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  1. Starting Over [Open]

    I actually love supernatural and fantasy stories The only genre I absolutely cannot do would be horror. I get scared too easily :'(
  2. Starting Over [Open]

    Well, I never really thought of it. I guess I just assumed they're straight up paid to kill. The plot is in the spoiler above if you'd like to see it. If you'd like to do that plot then it doesn't have to be the same and you're free to give suggestions and whatnot
  3. The Search for 1x1 RPs

    @Creus I'm quite interested! You have an interesting and well thought out character Did any of the plots above interest you for your character, or you have a plot of your own you would like do? Or would you rather create one together?
  4. Starting Over [Open]

    That's true, I hope your sem goes well! Anyway, I realize I actually did not tackle that so honestly, it could be either. Would you prefer a normal college or more than that? Actually the idea came from one of my old RPs about a school of assassins where they let in ordinary people and the assassins have to hide their identity and whatnot.
  5. Hello Again [nlys & summer]

    There was a strong smell of alcohol as Theodore passed by one of the many pubs in the city. He remembered the time when he tried to drown himself in alcohol because for a moment, he thought it would help him forget everything he did. But, well, it barely had any effect on him. Most of it just tasted terrible but he did gain a fondness for whiskey. For a moment, he was tempted to go in and get a drink but judging by how loud the inside is from the outside, he thought that perhaps it would be better to drink on another night. He absolutely did not like drunk and rowdy people. He found that they just caused him trouble. Besides, it was much more pleasant to drink in peace and quiet. It wasn't rare to pass by drunken people and he passed by two young - well, they looked to be the same age as him but he found everyone young considering his true age - ladies. The smell of alcohol was quite evident on them, especially the smaller one of the two. Although that wasn't the only scent that was evident on them. It was something that he was more than familiar with, it was the smell of blood. 'Hunters then.' He thought as he calmly walked passed them, giving a slight look of judgement because honestly, young people nowadays can't seem to hold their liquor yet they still seem determined to drink. Well, beyond his personal judgement, it was a common thing to do considering that ignoring their existence may seem a bit odd. After all, who doesn't notice drunk people? 'Besides, it is careless of them. Well, why do I even care?' He thought as he shook his head. Perhaps it was because one of them was how he imagined a child he met once before would look like. With his mind distracted, he accidentally bumped - so much for the quick reflexes of a vampire - into someone. Well, a vampire. "Ah, my bad." He apologized but then again, it seemed the vampire was just as distracted as he was. The other's eyes were trained on the two girls he saw earlier. His fellow vampire was much taller and looked like a man in his late twenties. But despite being older in appearance, Theodore can tell that the other was a lot younger than he is. Perhaps a newly turned - and therefore reckless - vampire. The other's eyes were the crimson red which meant that he was hungry. 'Probably doesn't know that those are hunters.' Theodore didn't like to meddle with these things so he continued on his way while the other did the same. But there was this annoying and nagging feeling of guilt. He knew that the hunters would be able to take care of themselves, after all, they were trained. 'But one is intoxicated and therefore a liability.' Perhaps it was his guilty conscience of the past but he entered a nearby alleyway to observe - and definitely not meddle, as he would continuously tell himself - what would happen.
  6. 'Heart torn? Now that sounds more than just a tad overdramatic.' The other male's tone was a bit sharp when he talked about a deer, although Nathaniel paid no mind to it. Instead, he found it amusing and couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of talking to a deer for the rest of his days. "Well, I think it would be quite one sided if you only talk to a deer." It was refreshing how honest and easy it is to talk to the other. Not a lot of people have held an actual conversation with him because of his status. And, well, at least he didn't have to watch what he would say because of how it might affect his family's status. Then again, the boy seemed like a noble or a knight in training? A commoner would have no use for a sparring gear. 'Well, no matter. As long as he does not know who I am and I do not know him.' It was rare for him not to know anyone, he did his best to befriend every single one of his people, especially those who are not of noble birth. His mother always told him that the nobles would be fine on their own, it is those of a common birth that needs more support. "You can keep it." Nathaniel told the young man, referring to the handkerchief. Honestly, he had plenty back in the castle and rarely uses them so losing one wouldn't be much. Besides, he thought that the other might need it more than he would. He isn't exactly the type to cry, his father would be disappointed - then again, what's new? - if he were to do so. He went closer to the lake, and the young man, before picking up small stones from nearby. He started to throw them into the lake, watching them bounce off the water's surface before finally falling in. "Me?" He thought about the question as he continued to absentmindedly skip stones. "Well, I find my life to be...suffocating so I come here when it becomes a bit too much." He answered before asking, "And you? What happened that you would rather live out the rest of your days in a forest? I'm sure you have a family that would miss you."
  7. Starting Over [Open]

    Sure, go ahead! I just thought of it from the top of my head so it wasn't really well fleshed out. Sorry for the delay, college has been busy and I've made a couple of terrible decisions :/
  8. Starting Over [Open]

