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  1. Hoping you release yourself from invisibility!

  2. Azure Wyrm

    OOC Moved, got a new place. Landlord lied and it isn't what I was told it was. Working on going somewhere else, but for RP purposes I am glad to say I am finally BACK and accepting new players.
  3. Azure Wyrm

    OOC I'm moving the 8th of next month and will have internet again a little over a week after that. I look forward to posting weekly or even more often again!
  4. Azure Wyrm

    OOC: Just stuff in RL kept me away. Check out my Patreon! Also, I was waiting to post because of a date in the Big File, but then I realized I was looking at the wrong one. I need to get some help to keep it updated. I'm on Skype all the time. You can always add me (search my name here. My avatar is a saber-toothed prehistoric six-horned rhino, called an uintatherium).----------Story Update------------It really did look like a traditional dragon. It had green scales instead of red, but also short horns and bat-like wings. Upon closer inspection, its scales and wing membranes were made of spraypainted cardboard and paper, and its flesh was toy slime-covered gelatin. It would be considered a particularly poorly crafted fake, since its materials were cheap and easily acquired, but the artistry was something to behold. The only reason anyone gave it any pause as to be anything real to begin with was how it looked from far away, and the fact that it actually had a circulatory system bearing red blood.Later that day, the laboratory had a report on the generous blood sample. It was fake. It was nothing but corn starch and red food coloring; a few chemicals. The same solution was commonly sold as vampire blood for Halloween costumes.------------------------------------------- @Eizon: The slime... huh? No, it wasn... it still felt strange. Inside, it felt a lump near its front that wasn't there before. It was smooshed and a ss? was smm.... it could f... it should making it stop the thing. That wasn't those the things. Others were, too. What was with the things that outed the stuff for food?
  5. Azure Wyrm

    OOC: I finally found a place to move to, but it'll take me a couple/few more months to save up in order to have enough to do it. Once I get there, my health will improve, I'll have friends to hang out with, and possibly even a job, or at least somewhere to volunteer so I can go outside and not just be stuck alone and in my apartment for years in a row. I'm sure that my mood would significantly improve and I'll be able to post at least weekly like I used to.In the meantime, I'm still trying to get artists to be able to get everyone images of their characters, and hopefully a picture-only graphic novel to follow each character's story individually. I put up a Patreon finally to maybe help this. ------------------------------------------- @Eizon: (unlocked: maple tree) The mildewy, mucky organic was effortless to absorb, but the liquid itself did seem... to... there... hehehe. Some strange feeling began flooding the slime's system, spreading throughout its mass as it ate the organic. There were little chunks of... no. There was something grainy touching the not organic ne... smmmf... the... maybe it could rest.
  6. Azure Wyrm

    (where'd everyone go? )
  7. Azure Wyrm

    OOC @ Chloe: No, it's fine. I realized why I've been really inconsistent the last few months, and it has to do with where I'm living. I'm moving really soon though, so hopefully everything will be fine on my end. Also, one of the players on Dragcave is learning programming to build me my own site and we can all move over there (I'll copy all the threads and keep posts in chronological order) once possible. Also, I fully approve your wood scales. ------------------------------------------------- @Eizon: The slime's continued efforts started to work, though it still felt funny. Maybe it was just the natural feeling of the shape itself? Additionally strange, there was something wet that the slime hadn't noticed before, but probably only because it was peeking out from beneath some moldy-looking thin organics that were usually attached to bigger things.
  8. Azure Wyrm

    OOC sorry, had a lot of RL problems and my hypoglycemia is getting worse, so every time I eat, I fall unconscious. Makes it pretty difficult to concentrate on writing. Also, I've been writing a book. Let me know in PM if you want a link to it. I'm also expanding the Christmahanzakwannikuh event, but just for this year, cuz I've been so erratic about my posting. As soon as this is posted, until Jan 1, you're considered qualified with your event request. -------------------------------- @Moss4brains: The slime's canister was half buried... more than half buried. There was a PVC pipe next to it, leading to the surface. The surface was a slope that led to the road, where people constantly threw garbage out of their car windows, or dumped out of their garbage collection trucks. One such truck dumped its load, and a precariously placed bottle of liquid detergent spilled, and poured down the pipe. Something that was heavy fell directly from the truck and indented the ground, breaking the slime's vial and pinning it underground under the detergent. ------------------------------------------------ @Zoro: Wet! The slime was splattered with enough wet... something that it was submerged. Its first experience in life was a drowning risk!? Something within the slime told it that it didn't matter, but something else told it to get away right away. Could it be underwater? It already was, but it didn't seem to be dangerous.
  9. Azure Wyrm

    OOC @ Moss4Brains: Roronoa, by 'blood bat' did you mean 'vampire bat'? I don't see a real animal with the name blood bat. Also, I was finally going to write your intro, but you didn't give me a start location.
  10. Azure Wyrm

