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  1. I have a few Eggs retrieved today that I'd want hatched, anyone wanna trade GaHs? 
    Here are my eggs (in priority order) :




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    2. paws4ever


      Hatched a zanaga.can you do an egg at the top in my hatchery room?


    3. Nanane


      @paws4ever sure, thank you and sorry for delay!

    4. paws4ever


      :)no problem 


  2. Saving up to open that new game, and I'm looking for and selling these pets right now (I'll buy or trade, feel free to PM for discussion about price ~)

    Fluffdragon seeking:


    yjtf7f37tj24vs1.png Alt 1, F & M. 

    w8d4ljn7kaxobf2.pngAlt 2, M

    r2u6a72zjbbmr23.pngAlt 3, M
    4tq7zjthep6o1d4.pngAlt 4, M
    1llf826z015z0q5.pngAlt 5, F
    9yixgwh2d80c3p6.png Alt 6, M

    Fluffdragon Selling:


    r2u6a72zjbbmr23.png Alt 3, F (x2)
    4tq7zjthep6o1d4.png Alt 4, F

    Clouded leopard seeking:


    5.png Alt 5, any gender
    1.png Alt 1, F

    Clouded leopard selling:


    1.png Alt 1, M
    6.png Alt 6, M

    Puptauros Selling:


    6gl3pxenqtgqcw1.png Alt 1, F (x2)
    104far7lu9djps4.png Alt 4, F (x3)
    5byghfqcw8evl85.png Alt 5, M


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    2. Sergeant_Stucky


      @Nanane Yup. That sounds fair. :) I'll take the alt 1 Clouded Leopard for the Fluffdragon

    3. Nanane


      @Sergeant_Stucky Great! I'll start the trade :) sorry for delay ~

    4. Sergeant_Stucky


      that's okay. pet added, and trade accepted :)

  3. 3 more litters lost because of bug..... woho...

    1. paws4ever


      so its not just me I lost firmouses and now am paranoid the 3 litters I have in my rooms now will do the same

    2. Nanane


      yep :( I've lost 2 litters of clouded leopard, 1 nebula cat, 1 crested gecko, 1 ferret and one speckled flitty...

    3. Nanane


      I forgot the Zvanaga one to...

  4. years later im still waiting for a ferret base
  5. Lol, so I got my CYOs approved... but now the problem is... how should i solve this? xD 
    They are ferrets and the ferret base aint available..... :( 

    1. Kaylercool


      I'm actually surprised that base isn't available. 

      I'd ask Emma about it when you can.

  6. I would love one unless its too much trouble for you >3<
  7. oh my this is so sweet <3 Too bad my bday passed a month ago xD
  8. Hey guys, I'm sorry for totally forgetting about the eggaway, I'm kinda tired.. anyways, I'm planning to create a new story-based, breeding-related game soon That I hope you will enjoy as well :)
    It wont be as often as the eggaway (will probably start around 3 times per week), I won't say much more.. but I can give you one hint: I wont open that breeding shop anyways ;) 

  9. Is there anyone who have any of these for sale or trade:
    1. hatched serpentine slitherhoof male - any alt
    2. a zvanaga of this alt, any gender:
    3. Southern flying squirrel female, of this alts:


    I can give:
    Zc, These ferrets:



    These CYOs:


    chimera3alt3.pngChimera, Max stage, alt 2/3, female
    rambo.png Mix puppy, alt 2/6, female

    sneekpeekcopy.png Everything wolf carousel, male 

    Always interested in ferrets as well lol

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    2. Nanane


      @Kaylercool great! :D 

      I'll start the trade 


      @Kageshiryu21 Replied to ur PM :) 

    3. Kaylercool


      @Nanane Added and accepted! ^.^ Thanks!

    4. Nanane
  10. uhhhm is there anyone who knows about the CYO like, I forgot to check the bases first lol
    So i submitted 2 CYOs which of one is a ferret... the ferret base is not available in the psd forum, do you think I can use the existent ferrets and just take out the bases from them? or do I have to use existent ones...? Because then I'm fucked

    1. Cyanocitta


      I'm fairly certain you have to use the bases from the .psd boards... If you have a brush that enables you to make lineart changes, you could edit one of the existing bases though! (There are certain limits to the amount of lineart you can change though afaik; I think the original base has to be recognizable)

    2. Kageshiryu21


      with the to most expensive brushes, you can do more than 50% changes which would mean that you could completely change it to a ferret if you wanted. but those are expensive. 

    3. Nanane


      @Cyanocitta ah well, yes i am aware, I already have 5 cyos since earlier

  11. "Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now" 

    1. SwiftTalon


      "wish right now, wish right now-w-w"

    2. Kageshiryu21


      "Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now-w-w." 

    3. Jadespets


      i love that song!

  12. I'm sorry for being off lately, Please tell me if I missed any post from you... I had 40+ notifications and I just don't feel well enough to play much or go through them all, I apologize sincerely for that

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    2. Nanane


      Gfted her a hatch on it and it was an alt I didnt have yet XD

      image.png.66b6681d8810220a40c504a6ba5159f1.png Im not jealous no! xD

    3. Kageshiryu21


      lol wow, i'm jelly, And if the other is still in the AR i'll look for it again. 

    4. Nanane


      Yes it is, thank you very very much :) 

  13. Why can't people just leave me alone? *sigh*
    So what if you think I'm ugly and fat?
    I don't tell you my thoughts on you unless we are close and I think ur absolutely gorgeous.....
    So please don't tell me, I have enough of my own head, i dont need you to tell me that I'm worthless :( 

    1. Kageshiryu21


      ignore any comments about your physical appearance. You have been nothing but major cool on here which means you are an awesome person on the inside. which is where it really counts. no matter how cheesy that sounds. You are galaxies away from being worthless. :) don't let jerks get you down when you don't deserve it. 

    2. SwiftTalon


      "Kill them with Kindness."

    3. Nanane


      @Kageshiryu21 aww thank u <3 but well it's hard to ignore when you live with the person telling you so every day