    Yes I am still looking for someone to RP this with! Feel free to make a character I understand and that's totally fine. I'm also a college student and school life is pretty busy. I'm not that quick at replying and often delay for a day or more, depends how busy I get D:
  9. Nathaniel's plan was to take a short nap before heading back to the castle. It's not because he thought his father would be worried - he could care less what the older male thought - but because his mother might be worried about him. She was probably the only person in the kingdom that treats him like an ordinary person. Not a prince, not a successor, just him as Nathaniel. However, just as he was about to close his eyes, he heard footsteps. In an instant, he was awake and alert. His chestnut colored eyes scanned the area and waited for someone to appear. The footsteps were light so he assumed it wasn't a large person and it seemed to only be one. But, well, it never hurts to be safe. He didn't want to be chastised for coming home with wounds. Not that he thought he would. After all, he had plenty of faith in his skills as a fighter. It didn't take long before someone appeared and much to the prince's surprise, it was a young man that looked to be around his age. Although he'd rather die before someone saw him bawl his eyes out like the newcomer. 'Then again, I don't think he knows I'm here so I'll give him that.' Now he was faced with a choice. To let his presence be known or wait for the other to finish his drama and leave. Then again, the latter would be quite awkward if the other saw him just before leaving. Besides, he didn't like it when people cried so he wasn't about to just sit there and do nothing. "Sounds a tad over dramatic, don't you think?" He said with a slightly amused tone and one of his usual - charming, as he'd like to say - smiles as he went down the tree he was hiding in. "I mean, the forest's a beautiful place but it seems pretty lonely." He brought out a white handkerchief with his initials sewn on the side. "Sorry for intruding, but in my defense, I was here first. Anyway I couldn't help but notice you crying, so, here." He offered, as he approached the other.
  10. A young man walked through the town's bustling streets. It was a loud and crowded places where vendors were shouting about their wares and townspeople were talking with one another. The sky was sunny with a few clouds slowly moving to block the bright ball of light. Today was just another ordinary day. People who saw the young man waved and greeted him while some stopped to make conversation with him. Everyone knew who he was. Despite his appearance with his messy hair and simple black shirt and pants, he was actually the kingdom's only prince, Nathaniel Bertrand. He was generally well liked by people but it couldn't be helped that he would pass by some people gossiping and bad mouthing him. Some call him a slacker, saying he doesn't deserve the crown while others compared him to his father. Well, it was mostly the aristocrats that say such a thing. As usual, he pays them no mind. Why should he? It's not like they could actually do anything about him becoming king. With that in mind, he continued on his merry way. He ended up in the woods, the farthest place from the castle and practically the edge of the kingdom. It took about an hour of walking but he made it. He guessed his father would be livid knowing that he snuck out of the castle again without any of his guards but, well, he's well trained and always had his sword with him. 'Although for a mostly absent father, he cares a lot about what I do. Probably doesn't want me to ruin his image.' He thought as he continued walking and eventually, he settled with climbing a tree - in case someone comes looking for him, 'Not a lot of people ever look up' - and just resting there. It was near a lake where he liked to watch the water glisten. It was a beautiful sight.
  11. Name: "Just call me Nate. Only my parents ever call me by my full first name." Age: "Well, I'm celebrating my birthday in a few days. I heard that's also where I'll meet my soon to be spouse." [21 years old but soon to be 22] Gender: "Haha, funny. I'm male, obviously." Personality: At first, it would seem as if nothing's changed in terms of his personality. Nathaniel is still the same cheerful, playful and optimistic young man. However, underneath his smiles is a lonely person who keeps a distance from others despite appearing to be overly friendly. He's more matured and decisive compared to the past as well as less trusting of other people. "Everyone has their own agenda. Trusting others can only lead to one's downfall." He's become deceptive and deceitful, "I'm not so naive and gullible like I was in the past." The people approve of him, viewing him as charming, kind and friendly yet responsible and mature unlike his younger and more carefree self. He doesn't like to appear flawed and prefers to do things alone as well as hide how he feels and pretending nothing bothers him, "I am going to be king. I cannot let others see me be weak. How can they depend on me if they see how flawed I am?" Biography: Being the only son of King Michael Bertrand, Nathaniel was always pressured to do excel and do well. His relationship with his father is strained due to his uncaring attitude towards the crown and politics. "Well, I have my reasons." One is due to the fact that he does not have any competition towards the crown. Second is because he does not like how his father rules and often has clashing opinions. For him, decisions should benefit the whole kingdom but his father always focused on pleasing the aristocrats. He studied what he needed to but never had much enthusiasm in it. He learned to use all kinds of weaponry, both close and long ranged weapons. Everything that his father thought a king should have. "As you can see, I didn't really have much of a childhood." His passive attitude changed when his mother, Queen Cecilia Bertrand, passed away. It was a painful event considering his mother was often his only ally and the one who taught him the values and to see things from the perspective of the people. "She was the one who told me to always strive to be a good king so I can serve the people." It didn't take long before his father remarried a woman named Mary Willis, one of the most influential and wealthy aristocrats. She has a son who was only a year younger than him and after a staged event where he almost lost his right to the crown, Nathaniel begun to take things seriously. Appearance: "This was me when I was 17. It was so long ago." "And me now at 21 years old." Much to Nathaniel's despair, he did not grow as much as he would have wanted to. In the past four years, he only grew 4 inches and currently stands at the height of 5'11". He has a lean body due to constant exercise, training and a healthy diet - save for a few cheat days when it comes to sweets. His eyes are a chestnut color while his hair is a darker shade of brown and almost seemingly black.
  12. Hello Again [nlys & summer]