    OOC I'd say that kind of "trick" doesn't count, but the request DOES count, because it fits the "poison or disease" classification. Also, I had a friend draw a dragon with wooden scales, so your idea is pretty well-thought (because its something I hoped someone would do at one point and you just did). Just checked your sheet- you don't have any reptiles, amphibians, or fish. So, you'd need something for scales. You have pill bug, so you can have wooden banded armor. Unless you get creative with the scales on a bird's legs or rat's tail. Or you can make wooden feathers or pinecone... leaves? -------------------------------------- @Eizon: The slime tried to harden some of the slime on its back, but it wasn't working as well as it had hoped it would. It could feel some of it hardening, but in a very fragmented and broken pattern, no where near what it had intended. But with the amount of organic it had consumed, it was definitely capable of doing it... what was wrong? Maybe it needed to eat something else.
  11. Azure Wyrm

    @Eizon: (unlocked: funnel web spider) The slime's absorption was a success, and the creature was failing, and quickly. The creature apparently was stronger than its size would indicate, somehow. But after the slime only got the first part into itself and absorbed it forcefully, the creature went limp and was easy to pull into itself. The white tunnel was organic too, if the slime felt like absorbing that as well. Then again, so was the other thing that the tunnel was built into. So much food!
  12. Azure Wyrm

    OOC Cool, okay, your request is valid now. You know how to get a hold of me on Facebook or Steam or Skype? (starts writing your update)
  13. Azure Wyrm

    Event Information! -requests- -who- -when- valid? (between Oct 30 11:59 PM EST & Nov 1 12:01 AM EST) -None yet, will decide later- Zeditha - Oct 31 10:21 AM EST - qualified -Treat: salt water taffy- Evil Sethoss- Nov 1 12:23 PM EST - not qualified -none stated- Dragonmage - Nov 1 12:37 AM EST - not qualified -Trick: Fire breath materials- Dragonmage - Oct 31 12:10 AM EST - qualified -none stated- Raptor of Dragons - Nov 1 4:57 AM EST - not qualified -Treat: Jelly beans- Raptor of Dragons - Oct 30 7:32 PM EST - not qualified -Treat: ghost pepper candy- Emeelia - Oct 30 3:17 PM EST - not qualified -Trick: wild almonds- Avialae - Oct 31 5:29 PM EST- qualified -none stated- Lakashi - Oct 31 11:38 PM EST - qualified -none stated- Donkeymonsterz- Oct 30 1:42 PM EST - not qualified -none stated- Chloecat194- Oct 29 11:49 AM EST - not qualified So I've got a few qualifying requests, written for the slime, not player: Aster: Trick: Wild Almonds Zeditha: (to be decided) Celiysetherri: Trick: Something to help unlock fire breath Baschorn: (to be decided) I've been pretty depressed lately though, and when I feel this bad for this long, I get generous. But what do you, the players, think? Should I just say 'eh' and validate everyone? OOC So, I'm an American. I apologize to all my players across the world for that. I'm desperately trying to make my game as fun as possible, as fast as possible, so you guys have an escape and distraction. If my overwhelming terror seeps into my posts, it isn't intentional. I've taken a few days longer than I wanted to to try and reach emotional equilibrium, so hopefully I do okay for everyone. Me, I'm on permanent disability and only have a home because of government housing assistance, get food stamps, and have medical issues that will kill me if I don't take medicine daily. If even one government thing that the President-Elect hates gets revoked, I won't live much longer. I'm not trying to make anyone flip out; I'm just letting everyone know that if I disappear one day and never return, it's because I died. I have no family or friends offline, so no one would be there for me to let anyone know if/when it happens. THANKSGIVING event is going to go on as planned, as is Christmahanzakwannikuh or whoever I spell it. Event information, as always, is on my site that you already have the links to. I'm writing updates; I just needed to post this immediately since I already took too long as it is. -----------------------------------------------------
  14. Azure Wyrm

    OOC @ Chloecat: Here is a link to my site, specifically to the Azure Wyrm event page: http://viirinsoftworks.wixsite.com/viirinhome/azure-events ---------------------------------------- @Eizon: Tiny, careful, gentle movements. But that was apparently the trigger, and some creature with far too many limbs erupted from the depths of the white tunnel and pounced on the edge of the slime, only then realizing that the slime was bigger than it was. But now the slime had a chance- a chance for a split second! It could... well, it knew what it could do when something else's fangs were inside its own gel.
  15. Azure Wyrm

    OOC @ Everyone: I was writing updates early this week, but couldn't finish because they were fumigating my apartment and I didn't wanna put passwords in all over a public computer. I'm back now, though.Also, Halloween is a holiday that Azure Wyrm celebrates! I'm on the East Coast of the United States, GMT-5. Using my time zone, on October 29 at 11:59 PM until November 1 at 12:01 AM, you can qualify for an event reward. On page 1 I have the link to my site with event information, so you can tell what kind of general classifications there are to choose from (Trick or Treat). Request it in the thread or in PM or on Facebook messenger or through my Skype. If you post within the event time, you qualify and I'll figure out a way to get the request to you. OOC @ Chloe: Yeah, I did a few searches and have no idea either. ----------------------------------------------------------- @Eizon: The slime didn't see the bump-type thing anywhere else, but under some non-moving organic, it saw the white stringy thing, very tightly knit and it almost didn't recognize it as being the same thing. But it was. It was so much bigger that the slime... felt afraid? It feared the center of the tunnel-like shape made of white strings. It was organic; it was food and it was what the slime had looked for. But why did it feel this way?