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  1. The OTHER Kai (design sketch)

    Aw dude, he looks cool too! :>
  2. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    (( @nlys It's been a while, but if you get back on and want to continue this, I wouldn't mind.))
  3. She is the eldest daughter to the King and Queen of Ilyria and by law the next in line for the throne. She will soon be of age to start taking over the day-to-day ruling of her fathers Kingdom but a few weeks before that day her parents are mysteriously killed in their bedchambers. With her having no real experience in the matter or husband by her side, the Kingdom has swept into panic. Her advisers have told her to host a Ball immediately to find a suitable match. However, she has decided to have an open ball, where anyone can enter – be the royal, noble, soldier or mere farm boy. She is looking for love, not someone who can politically advance her status with the neighboring Kingdoms. The one who wins her hand in marriage will be named the Prince Consort. @nlys Name: Dominic Asther Age: 20 Picture: Personality: RP out Description: Dominic is tall, around 6 feet 2 inches. He isn't very bulky, but isn't lanky either. He's mostly in between. He is pretty strong, but lacks in speed. Dominic can be clumsy sometimes. He has messy golden brown locks that swept down to his neck, as well as a scruffy beard and mustache. Sometimes he will put his hair back in a bun or ponytail when working. His eyes are a dark green, almost like the forest or an emerald. He has a peppering of light freckles over his cheeks and nose, but they aren't really noticeable. Role: Civilian farmboy History: His mother died when he was five, she flung herself off their roof after being abused by his father for their whole marriage. Dominic's father went off to war when Dominic was ten, and he was raised by their next door neighbor for five years. When his father came back, he was sober and clean cut. His father got a job and supported Dominic in whatever he did. His dad almost got remarried, till the woman left him. He relapsed, started drinking and abusing Dominic. Dominic stayed though, taking care of his father through thick and thin. He yearns to leave though, and never see him again. He hopes that time is soon since he's getting older. Other?: None
  4. @dee_lasalle If you're using the same character, would you mind pasting them here? I'll be making a girl and a boy. Name: Thomas Misaki Username: Misaki_T Age: 18 Personality: Thomas is a quiet guy. He likes to play video games, which is why he got into SAO. He can be quite sarcastic and funny.. He is also stubborn and very laid back, not getting into trouble unless it is important to himself or someone he cares about. His favorite color is navy blue, and he actually loves sweets. He likes to get things done and doesn't like causing trouble for other people or be a burden. He will protect people weaker than him without question. He also can come off as maniacal and almost a bit crazy. He states that it's an act though to ward off bad people. He prefers not to kill people within the game, but will stoop that low when threatened History: Thomas was born in America, but his parents died, so he was moved to live with his grandparents in Japan when he was around five. He doesn't speak great Japanese, but it's second nature for him to speak it. He got into video games when he was ten because his grandmother died, leaving him with his sick grandfather. He would disappear into his room for hours so he could escape the real world. He doesn't like to talk about his problems though. Picture: Description: Thomas is around five foot nine, with a slender body. He looks kind of feminine, and can sometimes be mistaken for a girl. He looks quite young for his age, with a round babyish face. He has shaggy auburn hair and bright green eyes. In the real world, can always been seen with headphones in. He has one ear pierced, usually either with a stud or a small hoop. Weapon: (The fifth one) Skills: His best skill would probably be in two-handed weapons. He's also high level in agility, acrobatics, light armor, sneak/hiding, night vision, searching, and speech/sales negotiation. He's decent in strength, one handed, extend weight limit, trap dismantling, first aid, and martial arts. He hasn't leveled cooking, anything to do with daggers and/or axes, anything to do with spiritual aspects, familiars, and forging/crafting. Other: None
  5. Miserably Loving You [Mage_Anders & Snow]

