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  1. Happy Birthday Dessi!

  2. Haven't been on in a while, amazes me how much has changed...

    1. Starstream


      Dessi :D Your back :)

  3. Dogs vs Cats

    Dogs, <3
  4. Where have you been >:|

    1. DessiLove


      I left planet Earth for a while. >_>...

  5. Rainbow might not be on for a while---she told me D:

    1. DessiLove


      I haven't been on in months, lol.

  6. I miss Rainbow :/. Going to sleep.. Sigh.

    1. Skittles


      *Flys off her rainbow and tackles Dessi, I messed you so much! <3 I LOVE U!

  7. "Ah, yes yes." Midnight grunted, "the beta... I'm going to go find food. I see we're a bit low..." Midnight said with a low tone, stretching his old wings and gliding into the air swiftly into the woods.
  8. Midnight awoke to laughter and wasn't pleased. He likes everything quiet. "You there, Shayd and Nightmare. What are you doing exactly?" he said with a raspy, almost angry tone. "You do realize, we have other wolves sleeping."
  9. Worried about Rainbow. >>...''

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    2. Starstream


      Yes I agree Bea.....Rainbow where are you??

    3. Bea


      Skittykins you get your cute tomboy butt back on PA Before I come stalk you

    4. DessiLove


      Sigh, this chick worries me to death sometimes. Idk what to do .

  10. Just before the sun started to arise, Eve got up shaking her fur and flapping her wings. Being barely a year old, she always woke up happy and eager. She lifted her wings and glided through the camp to see who was awake, and she appeared to see Shayd soaked and Nightmare in the air. "I thought I was the pup here," She laughed, still gliding around. She saw Skyler and noticed she was hurt. She landed a bit roughly next to her.
  11. Uncommon Pet Shop.

    Trade sent. ^^'
  12. Uncommon Pet Shop.

    Added Ringtails -
  13. Special Shop: Common Pets

    Chaos - Sent the Boston Terriers. :3 Lozzy - Allie or unworthy need to edit that Dalmation male 3 - Kuitsumi bought him.
  14. Goodnight everyone - Love you Rainbowww. :3