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  1. !!!❤︎ADOPTABLE Ideas

    Hello! I want to start doing adoptable's, but I need some ideas to practice on! You should probably post here because I don't know how PM works. Maybe you know a random generator I can use or maybe a site that gives you random Ideas but anything would be very very helpful right now!!! So again, Just leave me random Ideas (since Im not a official artist I can't officially make them) But I will post pictures of them here!(I don't know how to do art online) so I will just post the picture from my phone. Again Thank you for anyone who helps!!!❀❤︎❀❤︎❀
  2. Lucky's Custom and CYO Shop ~ New CYO!

    Hello I would really like a costume that I could pay with ZC. But I dont quite understand witch ones are for sale for ZC so maybe you could Get back to me? Thank you!!
  3. Free Cyo Designing For Newbies!

    Hi! I made this account like a month ago but havent been to active so i guess that counts as 3 weeks but anyways I would like a costume but dont know where any bases are. SO maybe get me a link (if thats ok) then maybe we can work something out!