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  1. Vampires? (nlys and I)

    Crispin downed his drink with the girls first one, Spade - the barkeep - filling up his glass again as well. Alcohol didn't effect him as quick as it did to the humans, he could drink twice or three much as times before it did anything to him, and usually he would only feel a little tipsy. He tapped his fresh glass against the girls. "It is a nice little town but I'm not here for the scenery. It's mostly the people you come here for." He flashed her a crooked smile before he downed another shot of the whiskey. He considered why she was here for a moment. "This town has all of the gossip anyone needs in a whole lifetime." He chuckled, running his hand through his hair. "No, I let them do the hitting on. The trick is to look all dark and brooding. You'd be surprised at the amount of beauties like yourself that works on."
  2. Hello Again [nlys & summer]

    Sarah caught her friend as she stumbled out of the door to the pub they'd just been in. They weren't suppose to be drinking and Sarah didn't have any herself but their superiors let them have the night off after a good week of hunting. "Max, you're going to be in so much trouble tomorrow," Sarah started and Max merely replied with a drunken shrug. "It is completely worth." The shorter girl slurred. Sarah laughed and called out to the two hunters a few steps ahead of them. "I little help here guys would be greatly appreciated." One of them threw his head back and laughed while the other turned around and started walking backwards, a wide grin on his face. "This," he pointed at Max. "It all your doing. We told you she couldn't hold her drink and you brought her along anyway. She stifled her groan and adjusted her grip, one of Max's around hanging loosely around Sarah's neck. "C'mon, your lucky it's not that far back to the house or I'd leave you in there." The two boys hurried off ahead, eager to collect the winnings on the bet they made with one of the other hunters. Sarah rolled her eyes and concentrated on getting Max home safe. They'd had a few successful hunts, yes, but that didn't mean there weren't still vampires around and especially at this time of night. There were other hunters on duty tonight to give their group the night off but Sarah always carried a weapon with her just in case. The other's always laughed at her but she'd prefer to be safe than sorry when it came to the bloodsuckers. Max mumbled a heap as Sarah half carried her home, trying not to let the younger girl stumble around everywhere as they walked down the street. "You owe me big time, Max."
  3. Vampires? (nlys and I)

    Crispin was about to snap at the newcomer for interrupting him, not that he was doing a whole lot, until he turned and took her in. He often had strangers new to town approaching him and asking about the best touristy locations and at first thought he figured she was the same. She took about head height with him sitting down but knew as soon as he stood up, he;d easily tower over her, standing at a total of 6 foot 1. He couldn't help but look her up and down, a predators gaze as he gave her a lazy grin. "Well well, this town just gained a pretty new face." He turned to the barkeep and nodded at him. The barkeep, an old friend also a vampire, knew exactly what Crispin was asking for. "You can never go wrong with a good glass of whiskey." He usually didn't have to approach those he drank from, they always came to him just like this new girl now and he almost felt bad for them - almost. "What brings you out this way, to the middle of basically nowhere, gorgeous?"
  4. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Scarlet watched the flow of the dancers as she reached the last step. She could tell who was who by the way they danced. The nobles and the rich all moved in time with the music and each other, and it was obvious they were showing off to the rest of Scarlet's guests. Of whom had their own style of dancing. She had mingled with them earlier in the night before most of the people arrived and wanted to make the most of having so many fresh, new faces around. She wasn't going to lie, she was looking for a particular handsome face she met that day in the tailor's shop. He could be anywhere, if he'd even arrived yet and she never asked for his name. She was glad she turned down the idea of a masquerade ball. She turned to Jessica and leaned in close so the maid could hear her words over the sound of the music. "Keep an eye out for that young man we meet in the town, I'm curious to know if he made it." Jess smiled and nodded. "Of course, anything for you, Scarlet." She headed out to mingle with the crowd, recognizing a good deal of faces from prominent, rich families and stopped to talk with a few of them. Jess trailed behind her, doing exactly what she said she would and it wasn't until a small time later the maid saw what she was looking for. She rushed from the princesses side, knowing Scarlet with the group of young nobles she was now talking with. Jess approached the young man from earlier in the day, and noticed he was sitting alone watching all the other dancers. She stopped a few steps from him, her hands clasped in front of her. "Hello, again." She started. "It's a little overwhelming isn't it?"
  5. Wolfe & Raven (Mage and I)