    Alistair turned his head slightly, letting out a small smile, "I suppose you're right. But they don't need to talk back if I just want to explain my problems," He let out a heavy sigh and looked up at the sky. He curiously watched the man come over and gave him back the handkerchief. He stuffed it into his pant's pocket, nodding in thanks. Not that he needed it either, his father was in love with the things; Alistair would have plenty at home at his father's request. Never leave home without one, he would always say. He put all his gear in a neatly folded up pile, tossing his wooden sword on top for good measure. He took off his shoes and dipped his feet into the cool water, leaning back. "Yes you," He responded with a slightly amused tone, watching the young man skip rocks. "Suffocating, you say? Well, maybe you're the one who should be living out here. I'm sure the forest critters really are good company once you get to know them," He joked weakly. Alistair then swallowed hard and glanced back towards where his kingdom lied. "It's a long story. But my grandfather is dying. And there's nothing I can do-" He stopped short, clenching his fists and rubbing them against his forehead for a moment. He had an awful headache. "Family? Missing me? That's rich. My brothers would probably be overjoyed that I'm gone and would proceed to start fighting amongst themselves instead of teaming against me," He chuckled, imagining it. "So, I suppose you come from the territory we're on the outskirts of. I've never seen you before."
  6. DA:III character

    Dragon Age is my favorite video game series of all time! You should also try out the other games for it! You might understand the plot just a bit more if you did! But I love your character, he looks amazing.
  7. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    "I'm fine," He snapped, not wanting to talk about it. He sat up and looked down at his hands. "Oh yeah?" He changed the subject, smiling weakly, "That's good. I suppose it's good you took what I said to heart." He scratched the back of his head. "No, not really. I might just go out and train," He mumbled, standing and throwing the sheets onto the bed. He picked up his shirt as he left the room. He rubbed his eyes a couple times, splashing some water on his face in the kitchen sink. His stomach grumbled, but he decided to ignore it. "I saw some training dummies outside," He called to Eva.
  8. I Wanna Run With You

    Sebastian sat down, stretching out his legs. His knees bumped against Axi's, and he let out a casual smile. "Crazy? As long as we aren't murdering anyone..." He trailed off as the waitress brought his tea. She winked at him, but he really wasn't paying her any attention. Axi had peaked his interest and he was curious what she wanted to do. He sipped his tea, his eyes darting towards the waitress. "Eh, I suppose she can get in line. A lot of girls like me," He joked. Sebastian listened to her quietly, licking his lips after sipping more of his tea. "'Tired of it'? Axi, you aren't trying to run away, are you? I know I'm the one who dropped out, but that doesn't mean you have too as well. Are you sure you want to do something like this?" He questioned seriously, leaning forward slightly.
  9. I Wanna Run With You

    Sebastian got out of his taxi, paying the driver with a cool smile. His car was out of commission, his parents deciding to get him a better car today. He didn't care what kind, he just needed four wheels and air conditioner. He smoothed his hair back and pulled his grey jacket closer to his body for warmth. It was cool outside, that was for sure. He entered the coffee shop and glanced around, before heading over to the counter. He ordered a tea, before sauntering over to Axi with a grin. "You decided to meet me then?" He teased.
  10. I Wanna Run With You

    ((Sorry I'm a bit late.)) Name: Sebastian Callus Age: 18 Appearance: Sebastian is around six feet 3 inches. He is slender, and is more agility based than strength. He has light brown/dirty blonde hair, and his eyes are a dark green. Things Need To Know: Allergies: Nickel, shellfish Laid-back and funny Short History: Born under a lawyer mother and a CEO father, Sebastian didn't really have a tough life. His parents didn't really like each other and he rarely saw his dad. He became the type of 'bad-boy' because of being oppressed and having too much of his shoulders his whole life. His parents are rich though, but he rarely tells anyone about them.
  11. Vampires? (nlys and I)

    Penelope felt slightly compelled to drink more, letting the bartender put more whiskey in her shot glass. She downed it and licked her lips. "The people? You don't seem like the type," She said, her words were slightly slurred. She couldn't really handle anything more than a couple glasses of wine, and this was definitely more potent than that. "I do enjoy gossip, but I think I could just settle for the unsettling rumors. Do you know about any strange occurrences around town? Maybe supernatural?" She giggled and leaned forward, taking another shot. "Ah yes, I suppose the brooding thing works for you. Dark and mysterious always gets girls to notice," She used her fingers to create a square and framed his face in it. "Me? A beauty? Don't make me laugh."
  12. Vampires? (nlys and I)

