - Fox - Male Kudagitsune - Black - Male Kouji - Snowshoe - Female Nekogami - Nekomata - Female Seraphinyan - Angel - Female Enshoku no Kiba - Cheeta - Female Tsubasa - Daisy - Male Brave of the Fluff - Entire set of 6 - alts 1-5 male, alt 6 female Roman Brave - Male Roaring Flight - Lion - Male Jinja Beru - Female Total; 35,000zc Genders don't really matter at all to me, so if a gender isn't available that's 100% fine!
  7. Kimii's CYO Shop

    12000zc is correct, I did mean the French Maid alt, I'll send the trade over now! ^^ <3 You're very welcome!
  8. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Hiya! The biggest problem with this order is that the only CYO I can guarantee alts on is Ragnarok, or already hatched pets in my CYO rooms. However, I give my full consent for you to use the wishing well on my CYOs if you don't get the alt you want from an egg, or to change its gender. So, the 2 husky eggs aren't a problem, but for the ragnarok eggs I need to know what alts you want, for the doggos the 2 eggs are fine but I don't have any hatched at all so I can't give the 4 alts requested, but with the across the world ones, I do have a female hatched alt 1 along with the eggs, the 3 norse eggs and 2 pirate eggs aren't a problem, but with the pageant pups I have none hatched and can only offer eggs like the doggos. And the raptor eggs are indeed for sale, I do also have a hatched orange flame alt for that cyo. So, it's up to you if you want to pass on the ones I mentioned I don't have hatched or if you'd like to replace them with eggs. Just let me know and I can send a trade over with the final total when I log on in the morning ^^
  9. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Yes of course! That's actually a brilliant idea and I hadn't thought of offering that option before! I'll send over a trade with two eggs, and if you don't get the desired outcomes, let me know and you can exchange them for eggs! I think I'll just add that as an official option for all my cyos as long as there's eggs to be exchanged for!
  10. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Thank you as well! Absolutely! 3 of the huskies will be hatched, 3 eggs, 5 of the doggos will be eggs, and all the ragnaroks will be a set outcome so you're guaranteed one of each alt ^^ And 12600 is correct I'll send over a trade now!
  11. I'm officially back! I've updated my cyo shop, and although I haven't finished all the ones I've been working on, I'll still be logging in at least once per day again. ^^

    1. Dashy


      WB kimiix! :D

    2. tomomi


      Welcome back! :3

  12. Kimii's CYO Shop

    You're very welcome! I'll send a trade over now ^^
  13. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Absolutely! 3000zc is correct, I'll send a trade with all of them now <3 Unfortunately I can't guarantee alts on any of them except Ragnarok, but you can feel free to alt and/or gender change any cyo you purchase via the wishing well.
  14. Kimii's CYO Shop

    I am! I'm not sure if you still have it after all this time, but I'd be interested if you do! Are you still interested in buying any of these pets? I still have all of them available, most at lower prices than before. However, I can't guarantee any alts except for the ragnarok ones, but I do give my full consent to using the wishing well to change the alts if you don't get the one you want from an egg. If you're still interested, let me know and I can send a trade over to you ^^ I only have 3 of them hatched, so 3 would be in egg stages, but you would be welcome to use the wishing well to change their alts if you got duplicates. If that's alright, let me know I only have 3 hatched huskies, and if paws4ever wants them, I feel I should give them to them since they commented first, but if you'd like, you could purchase them as eggs, and if you get a duplicate alt you can use the wishing well to change it. I'm sorry about that. Most of my CYOs are unhatched, and "public" so I don't choose the alts. If you're still interested, let me know and I'll send a trade over right away! Of course! I'll send over a trade now!
  15. Kimii's CYO Shop

    To all the users I'm replying to here; I sincerely apologize for not replying sooner. Until recently, I hadn't logged onto the forums here in over a year and a half. I began losing interest in PA as things in my personal life got chaotic. But now I'm back, with no intention on taking any breaks again! I feel horrible for all the messages that were left unreplied to all this time. My deepest apologies to you all <3 With that said, I've updated the post here for the prices of the cyos, lowering almost all of them, so please take a look if you requested to buy any pets here and are still interested! (I'll be posting replies in separate comments since I keep getting an error when I try to reply to all of them at once)