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  1. Kai's markings glowing (gif)

    oops... welp that didn't work. it was meant to look like this: https://www.deviantart.com/darkling100/art/Kai-s-markings-GIF-test-758983046
  2. My OC's

    The artwork I do for my characters.
  3. Kai's markings no glow

    From the album My OC's

  4. LOST (RP)

    (hmm maybe, I'll have to re-read all that we've done so far, but I'll have to do that tomorrow after work since I'm a bit too tired right now)
  5. LOST (RP)

    (hopefully. we could give it a few days or so to see, though Rapunzel hasn't been on since December )
  6. LOST (RP)

    (I know! If you want I'd be willing to do a 1x1 with you.. since everyone else seems to be gone)
  7. LOST (RP)

    (to be honest I just recently got back on here, but yeah.. most RPers seem to have vanished)
  8. skull

    From the album Random art

  9. Random art

    Just my artwork, if you want to see more go to: http://darkling100.deviantart.com
  10. Ori

    From the album My OC's

  11. preview

    From the album My OC's

  12. anyone up for an RP?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. The_Arcana


      I wouldn't mind doing one as well. If you want to pm me. 

    3. Dashy


      @plot_twister I haven't role-played in quite a while and I'd like to start again, so I'm up for anything you have in mind; I'm pretty much into all genres. If you want, I could pm you or vise versa?


    4. plot_twister


      @Dashy @Mage_Anders ugh, sorry guys, I've been busy as all heck lately. I'll PM you both.


  13. Perspective

    From the album Random art

  14. midterm Spring 2018

    From the album Random art