    So, I'm going to be a girl who has wanted to meet a vampire since reading Twilight as a child. She's a little stir crazy, she's been searching small towns for vampires since her teen years. She ran away from home to find a vampire to fall in love with. She never thought she could become a vampire herself. She meets you, a real vampire, in the a small town. And you use her for a midnight snack. She doesn't die though, she becomes a vampire. Horrified and disgusted with herself, she holes herself up in a house she rented on the edge of town. She goes to the same college you do now, and you are wondering if it's the same girl. Now, you must teach the annoying introverted girl how to be a vampire. Could she really be someone you could spend the rest of your life with? Name: Penelope Jones Age: 21 Gender: Female Picture: Personality: Penelope is witty and stupid at the same time. It depends on what you're talking about. She loves animals and the outdoors. She can be very sarcastic and loves to crack jokes. She has a little stutter when in stressful situations. She is not a smooth talker, and doesn't like confrontation. She can argue though, till you can't even speak anymore. She's stubborn, and she's a hothead as well. She will break things when angry. She can be a very nice person and can also wear her heart on her sleeve. Description: Penelope is around 5 feet 8 inches. She is not slender, one might say she is pretty curvy. Her thighs are thick and her hips are wide. She likes to joke she can crush people's skulls between her thighs. Her face is quite angular, but she has soft baby cheeks. Her hair is cut short around her face, and it is black in color. Her eyes are a nice blue/grey with a strange black border around her irises. I'll post your character as well, so we know what he is like. Name Crispin Drake Nickname Bones Age Appears 22, is actually 222 years old Gender Male Picture Personality Crispin was a very free-spirited young man when he was human, and had very positive relationships with his family, especially his two younger brothers. He held his position as elder brother in high regard and took it very seriously. Crispin also held a sense of duty as he registered with the military, however his father saw him as a very irresponsible and reckless, proving he was very much a free spirit who did things on a whim, taking no mind to what people thought. However, whilst Crispin was both respectful and polite, he had a dark side which came to play after joining the military and falling in love with a girl. He found he enjoyed going to war and found pleasure in killing others, a trait that passes on to his vampire lifestyle. Crispin was very naïve as a human, and he loved this girl deeply and recklessly, regardless of consequences and not caring that others, mainly his family, were ashamed of him. His carefree life fell apart when she was killed and he, almost killed. After becoming a vampire, he left his humanity behind in the dust and hasn’t looked back, knowing that he is strong enough and fast enough to do what he wants and eat who he wants, when he wants. This makes him unpredictable and volatile. He sees humans as nothing but a means of survival for him, they are living, breathing blood bags and nothing more. History Crispin was in a very dark age of history when he was a human. He had a good upbringing and his family was proud of him when he joined up with the military but it stopped there. He was a very good soldier, probably one of the best and was put into a very secretive squad that no one knew very little about. This scared his family and they pride slowly turned to disappointment and distrust. When they found out about him becoming a vampire, they disowned him completely and this drove him into an uncontrollable rage. He ended up killing his family in his anger, which pretty much turned him into the uncaring monster he is today. Anything else that has happened to him, he keeps very closely guarded. Sexuality Straight Other?: None @nlys, here it is. Do you want to start it off?
  13. I Wanna Run With You