    A young man placed his slightly pale hands inside the pockets of his jeans. It's not that he was cold - he was rarely ever - but it was mostly just an old habit of his. It was quite a dark night with the moon's light being covered by the slow moving clouds. 'Huh, maybe it'll rain.' He thought as he momentarily looked up at the sky before back to the empty path he was walking on. He loved taking walks at night although not many do. He couldn't blame them. After all, there have been plenty of cases about people being killed by some killer with a signature of placing bite marks on the victim's body. Some say it's the work of a vampire but most just laugh at the thought. Vampires were just myths. But he knew better. After all, he was one of them despite his average appearance. He didn't glow like in certain vampire movies, 'I swear that was the worst.' He thought as he internally cringed at the memory. His eyes weren't crimson but a common dark brown color. nor was his skin a deathly pale. It just seems like he doesn't go out too much. But just because he was a vampire doesn't mean he was safe. It's not rare for vampires to kill one another but there was also the thought of hunters. He has kept a low profile for decades but it's good to always be prepared. He has a small dagger hidden inside his left boot. 'Better safe than sorry.' Although if he could, he would prefer not to have to kill anymore hunters. He's already killed too many people in the past. The thought of adding to that number was sickening. 'I'd rather not remember.' With that thought in mind, he ran a hand through his messy black hair and continued with his walk.
  13. Hello Again [nlys & summer]

    Theodore Ezra Clements Name: "You could just call me Theo, or you know, Mr. right for you" Age: "It's rude to ask someone's age you know!" [258 years old] Gender: "I know I'm a pretty boy but I don't think I'm pretty enough to be mistaken for a girl." Skills/Abilities: "Well, I guess there's the usual vampire speed and strength." However, he isn't as strong as other vampires but he is faster than most. He also has the ability to compel others when he looks them in the eyes, "Although I'd like to think it's just my charming personality." Despite his vampiric abilities, he does not completely rely on them. Throughout the years, he's learned hand to hand combat although in terms of weaponry, he prefers weapons that are quick and quiet to use, like daggers. Personality: Many hunters paint him as a cruel and ruthless vampire because of his past. However, he's the complete opposite. He's cheery and seemingly confident but underneath his easy going smile and flirtatious attitude, Theodore is actually a pessimistic and lonely person. He has trouble dealing with his guilt and believes that, "Happiness isn't meant for a killer and living is, well, my way of repentance, I guess." . He prefers to be alone and do things alone rather than work as a team. He's a kind person, always willing to lend a helping hand even if he tries to act uncaring and distant towards things. He cares more for others than himself and would rather avoid attention. "Attention draws conflict and conflict is the last thing I want." Biography: Theodore's life as a human is something that he remembers but rarely spends time to think about. "It was...an ordinary life. There isn't much to say about it." His family was below the middle class and he was a sickly child. At the age of nineteen, he had about enough of being a burden and left for the woods to face death. "I had two older siblings and three younger ones. They were always loving but being sickly, it was a burden to them and I didn't want to bring about any hardships." Instead of death, he found a group of vampires who turned him and took him in like family. He was taught the ropes on how to use his newfound vampiric abilities, how to avoid and defend against hunters and most importantly, how to live in harmony with humans. His happy life lasted for almost forty years before a group of three hunters massacred his newfound family. Filled with rage, he spent the next century and a half killing off the families of the hunters but never the hunters themselves. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a family for a family." When the hunters would come after him, he would let them live at the end of the fight, never killing them. He killed hunters that went after him, those who weren't involved in killing his family. Even if the three hunters found new families or partners, he would do the same to them. Well, he let them live in happiness for a year before he took their loved ones away. He continued that way of living until the three hunters themselves passed away. For the past fifty years, he spent it hiding away from hunters and if anyone came for him then he would avoid them rather than kill like in the past. Some even believe that he had already died, most probably killed off by one of the other hunters. Appearance: Theodore appears to be in his early twenties, if not younger, despite being centuries old. He has a lean body and stands at a height of 5'10" with slightly pale skin. His black hair is often a mess, looking like he just woke up. "I think the bedhead hair looks great on me." His eyes are a dark brown color, most mistaking it for black. However, his eyes turn crimson when he feels extreme emotion such as anger or when he needs blood.
  14. Miserably Loving You A roleplay of Snow & Mage_Anders Pairing Prince x Prince Plot It would seem that two families promised to wed their first born. So what happens when the two first born are both males? What more when they've had a secret relationship that ended with broken hearts. Will this serve as a second chance? Or will it merely bring heartbreak once more? Character Sheets Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Biography: Appearance: Others: