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  1. Computer is down. Trying to fix it.

    1. Creus


      Your new one?

  2. so life struck me hard this last week, holy cow!

    I have an autoimmune "disease" (I really don't like using that word, makes me sound contagious). all it really means is that my own worst enemy  is... me.. well my body anyway, it attacks itself for no reason, resulting in me getting arthritis at 20 and a crappy immune system. I've been sick for a week solid making me not want to do anything but cry in my bed and watch stupid cartoons all day, but I'm finally snapping out of it and them BAM I become aware that half of California has decided to light itself of fire, whoop-dee-doo. There are currently 22 wild fires in my state and most of them loom just a few hours away from were I live (traveling by car that is), and today one popped up in the mountain rage just outside of my city. The air is filled with smoke and I haven't seen the sun at all today. I'm scared the fires will spread and considering I'm penned in between them and the ocean... it's a bit concerning, BUT for now all is good. I'm back on my feet and i should be getting back to my normal posting scheduled, though do keep in mind I'm a college student (and an art major which means LOTS of big art projects) so I will be most active on Fridays and Saturdays when I don't have work or classes.

    Thanks for sticking around,


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    2. plot_twister


      thank you. things are looking up. just checked the news and the fires are down to 12 now, not 22, which is good.

    3. darkxros3x


      That’s awesome!!

    4. Aleah


      Having an autoimmune disorder sucks, I've had one for at least 17 years now (rheumatoid arthritis).  Make sure you see a good rheumatologist, there are treatments which can help.  They're not necessarily fun, but they do really help.  Good luck!

  3. Starting Over [Open]

    That's fine I'm not big on horror either. Listen I know I had an idea but right now I'm really sick. I'll write up my idea once I can actually think straight.
  4. Starting Over [Open]

    hmm... well I have an idea but first, what is your opinion on supernatural/fantasy stories?
  5. Starting Over [Open]

    that sounds interesting. would they be like straight up paid-to-kill assassins or more like special agents.. or something?
  6. Starting Over [Open]

    that's alright, college hit be hard too this semester (I'm taking a really hard art class so I've had next to no time to post this last week or so).... I forgot what my actual question was, but I am wondering is the college just a normal college or something more? (and if you already covered this sorry, just let me know and I'll make sure to reread everything). Also I hope your semester gets better, college can be a pain in the butt, but it can also be fun, you just got to wade through all the BS.
  7. Just finished two of my midterms, this weekend I should actually be around, but as a warning during the week my activity and posts will be rather fickle, it all depends on how tired or stressed I am (and how much homework I'm buried under).

  8. Well two weeks into school and everyone around me was already sick. I figured it was only a matter of time until I get sick too... and I did. It's hard to stay awake right now between the cold medicine and my headache so I'll be off and on for a bit until I get better, I'm just hopping this will blow over before classes start again on Monday.

  9. Starting Over [Open]

    alright, before I make a character would you mind if I asked a few questions about the plot? just to clarify a few points I'm confused on.
  10. Gamez

  11. DA:III character

    From the album Gamez

    I don't normally play video games (and if I do I don't usually share stuff about them), but I just have to say this. Recently I started playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and basically instantly I fell in love with it. I would buy the game for just the character creator alone! (but that could just be my love for pretty things taking over), but the story is also amazing, and the graphics... basically everything is awesome, even the small hiccups it has. ahem, so here you go, a ran post about a badly taken screenshot showing my creation, Ruuxa.. who may or may not end up getting his own bit of art in the future....ahemm.. I feel like an idiot now.
  12. Starting Over [Open]

    Are you still looking for someone to RP this with? I wouldn't mind taking a swing at it, but just to warn you I am actually in college and I work weekends so replies won't be too often (mostly at night).
  13. HOLY CRAP! I woke up at 6am thinking it was 6pm. I went about the house in a panic thinking I had wasted the entire day and that something was wrong until my mom shuffles out and informs me that its 'really freak'n early' and I realized that instead of 12 hours of sleep I've only had two... so yeah.. I'm going back to bed now, hopefully I don't actually sleep the entire day.

    1. Kageshiryu21


      something similar happened to me a few weeks ago, i went to sleep around 6 pm after not sleeping for about two days and when i woke up it was 9, and i thought i'd slept all night and morning and had missed my Bro leaving for work, but then i got up and found it had only been 3 hours XD 

    2. Creus


      Well that sounds pleasant lol

  14. Yuu Sasaki (details)

    yeah, I think I went a bit overboard, I finally figured out how to do lips right and I guess I got too excited to try out my new tricks... ah well there is no way I'm redoing this.
  15. Yuu Sasaki (details)

    @Creus in your opinion does Yuu look more like a girl or a guy here? He's a dude who actually does look rather feminine but I'm worried I made him look to much like a girl, especially with the lips.