    She knew her father would have words with her after the meeting, and probably the two elders as well. They would berate her for her tone and choice of words. Lecturing her about diplomacy and her main focus should be on keeping the peace. She did agree to all of that. This marriage was going to happen, unless something terrible and unspeakable happened and caused an all out war between the werewolves and vampires. She was going to be spending the rest of her life with this vampire sitting across the room from her and it would only be a fraction of his lifetime. She doesn't want to hide behind a perfect little masquerade as her father would have. She straightened in her chair, Jasper's reply strangely satisfying. She gave him a small nod. "An alliance of this kind has never been successful in either of our histories and the only way I can see it working out is for us to take the first steps to building a bridge between our kinds." She turned to her father and gave him a look he knew all too well. "Charlie, I don't think that would be a good idea." He started and she smiled sweetly at him. "You are always telling me about the responsibilities of an alpha and I will take full responsibility for whatever consequences will come of this." Be they good or bad and she knew he was worried what would happen if her choice in the moment was to backfire. She waited, he was still alpha and had the final say whether she liked it or not. "Very well." Was all he said as he nodded. She turned back to Jasper a little smile turning the corners of her mouth upward. "There's something I'd like to show you, so you can have a better understanding of what you are walking into." She glanced over at Rosalie, thinking she'd better ask her permission before she took her son anywhere. "With your permission, of course."
  6. Vampires? (nlys and I)

    It was nearly midnight and Crispin finished his third little snack for the night. He very easily could have drained this one and been done with the feeding tonight but it was safer not to leave blood drain bodies lying around in the streets. It only brings trouble when t he wrong people start asking the right questions. He learned that the hard way a hundred years ago. He still had a long night ahead of him. It wasn't the quickest way to sate his thirst but it was the safest and as much as he hated it, he had a strong sense of self-preservation. He never returned to the same venue twice in a single night, especially when he was seen leaving with a young, pretty face that now lay unconscious behind a garbage dump. Crispin chose a late night pub one street over. It was his favourite place to find a snack and he often found the best ones there. The security guard at the door nodded to him as he passed the threshold and made a beeline for the bar. He rather enjoyed washing a snack down with a strong shot of alcohol. It hid the taste of his last snack from the next potential one. He straightened his black button up shirt as he waited for the bartender to order a drink and combed his fingers through his hair.
  7. Wolfe & Raven (Mage and I)

    Charlie listened to everything that was said and remained quiet. She hadn't been happy with this earlier and was no closer to being happier about it now and knew she could make an already delicate situation worse by speaking up. It was better she let her father do all the talking - for now. She turned her attention to the female standing behind Jasper's chair and studied her closely. She obviously wasn't any happier about this as Charlie was. Rosalie's words only confirmed her thoughts. "I understand Jasper is just as important to your clan as Charlie is to the pack, which makes this a tricky situation." Robert folded his hands in his lap and paused for a moment to consider Jasper's question. "We keep the pack structure as simple as possible to avoid unnecessary complications. Charlie will hold the most power within the pack and as the alphas mate, or husband, you will as more of an adviser." Charlie carefully watched the vampires expressions for any change as her father spoke, especially Jasper's. "With that being said, you will take on her status as an alpha to the rest of the wolves and will be able to pull some power over the pack, but Charlie will always have the final say." Charlie knew her father was ready to give them the full history lesson on the subject and she was afraid he would put them all to sleep. "Father, they don't need a history lesson." She turned in her chair from her father to look directly at Jasper. "What he is trying to say, is it doesn't matter what I think about this marriage or alliance or whatever you want to call it. The pack needs to accept you before they will respect you as my husband." The word felt foreign in her mouth and she tried her hardest not to choke on it. "They are the ones that hold the true power. If the pack isn't happy, they will make an alpha's job a living hell." She could feel the shock coming of the two elders seated beside her in waves and her father closed his eyes after she'd finished. Charlie just sat back in her chair and waited. She knew she had a duty to her pack to make this work but it didn't mean she had to make it easy.
  8. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Scarlet scanned the faces of those in the ball room from her place on one of the balconies above them. She had been down there among her guest before being summoned to the private balcony by Narcisse. "Your Highness," her adviser started. "I'd like you to meet Lord Sebastian de' Medici." Narcisse stepped to the side to reveal the foreign noble and Scarlet waited a moment longer to scan the crowd bellow her before turning to face the newcomer. Tall and handsome, the picture of a perfect young nobleman. Scarlet presented him with a courteous smile she perfected at a young age for precisely these moments. "A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Lord Sebastian." She dipped her chin and he bowed low. "The pleasure is mine, Princess Scarlet." He said as he straightened. She clasped her hands in front of her, shoulders set and head held high, the very picture of royalty. "Bold of you to request a private audience when there are so many attending who do not have enough power to risk the same." He chuckled low and took a step forward. "You shouldn't be concerning yourself with those people down there when you need to concentrate on strengthening you position on your fathers throne." Scarlet blinked. "Those people down there are my people. They are the ones that work the farms. They are the scientists, the doctors, the blacksmiths, the butchers, the bakers, the shop owners, the ones I am able to call upon in times of need. They are the most important people in this Kingdom and they all deserve equal opportunity, Lord Sebastian." She didn't wait for a reply. He held quite the status in his own Kingdom but that didn't impress her at all. "Now if you don't mind, I will not be rude to my guests anymore and the next time you want to talk, you will find me down there among my people." She nodded to Narcisse, the frown on his face clearly displaying his displeasure, before she left them both standing there. She met Jessica outside the private balcony and handed her the small tiara tucked neatly into her hair. She felt silly whenever she wore it and knew it wouldn't get any better when she had to take her fathers crown. "Let's go find some decent young men without the huge ego that comes with the privileged." Jessica flashed her a huge smile as they descended the steps that lead to the main ballroom floor. "I can get behind that, Your Highness."
  9. Wolfe & Raven (Mage and I)

    Charlie watched the vampires closely. She'd never been in the same from with one before, let alone a whole group of them and wanted to take this chance to study them. Their movements and reactions. Their kinds have been enemies since forever. Robert claimed the empty seat beside his daughter, giving her a pleading look as he did so, asking her to try be polite and give the alliance the chance is needs. She just blinked at him but silently vowed she would try to put her personal feelings aside and think of what is best for the pack. Robert cleared his throat as he turned his attention once again to Rosalie and Jasper. "Firstly, I would like to thank you both for agreeing to this meeting. I know not all of us are happy with the circumstances but I do believe we are all taking the right path to a better future for both our kind." He takes a pause and Charlie shifts in her seat a little as the realization if it all hits her. She knew there was no way out of this and she only hoped Jasper didn't live up to all her expectations she had of the vampires but she knew better than to hope. "With that said," her father continues. "I believe it is best we don't beat around the bush and get straight to the importance of why we are all here." Charlie resisted the urge to roll her eyes at her father. She couldn't believe how civilized he was being and in any other situation she would have spoken her mind. She thought it best to remain quiet for now. "The most important thing right now are the terms of this alliance and marriage. My daughter will one day take my place as alpha and in doing so will still need to lead her people and make the necessary decisions that come along with that. I hope this is something you both understand. She is not just another werewolf." He spoke directly to Rosalie, from one leader to another, but his words were also for Jasper, clearly warning him not to treat his daughter as an enemy but as his equal. Charlie was content for the moment to see how things would play out before she got herself involved in the conversation.
  10. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Jess and another member of Scarlet's personal maids helped her ready herself for the fast approaching ball. They'd made it back with a couple hours to spare and gave the both enough time to clean themselves, get dressed and do hair and makeup. Where Jess's dress was a royal blue, Scarlet's was a dark red with black and gold trimmings. Some of her hair was pinned, some braided and the rest hanging free in loose curls. All the while Scarlet couldn't shake the memory of that young farmer she'd met outside the tailor's shop. There was something about him that caught her attention and if she could try and pin that reason down, it is because he is free from the burden of political office like so many she spends her time with day in and day out in the palace. She spends all her days now with counsel members and advisers she barely remembers how life could be fun like it used too. Jess finished Scarlet's look with a small, diamond tiara nestled on the top of her head and took a step back. "Absolutely stunning. I will be amazed if you don't manage to find anyone suitable tonight, Princess." Scarlet smiled at her most trusted maid and close friend. "You look grand yourself, Jessica." After a few moments in front of the mirror, Scarlet left the royal wing and headed for the ball room. Most of her guest would have just started arriving. She took a breath to prepare for the crazy evening ahead. She will no doubt be very busy for most of the night and hoped she would have a chance to find that young man from earlier, if only to just learn his name.
  11. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Scarlet caught the way he looked when he spoke about his father but didn't say anything, it wasn't her business to pry into the lives on the people who lived here, even if she was now Ilyria's sole ruler. It was as much their kingdom as it was hers. "Oh no, you haven't." She gave him a warm smile. "It must be peaceful out there without all the bustle of the town and castle." She saw Jess hurrying toward her with a blue gown neatly folded in her arms. She turn back to the young man. "Please, don't let me keep you, you must have a lot to do before the ball." She dipped her head to him and smiled when he kissed her hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you, I hope you enjoy the ball and find everything you are searching for." Scarlet watched him for a long moment as he did what he needed too and left. Jess stopped beside her. "Who was that devilishly good looking fellow?" Scarlet merely blushed and shrug her shoulders. "Someone I hope to run into again tonight." Jess nodded and they left the store, making their way back to the palace to prepare for the evening. They were running out of time.
  12. Wolfe & Raven (Mage and I)

