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  1. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Triss kept quiet as Grimm shove the gate open pointing to an house to the left. Wondering if she should just stay outside and keep out of the way.
  2. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Triss heard Grimm muttering though she didn't question it, looking over her shoulder. "Um don't know he never told us his name." She said. After while they finally reached the wall of the fortress Trisscar glare upwards. "Here we are." Walking around the wall towards an small gate in the back.
  3. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Triss look over her shoulder at Grimm as he ask the question. "About two weeks." She said. Looking around the surroundings walking southwest.
  4. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Triss smile nodding taking the lead thinking she could have let Grimm take the lead. "Grimm I do have to warn you this prisoner you might not be able to get alot of sense out of him." She said.
  5. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Trisscar nodded hearing Grimm though she hope Kaldur would forgive her. After all he did tell her to not tell anyone, watching the guard open the gate. Hands in her pockets looking at Grimm. "To the right." She said Wondering if she outta take the lead? "Would you like me to take the lead?"
  6. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Trisscar heard Grimm s footsteps turning to face him nodding as he told her he was all set. "Good." Opening the door walking out. Looking left and right as making sure the coast was clear before heading for the !main gate. "Should have told you sooner about it." She said biting her lip.
  7. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Maybe she should have skip the tea after all Triss thought as Grimm return telling her they should get moving. "Just give me a minute to finish my tea." She said drinking her tea. Now waiting for Grimm at the front door.
  8. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Trisscar smile nodding as she heard Grimm about helping herself to some tea. Watching him walk down the hall she sure could use some tea, she thought. After all she was going to lead Grimm to a hidden fortress knowing Kaldur wasn't going to be happy if he found out. Walking into the kitchen pouring herself a cup of tea. Once Oliver was done with his breakfast he stood up walking towards the front door opening stepping outside closing the door behind him.
  9. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Triss fiddling with her thumbs looking at Grimm thinking how tp answer his question of what's going on? "It's complicated and I not sure of what's going on. All I know is Kaldur caught himself a prisoner and no he's not not holding the maniac here. I could take you to where my brother holding him." She said.
  10. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Trisscar heard the thud as she stood outside knowing that Oliver was down. Walking off in the direction of Grimm's house best to stay as far away from Oliver as she could. Having decided that she'll just wait till Grimm came out. Looking at the horizon when she heard Grimm turning her attention on him. "Oh I could I just wasn't all sure if you were awake and uh didn't want to wake you." She said. Running her hand through her hair. Watching him push the door open. She was now having second thoughts of not telling him. "It's Kaldur he been..." pausing for a brief moment. "holding a prisoner." Oliver hummed as he got himself breakfast he was in a good mood nodding to Leo. "Morning Leo isn't it a beautiful day?" eating his toast. "Sure is and your in a good mood aren't you?" Leo asked. Oliver smiled. "Yes I am going to visit Mary then go in search for men to train." He said.
  11. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Trisscar stare out her bedroom window knowing she needed to tell Grimm about her brother. After all Grimm was most likely going to end up becoming the leader and after hearing the news about Mary from Leo she thought it was best not to tell her uncle. For Leo told her whatever it was Oliver might lose it even more finding out what Kaldur been up to. Turning her attention towards her door hearing the footsteps walking and peeking out seeing her uncle walk in the bathroom. Going down the rope she might as well do what needed to be done she just hope Grimm was up and about heading outside. About to walk down the porch steps though halting thinking she'll just wait for she didn't want to disturb Grimm and Minreal. Oliver ran his hand through his hair looking in the mirror not all happy thinking he should shave or at least trim his beard. Though as the late events came to mind last night something seem off with Stephen if he thought it over. Knowing that Stephen would have been the first guy aboard with the whole strike team. Taking a shower then getting dress going on down to the main floor.
  12. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Oliver awoke in the morning having a restless night grumbling as he roll out of bed. He was pretty sure he didn't get much sleep mainly stare at the ceiling lost in deep thought. He was glad that he manage to drift into sleep getting to his feet walking into the bathroom.
  13. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    "Goodnight Oliver." Leo said listening to Oliver footsteps fade away sitting down on a chair. "Me stay here who would have thought it." He muttered.
  14. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    It didn't take Oliver long to reach the porch of the house walking up the porch stairs opening the door. "Well it's good you made it back." Stephen said chuckling as he walk upstairs. Leo stood there looking in Oliver's direction. "What's with the whole me stay behind?" He asked. "Cause you'll be more useful here and that's that I'm turning in " Oliver said walking past Leo.
  15. Walking Dead {Punisher and I}

    Oliver was glad once they reached the porch watching Grimm approach the door. "Goodnight to you." Turning heading back to his house.