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  1. Naofumi - The Disgraced Hero.

    yeah backgrounds are heard, I just tend to use shapes and colors to make my stuff seem like it has something behind it - D'aw thank you!
  2. Naofumi - The Disgraced Hero.

    My gosh, I'll never get over how gorgeous your style is, I mean look at that background! *Jealous but supportive artist applause*
  3. My OC's

    The artwork I do for my characters.
  4. Kai WIP/Concept

    From the album My OC's

  5. Naofumi & Raphtalia.

    This is so good!!
  6. The OTHER Kai (design sketch)

    From the album My OC's

    so... I have two characters by the same name and now I'm stuck with them... oops.
  7. NeKai Valor Wardell

    From the album My OC's

    full version on my DA page: https://www.deviantart.com/darkling100/art/Kailani-Valor-Wardell-782340094
  8. Ok so my computer has been broken for months now and I just moved. Sorry to everyone for vanishing yet again but give me time to fix my computer and get settled into my apartment then I'll be back, I swear!

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    2. Luckyduckylikeafiretrucky


      Yep! Missed ya a ton! Happy New Year and hope to see you soon!

    3. plot_twister


      @Creus and @The_Arcana thank you and happy New year! I finally have some days off so I should be able to get things up and running very soon.... Also I've really missed you guys too. 

    4. darkxros3x


      Very late to this post but Happy belated new year!! 

  9. Kai's markings glowing (gif)

    oops... welp that didn't work. it was meant to look like this: https://www.deviantart.com/darkling100/art/Kai-s-markings-GIF-test-758983046
  10. Kai's markings no glow

    From the album My OC's

  11. LOST (RP)

    (hmm maybe, I'll have to re-read all that we've done so far, but I'll have to do that tomorrow after work since I'm a bit too tired right now)
  12. LOST (RP)

    (hopefully. we could give it a few days or so to see, though Rapunzel hasn't been on since December )
  13. LOST (RP)

    (I know! If you want I'd be willing to do a 1x1 with you.. since everyone else seems to be gone)