    I wouldn't mind doing this rp! Could you give me a minute to make up my form?
  14. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Dominic could feel someone had been staring at his back for a while, and it left an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach. Then he felt a slap on the shoulder. Looking up, Dominic let out a small sigh of relief. "Scott, you scared me man," He laughed. Scott had a lady on his arm, and it wasn't the red haired beauty. "I've found me a dance partner, bud. So don't wait up for me, ok?" He chuckled and nuzzled the lady's neck. She giggled and swatted at his shoulder playfully. "No problems there, amigo. Enjoy it!" Dominic called to Scott as they got on the dance-floor. He knew that Scott was a horrible dancer, the woman would probably be embarrassed to be seen with him after one dance. Dominic was ready for poor old Scott to come crawling back within a couple minutes with his sad puppy-dog eyes. While he was waiting and just watching, he heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned slightly, looking over his shoulder. His breath caught in his throat and he hastily got up. "Yes, you were with the red-haired woman today, right?" He scratched the back of his head with an embarrassed chuckle, "Is it that obvious I'm out of place here?" He paused, "Yeah, overwhelming is definitely the word. But, I could get a bit loose if I danced a couple times with the right girl and some alcohol," He joked. "Is the...uh, other beautiful lady here somewhere as well?"
  15. Wolfe & Raven (Mage and I)

    Jasper watched for any sort of reaction to what he had said. He knew his mother approved because she didn't say anything to try to overshadow his words or take them back. Jasper clasped his fingers together and narrowed his eyes slightly when Charlie spoke to her father and gave him a strange look. He wasn't exactly sure what this girl had planned, if she was trying to scare him off or being genuinely honest about what she wanted to show. Either way, his mother would certainly want him to go, for the good of both of them. Jasper turned his head slightly, watching Rosalie bow her head slightly with a slight smile. "As long as my son isn't harmed physically or mentally, I'll allow it," She said with her calm demeanor. Jasper nodded as well, "Whatever you want to show me," He responded, standing. Jasper stretched out his arms and yawned, eyeing the werewolves as he moved around towards his guards. "Just stay here with my mother, I'll be fine," He murmured to them. Each nodded, except for Felicia. She scowled and crossed her arms. She clearly thought this was some kind of trap, but he just left her standing there. "Lead the way, love," He told Charlie.
  16. Vampires? (nlys and I)

    Penelope smiled softly at him. He looked like he was about to snap at her, but his face smoothed out when he took her in. Just like most men were around small towns. No one liked newcomers unless they were gorgeous. Penelope happily sat next to him, prepared to grill him for information. "I suppose I will be here for a while, but I'm just passing through," She stated, shrugging. She noticed the look between the bartender and the man, but she just assumed they knew one another. "Whiskey then," She got her shot and downed it immediately, licking her lips and giving a charming smile. "It's a secret, of course. But I'm mostly in this bar for gossip and strange stories." Penelope's cheeks lit up pink from his compliments. "Small towns are very nice anyways," She protested while the barkeep filled up her shot again. She polite drank that one a bit slower. "Are you here to hit on girls tonight, handsome?"
  17. Vampires? (nlys and I)

    Penelope jumped off the bus she had taken to this new city. It was quite the small town, but that's where vampires usually hung out. She thanked the bus driver, who had let her on for free. She was pretty sure he wanted some action, but she wasn't providing that kind of service. She knew there was a nearby bar/pub from the map she had studied earlier. People had been on the news, stating that vampires lived here. Men and women with puncture wounds on their neck not knowing how they got there or what they were doing the night before. With a plastered smile, she went up to the pub and seated herself at the bar. She noticed there was a handsome man in a black button-up shirt sitting near-by. She moved one seat over, getting a reading on his face before she flashed him a smile. "Hello there, I'm new in town. I was wondering if you could show me the best drink here," She drowned her tone in flirtation, her grey eyes sparkling. She cutely curled a piece of her hair behind her ear.
  18. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Dominic watched the crowd with a sigh. These balls were never for him. Of course, a few women had already asked him if he would accompany them onto the dance floor. But he kindly refused, knowing that if he tried he would end up stepping on their foot. He was too distracted. He was watching Scott out of the corner of his eye, making sure he didn't get into too much trouble. All the while he was trying to keep a look out for the servant girl. It was a tiring sport, he decided to get some food and seat himself back at his table. He was chewing on a piece of shrimp when trumpets sounded. The dancing kept going, but everyone who was seated turned their heads. The princess was walking down the stairs into the ballroom. The guards bowed to her as she descended. Dominic watched for a moment, the princess was way too far away from his table for him to get a good look. He squinted, noting the flaming red hair, but he deflated quickly. He didn't have a chance with even a maid of the princess, so there was no point in even seeking the princess out. Dominic downed some fruit punch from the punch bowl and steeled himself for the next girl to ask him to dance. He was going to say yes no matter what this time, not having much of a choice at a ball where he was supposed to find a wife.
  19. Wolfe & Raven (Mage and I)

    Jasper nodded as Robert spoke to him about the structure of the pack. It seemed simple enough, the heir of the 'throne' would have the most power, while the spouse would be an adviser of sorts. It would probably be working the same way with his clan. Charlie would have a hand in what happens to his coven, but she wouldn't directly be leading them as he would. Jasper smoothed his fingers through his hair and sat back in his seat, chuckling under his breath as Charlie butted in to what her father was saying. He let her speak her mind, watching her attentively while she spoke. "Well, I am a vampire, love. Of course they won't want to follow me, our species have been against one another for generations. They probably think we're having an all-out brawl in here right now, just like my coven at home thinks," He spread his fingers out on his lap, leaning forward slightly. "I'm not going to do anything that puts either of our clans in trouble, that is the point of the alliance. I know I have to earn my place, just like you will have to in the Raven Clan. My coven may look a bit separated at first since we don't all live together, but there will be hostility and fear when we marry. Quite simply put, we both are going to have issues with the different species. But we have to make it work, for vampires and werewolves to survive," Jasper stated, frowning. Rosalie nodded, satisfied with what her son has said. Jasper let out all his breath and watched Charlie and Robert for any reactions they might have.
  20. Miserably Loving You [Mage_Anders & Snow]

    Alistair wasn't expecting anyone to be in the forest except for a stray deer or small rabbit. To think there was actually a person in the forest made him shiver. He heard a couple leaves rustle, as well as a boy around his age climb down from a tree. Alistair furrowed his eyebrows and furiously wiped at his damp face. His eyes were probably still puffy and the boy probably still saw him crying anyways. At least he didn't seem to know who he was, so maybe he lived in this territory instead of his own? "Being lonely is alright, because then you won't have your heart torn," He mumbled glumly. "At least I'd have the deer to talk too, yes?" He responded in an almost bitter tone. Though he wasn't aiming it towards the boy, he still felt a bit rude for it. He stood up and glanced at the person with his blue eyes. He sniffled, before gladly taking the handkerchief. He dabbed at his eyes and cheeks. "Thank you." After a couple moments, he handed back the cloth, "Why are you out here as well? Out of curiosity," He questioned, his voice still stuffy from crying. He sat down by the lake and began removing his sparring gear.
  21. Miserably Loving You [Mage_Anders & Snow]

