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  1. Christmas Advent Calendar

  2. Halloween Event Disscussion

    I have only gotten 2 cats I seem to be behind on getting the pets I like them and it's a fun event! I'm working on getting them all. When I checked I thought all but the fel( the one for 500) all had 6 alts?I'll have to recheck.
  3. Pet links to click to hatch

    Teeny Tigers Tennessee Walk Horse The Mad White Chesti Tibetan Fox Tibetan Mastiff Dog Trainer Dolphin of A Treasure Sphinx Tropical Dolphin Tropical Dragon Tropical Seal Tye Dye Undead Kit Unicorn of Life Veiled Chameleon Virginia Big Eared B Virginia Opossum Wadjet Dog Walrus Water Dragon Western Hognose Snak Winged Civet Winged Scotties Winter Cub Wishing Bird of Para Witchwing Wolf in Sheepskin Ze Knight n Princess Zvanaga
  4. Pet links to click to hatch

    Panther Chameleon Papillon Dog Paws Of Paradise Persian Cat Pharaoh Lion Pile Perch Pirate Kitten Poison Dart Frog Polar Bear Pretty Color Kitty Pride Puppy Puptauros Pygmy Rabbit Ragdoll Cat Red Squirrel Rockstar Rottweiler Dog Royal Pony Russian Dwarf Hamste Samoyed Dog Samurai Monkey Scaredy Cat Scottish Fold Cat Serpent Spirit Serpentine Slitherho Shadow Panther Shetland Pony Shih Tzu Dog Skincrawler Sky Dragon Snow Leopard Southern Flying Squi Speckled Flitty Spellbound Penguin Sphynx Cat Spirit Mustang Spirit of May Standard Poodle Dog Starry Heaven Steambear Steampup Stitch Bear Sugar Fluff Sugar Glider Superhero Dragon
  5. Pet links to click to hatch

    Fairy Pompom Fall Fox Fantail Stingray Fantamasque Fashion Llama Fashionista Cat Felid Wayfarer Felidae Aries Felidae Neona Felidroid Felis Aries Fire Lion Five Lined Skink Floravine Fluffdragon Fluton Gryphon Fluttering Llama Forlorn Fortissimo Dragon French Bulldog Furfur Galaxy Bear Galaxy Pony Garden Keeper German Shepherd Dog Giant Pacific Octopu Gouldian Finch Great Japanese Dog Green Winged Macaw Grizzly Bear Guardian Rabbit Guinea Pig Hanami Bat Hellhound Holstein Cow Humpback Whale Independence Eagle Inklet Jamaican Iguana Jelly Goo Kitsune JennyLaine Kaiyoo Panther Kirin Dragon Labyrinth Dragon Leafling Leopard Gecko Lightning Kitsune Lilly Rabbit Little Merfox Llama Loch Ness Monster Lotus Cat Luna Lion Fish Luna Moth Lunta Angel Maine Coon Cat Matey Mutt Meerkat Mongolian Gerbil Mood Dragon Moonlight Pony Mountain Cottontail Mountain Lion Munchkin Cat Musketeer Penguin Mystic Panther Nebula Cat Nebula Horse North American Otter Norwegian Forest Cat Norwegian Sphynx Cat Nubian Goat Oasis Dragon Origami Cat
  6. Pet links to click to hatch

    Cane Corso Dog Celestial Kitsune Celestial Zodiac Chelonian Dragon Cliff Skipper Dragon Cloaked Forest Cat Clouded Leopard Clown Fish Clydesdale Horse Coatimundi Common Apple Snail Common Cuttlefish Common Dormouse Common Hamster Computer Dragon Cornish Rex Cat Crested Gecko Crystal Hare Cuddle Kitten Cyber Whinny Dark Flying Fox Digurd Monarch Dinam Doberman Pinscher Do Doubloon Pirateer Dreamspinner Easter Cabbit Eastern Bearded Drag Eastern Chipmunk Eastern Pygmy Possum Egyptian Fruit Bat Emerald Tree Boa English Bulldog Equus Magicus Ethereal Dragon Exotic Shorthair Cat Ezekiel
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    PETS B Bakeyokai Bald Eagle Barbed Darted Dragon Barn Owl Beagle Dog Bengal Tiger Birman Cat Black Footed Ferret Black Mamba Blood Cat Blue and Yellow Maca Blue Ringed Octopus Blue Sand Cat Bobcat British Longhair Cat Bull Shark
  8. GaH the Person Above You

    @Rufus T. Barleysheath hatched this one please i swear i linked an egg...;-/ when i posted it.. weird
  9. GaH the Person Above You

    @Storybook hatched This one please.
  10. GaH the Person Above You

    @Hazel Grey hatched This one please
  11. GaH the Person Above You

    @Lone Wolf hatched One of these please
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    PETS A THROUGH. .. Akita Dog Alpaca American Badger American Shorthair C Ancient Triceratops Anglerfish Anisoptera Dragon Aqua Lilium Lutra Archer Pony