    As soon as her father opened the door, their scent rushed inside and assaulted Charlies senses, causing her to screw up her nose. She'd been taught to recognise their scent early in her life but having never met a living vampire until now, she didn't realise how powerful it was. She could hear every word being said and bared her teeth at her fathers politeness. "Welcome." She saw her father extend a hand to the vampires as if they were old friends and Charlie couldn't help but curl her hands into fists. She knew her father had killed vampires before and now he was offering his daughter to them as a peace gesture while they dealt with the growing human threat. "It's a pleasure to see you again." Charlie had no idea which one her father was talking too but one of the elders reached across and held her wrist, giving Charlie a stern look and she forced herself to relax. "Nice to meet you too, Jasper. I'm Robert. Please, come in and take a seat." He stepped back inside, gesturing for the vampires to follow. "This is my daughter and the next alpha of the pack, Charlie Wolfe." The two elders with them stood up as the vampires entered the room and Charlie was a few seconds begind them. First was two women that looked to be in their primes but Charlie guessed it was hard to tell with vampires, they had eternal life after all. She could only stare bankly at them with no smile on her face as a male vampire followed them in and she didn't have to guess who he was. She dipped her head at the all but remained silent. She wasn't going to pretend she liked having them in her house and he father shook his head at her.
  13. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Scarlet dipped her head a little. "Indeed I do, I picked it up a few days ago. I wanted to avoide this crazy rush," she swept her hand in front of her as she spoke. She tilted her head to look up at him, he was about a head taller than her. "Your father must be a smart man, he knows what he's talking about." She took a quick glance at the line that was slowly going down, Jess would have a dress soon and they would have to leave so they could make it back to the palace to get ready in time. "Well thats good to hear." She smiled broadly at his next words, her hand reaching up to touch one of the red locks. "Your kind words are flattering, thank you, sir. But I doubt anyone could look as besutiful as the Princess." Scarlet looked back to the handsome young man. "You could say that, I live and work in the palace with my friend, Jess." She points her out in the line. "I rarely have the chance to come down to the town. We were lucky to have a chance to leave at all now, with the palace being so busy preparing for the ball." She clasped her hands in front of her as she spoke. It wasn't a lie, she did work and live in the palace, just not as a servant or maid. "What about youself? Do you live in town?"
  14. Wolfe & Raven (Mage and I)

    Her father and a few of the elders had joined her inside, positioning themselves on one side of the room and leaving the other half empty for thier guests. Charlie couldn't stay still and sit next too her father while they waited, instead she found herself pacing from one side of the room to another. "Charlie, would you please sit down, you're he going to put a hole in the floor." Charlie ignored the elder who spoke. She would have been more calm had she had a few days to prepare for a meeting after hearing the news but it comes as no surprise her father would spring something like this on her so out of the blue. He was always testing her with things and she'd have a hard time believing if this wasn't another one of those little tests. She stopped in the middle of the room when she heard the footsteps and there was more than just two. Of course they would bring others for protection, it only made sense. She glanced at her father when there was a knock at the door. "Will you sit down now, Charlie? Please." She followed the request this time as her father stood up to answer it and for the first time in their lives, vampires walked into their home.
  15. The Prince Consort (nlys and I)

    Scarlet had a quick look around at the dresses as they waited for Jess to be called to collect her gown. They were simple and well made but beautiful nonetheless. She knew she made the right decision when she chose to have an open ball. Not only was she inviting her townspeople to the palace, they were given an opportunity to dress up and meet those they perhaps never would have otherwise. It was provided good business for some. She turned to the young lad who held open the door for them, finding her voice finally. "Certainly, we are picking up my friends gown for it." She glanced at Jess as she spoke before turning back to the beautiful young man. "And yourself, will you be attending?" Scarlet couldn't help but smile when he winked and Jess covered her mouth and turn away, her cheeks red. "Well, the Kingdom is a lucky one then, to have a princess with hair red like mine."