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  1. I am sorry for being away for so long, but I am back now!

    1. Dashy


      Welcome back! :D 

  2. Jades pet borrow!

    @Jadespets aww okay, thank you anyways!
  3. Jades pet borrow!

    @Jadespets do you have any ferreets? <3
  4. Happy Birthday to Luna, Ladybug, and Octavia.

    Also kay, the strays birthday is perhaps next to impossible to find out but if you still have a cat from someone else, you can check their chip number! or well, if they have one? I don't know how it works where you live but here in Sweden atleast its illegal to own a dog or cat without chip-id. So either you could check it at the vet and then the register for your country, or if you have papers on them then the number will be printed there.
  5. Happy Birthday to Luna, Ladybug, and Octavia.

    aww this is adorable! <3 Wishing them a late happy birthday <3
  6. Make sure to check out the thread:

    Home to all the ferrets

  7. I've been working on my CYOs the last few days and holy ajfdfkjwdfkjwkhdjb 
    I've been trying different bases, combining bases, editing bases, had 5000 ideas, run out of ok ideas and everything in between. This is an emotional roller coaster 

  8. Grrrr!
    I've bred my Oasis dragons with the labyrinth dragons several times now and the only hybrid I get again and again is the paradise dragon :huh::laughhand:
    By the way of paradise dragon, I got 3 of the same alt ^^ so one of them (fully leveled ofc!) are up in the auction house :) Check her out:

    SB: 500
    R: 700
    24 Hours

    Paradise dragon stats are currently:
    Along with her current stats:

  9. currently trying to solve my ferret CYO problem again XD

  10. I have a few Eggs retrieved today that I'd want hatched, anyone wanna trade GaHs? 
    Here are my eggs (in priority order) :




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    2. paws4ever


      Hatched a zanaga.can you do an egg at the top in my hatchery room?


    3. Nanane


      @paws4ever sure, thank you and sorry for delay!

    4. paws4ever


      :)no problem 


  11. Saving up to open that new game, and I'm looking for and selling these pets right now (I'll buy or trade, feel free to PM for discussion about price ~)

    Fluffdragon seeking:


    yjtf7f37tj24vs1.png Alt 1, F & M. 

    w8d4ljn7kaxobf2.pngAlt 2, M

    r2u6a72zjbbmr23.pngAlt 3, M
    4tq7zjthep6o1d4.pngAlt 4, M
    1llf826z015z0q5.pngAlt 5, F
    9yixgwh2d80c3p6.png Alt 6, M

    Fluffdragon Selling:


    r2u6a72zjbbmr23.png Alt 3, F (x2)
    4tq7zjthep6o1d4.png Alt 4, F

    Clouded leopard seeking:


    5.png Alt 5, any gender
    1.png Alt 1, F

    Clouded leopard selling:


    1.png Alt 1, M
    6.png Alt 6, M

    Puptauros Selling:


    6gl3pxenqtgqcw1.png Alt 1, F (x2)
    104far7lu9djps4.png Alt 4, F (x3)
    5byghfqcw8evl85.png Alt 5, M


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    2. Jack Sparrow

      Jack Sparrow

      @Nanane Yup. That sounds fair. :) I'll take the alt 1 Clouded Leopard for the Fluffdragon

    3. Nanane


      @Sergeant_Stucky Great! I'll start the trade :) sorry for delay ~

    4. Jack Sparrow

      Jack Sparrow

      that's okay. pet added, and trade accepted :)

  12. 3 more litters lost because of bug..... woho...

    1. paws4ever


      so its not just me I lost firmouses and now am paranoid the 3 litters I have in my rooms now will do the same

    2. Nanane


      yep :( I've lost 2 litters of clouded leopard, 1 nebula cat, 1 crested gecko, 1 ferret and one speckled flitty...

    3. Nanane


      I forgot the Zvanaga one to...

  13. years later im still waiting for a ferret base
  14. Lol, so I got my CYOs approved... but now the problem is... how should i solve this? xD 
    They are ferrets and the ferret base aint available..... :( 

    1. Kaylercool


      I'm actually surprised that base isn't available. 

      I'd ask Emma about it when you can.