    Alistair wasn't really sure where he was going. He was exhausted and grief-stricken. His grandfather was dying, there was nothing to save him. He had practically sprinted through town, not letting anyone stop him. Guards yelled after him and a few subjects tried to talk to him, but he wasn't having it. He still had on his training gear, not bothering to throw it off as he left. His grandfather was doing a swordsplay match with him, when he had a coughing fit that wouldn't stop. He had to be taken away by the guards, his body barely supporting him. Alistair fiercely wiped the tears streaming down his face, slowing down as he entered the forest that bordered the next kingdom. Their kingdoms weren't enemies, so he didn't have any fear of being caught and held for ransom. So he stepped over the border and ended up by a small lake. He caught his breath next to it, letting his sob ring out throughout the empty forest. Alistair got down on his knees and splashed his face with water. He didn't want to go back. "I suppose I'll live out here in the forest for the rest of my life," He said to himself, letting his voice ring out in the woods. He stood up and dragged his hands down his face.
  22. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Dominic was about to head inside when a hand grabbed his shoulder and yanked him back. He let a surprised gasp leave his mouth and he tried to twist around to see who it was. "Hey man! I didn't know you planned on going to the ball tonight! Bet your looking for some beautiful broad to marry like I am." Dominic turned around and smoothed out his suit, grinning at his friend Scott. Scott had on a suit as well, he even washed and combed his usually unkempt black hair. Dominic whistled, giving him a good pat on the shoulder, "You look like you're about to break some hearts in there, Scott my man," He laughed. "Are ya talkin' bout my hair, boy? It always looks this luxurious," He followed Dominic inside. The ballroom was bustling, women and men alike were all around. Dancing, eating, talking. It was crowded, bodies squeezed together and a decent sized line to get food. Some women looked like nobles with expensive jewelry sitting on their fingers and necks, while others had much less. Dominic elbowed Scott, jerking his head to a gaggle of ladies. "There's your pile, man. I would get to them before they scope out more handsome men to dance with." Scott nodded, "I'm going to grab one for us both, wait for me!" "Don't drink too much, you'll start dancing the funky chicken and we'll never be able to step foot in this palace again!" He called with a good-hearted laugh. Dominic glanced around, eyeing all the women. The princess was somewhere in here, as well as the beauty from earlier. He was more worried about the girl he met than the princess. He had no chance with an actual princess, but at least a maid would be willing to give him the time of say. He grabbed a non-alcoholic drink off a tray and seated himself at one of the fancy golden tables. Balls were always weird for him, he wasn't sure what to do. He supposed he could ask a lady to dance at some point, unless one asked him first.
  23. Wolfe & Raven (Mage and I)

    "Yes, I suppose beating around the bush isn't the best way to go about this, is it?" Jasper's sister butted in, but Rosalie turned and gave her a stern look that made her seal her lips. Felicia looked panicked, so Jasper assumed his mother used some kind of compulsion on her. "My apologies, as you can see, some of my children aren't very ecstatic about this marriage," Rosalie bowed her head slightly. Jasper blinked slowly as he listened to the alpha, letting his words soak in for a couple seconds. Once he had process what Robert had said, he nodded. "I understand, she is important, just as I am," He stated. "That being said, my son is also the heir to become leader of the Raven Clan, he is important in our politics and keeping our coven safe from others who try to harm us. He is not just another vampire," Rosalie stated firmly. Jasper sighed and gave his mother a look, before he turned back to Robert with a curious expression. "So, if we were to get married, what exactly does that make me? The alpha's husband? I am not a power-hungry vampire, but I am curious what kind of power this gives me," He chose his words carefully, Jasper wasn't planning on making anyone angry. "Jasper," Rosalie sighed in exasperation.
  24. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Misaki woke up with a startled expression, his vision blurry from tears. He instantly put his palms to his eyes as he took in Eva's face above his. "Ah, crap," He paused, his bottom lip trembling. "What's wrong?" He mumbled sleepily, knowing full well he was probably thrashing and making horrible noises in his sleep. Sometimes he was kicked out of inns for screaming bloody murder in his sleep. So it was better to not sleep at all. "Is everything alright?" He finally spoke again, his voice a bit quiet. He took his hands off his eyes when he knew he got rid of all the tears. His eyes were still puffy though, and he was frowning up at Eva. He wiped the tears on his bare stomach and sniffed.
  25. Sword Art Online (dee_Iasbelle and I)

    Thomas rolled over in his bed, curling himself into a ball and snoring softly. His ears barely made out the sound of Eva's scream, but he was too caught up in his own dreams to pay attention. Well, dreams were more like nightmares. He could see all the people he's killed, Matthew, Azule, his guild, everyone. He could see their dying faces, a smile as they stared up at him. He didn't deserve it, he didn't deserve to be smiled at. He could see Eva, her struggling to fight a shadowy figure and getting herself slaughter. Her figure bursting into white pixels as she gave him a warm smile. He didn't want to lose anyone else, let someone else die. Kill someone. He didn't want too. It hurt so much. He thrashed in his sleep, mumbling a couple names, one including Eva's. He turned over onto his side, tears slid down his cheek although he was deep in sleep. These nightmares would haunt him for a long time to come...