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  1. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Evangeline glanced to Misaki. "Well in still.." She started. "Whatever. I'm gonna look around. You can go take your nap.." She shrugged, walking towards the lake. She got to the waters edge and kneeled down, placing her hand in the water. She smiled a little. It reminded her of being in the real world. The entire place did. She smiled softly, taking a deep breath. She stood once more, after seeing a butterfly pass her. She couldn't help but laugh for a moment, hoping Misaki had gone inside by now.
  2. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Evangeline frowned. "No, no.. I didn't." She shrugged. "It's my nickname." She pointed out. She turned back, sighing. "Fine." She got her own teleport crystal out. She rolled her eyes at his comment, teleporting to the cabin off the lake. She looked around, smiling. She glanced to Misaki as he teleported there. She looked around again, smiling. She bit her lip, then turned and went inside the cabin. She looked around, smiling. This might actually be good for the both of us. She thought.
  3. Muse for These RPs

    Hi! Okay, so I've been having some muse for a few of rps/ rp types at the moment. I am going to make a list. If anyone is interested, please PM me! Black Butler Phantom of the Opera Sword Art Online Romance Mystery
  4. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Evangeline frowned. "Oh.. okay sorry." She shook her head. "Ahh.. that's probably a bit more clever than what I chose.. anyway uh.." She just kinda half smiled and began walking. "Well come on.." She glanced back. "It's this way."
  5. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    "Mhm sure.." Evangeline rolled her eyes. "Okay obviously Japanese but why'd you pick it?" She asked. "Hey I'm not being uptight.." She frowned. "Anyway.. uh.. we could leave.. now if you want?" She offered. "We could walk.. get some chatting done.. I guess."
  6. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    "Tho..? You almost said your real name?" Evangeline smirked. "Misaki huh.. where'd that come from?" She laughed. "Don't worry.. save it for another day." She gasped. "No!! No that's not what I meant I.." she fumbled. "I mean uh.. when do you wanna leave?" She blushed.
  7. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    "I won't hurt myself.." Evangeline pouted. She shook her head. "No they're not! I've never seen one. They don't exist." She stood too. "I can pay for it.. it's fine." She smiled. Truth was, she'd already paid for it. She bit her lip. "I actually already did.. I was gonna head there later today or tomorrow morning.. I couldn't decide." She shrugged. "I really just wanted to get away.. I uh.. i mean you can come along.."
  8. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    "G-Ghosts aren't real.." She mumbled. "Huh? You'd really want to?!" She gasped, her eyes beaming. "I-I mean.." She scratched the back of her head. "That's cool.. uh.. b-bro.." She laughed nervously, her cheeks flushing a deep red.
  9. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    "Well.. actually. There's like a lake with some cabins to rent out on this floor.. you just have to know how to get there. I mean.. I know grinding and everything is probably the best thing to do, but even in a game everyone needs time to relax and calm down." Evangeline smiled. She bit her lip. "I mean.. I doubt you'd wanna go on a get away with.. just me.. so I don't even know why I suggested it." She blushed
  10. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Evangeline pouted. "Hey.. it makes a hell of a selling for those who don't wanna get a place to stay and don't have col for expensive food." She shrugged. "Aww.. you really should.. well actually I don't know. Maybe we both need a bit of a get away..!" She laughed.
  11. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    "I thought you wanted to avoid me honestly.." Evangeline mumbled. "Huh? Oh.. yeah I suppose.. after that boss fight.. I knew I couldn't just sit around. I had to level up then.. but of course I did max my cooking skill.. I'll have to let you try something I make someday.." she laughed. "But of course I've been doing that in the little spare time I've had.. from running the inn back on floor one.. and grinding as much as possible.. I guess I've been too busy to check on you.. how've you been?"
  12. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Evangeline stopped. "Huh?" She turned to Misaki. "Uhh.. okay.." she walked over to him. She looked down at him since he was sitting. "Uhh.. you wanted to speak to me I guess?" She shrugged. "What about?" She asked, hesitantly sitting across from him.
  13. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Evangeline paid for her sword, walking out of the store. She sighed, leaning against the side of the store. She bit her lip, checking her quests, though she didn't have any. She sighed. "I could just.." She frowned, closing her menu. She looked to Misaki, frowning. She debated speaking to him, but decided not to. She figured it best she should avoid him, he seemed like he wanted that. She gave a small wave, before walking off.
  14. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Evangeline looked to the male as he entered. She turned away, Misaki.. of course. Just don't talk to him. She thought. She looked at the weapons, finally seeing one she liked. (Finally getting to the one in the picture haha). She picked it up, smirking. It was perfect. She moved to the counter, standing behind Misaki and waiting for her turn.
  15. Tomorrow hasn't even started and i already know it's going to be absolutely horrible.