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  1. Cryptids :: Flippyarmy & Alcarie

  2. Cryptids :: Flippyarmy & Alcarie

    It wasn't much longer until a doctor did come near with a couple of guards. They spoke fast and in low hushed tones, the guards gesturing to Eshuzur and to something out of Eshuzur's view. It became an arguement for a few moments but the doctor very obviously won, and the guards went to bring something over. It was a large brown lump, out cold at the moment, and they opened his cell door to nudge the floppy thing in before it woke up or Eshuzur tried to escape. After it was all the way in, they quickly shut the door and the guards left, leaving the two alone with the doctor remaining outside.
  3. Cryptids :: Flippyarmy & Alcarie

    (Mmmmmmmmmmfuck I am legit unsure where to start Calliope off, was she supposed to end up near his cell or in it?)
  4. Cryptids :: Flippyarmy & Alcarie

    Can you? I have 3 more hours of work left >-<
  5. Cryptids :: Flippyarmy & Alcarie

    Bio Full Name: Callias Neairni Nickname: Callie Species: Draken Gender: Female Age: The range seems to be around atleast a 100 Birthplace: N/A Lover: None Personality: Callias' appearence is a mere mirage to the general sweetheart that acts preferably like a giant cat/dog to those she seems to take some sort of fancy to which would be often had she have a chance to bond with another creature enough to preform happily at their side. It was even known for her to be empathetic in a way and seek those in harms way or upset as they tread near her wooden domain, but it was seen of course as a monster coming to prey n those in a weakened state. Family: It would be believed they are others of her species but she doesn't seem to know herself Looks: Her height is about 9' at full stature, but she walks slumped and low, causing about closer to 8' in size. Her large feline like face is adorned with large 6-7" Saber fangs. Along her neck and up the back of her head is a deep colored mane, which s quite a soft material though few have touched it. Her large digit-grade feet are ended in large hooves and feathered in thick fur like a Clydesdale's hoof, and her paws are tipped with long thick black claws. Basic History: Little is known of her actual species and cubhood. The last Draken brought in became a black pool of mush very shortly after being brought in. Calliope was roaming a set of woods prior to being captured, seeking out those in emotional distress and being burned out of forest after forest until finding herself somewhere in upper north western America where she was able to get far enough into the woods to not "sense" emotional distress. There she remained until captured by a hunting group of humans, than the nearby police force, and finally Mercile. (sorry if it's uh.. lacking? I can add more if need be..)
  6. Searching for 1x1's

    I'll do the bio so i can get into the habit of em
  7. Searching for 1x1's

    I'd prefer a thread, PMs annoy me with how they insist on filling the screen
  8. Searching for 1x1's

    Human form is cool, maybe as more powerful cryptids they can do that Probably juuts the 'bad guys" knowing they truly exist but humans speculate as we humans do experimenting wise, yeah of course, for study they'd call it
  9. Searching for 1x1's

    So I'm cool with magic, after all we got magical cryptids running about Pre-captured seems best for character development in a way, so they have down time to "get to know one another" And maybe its not trying to wipe them out exactly, but there's already so few of them and the group is trying to study them but is accidentally killing them in the process?
  10. Searching for 1x1's

    Well it just so happens my monster gal is a... gal So anything is cool wih me
  11. Searching for 1x1's

    I like both runs options as long as i get to play as some sort of monster
  12. Anybody down to RP, I gotta get real back into this business afterall

  13. Searching for 1x1's

    Alright @Alcarie I gotta be honest I really like alot of those topics, especially the monster one mostly cause I love playing big clumsy monsters but thats just me lol >-<
  14. Searching for 1x1's

    I'm gonna go check out the front page and I'll @ you when I've figured it out. I don't have any ideas right now cause I'm still trying to get over the shock of returning and seeing everyone essentially gone from when i was here lol
  15. Searching for 1x1's

    I'm trying to get back into this site, how about me @Alcarie