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  1. Looking For Hatched Dragons!

    I'm looking for hatched dragons. They can be any species,level,rarity,gender,or alt.(Might be picky if the dragon is breedable) Willing to buy as long as that dragon is for trade! ^^
  2. I've found plenty General Helper litter pets,but I'll post some here because of how interesting they are! This is all my opinion out of pets I have,feel free to post your interesting Pound Pets!
  3. Flight Rising

    I started playing it like two days ago! >w< It's fun so far,getting the hang of it still!
  4. Sebeta~ Neopets for adults

    I play a game called Subeta,is that what you meant in the title,"Subeta"? You spelled it "Sebeta"
  5. My two other experiments to see what alts I get ->

    I feel so bad now for some reason XD

    Speckled Flitty Experiment.PNG

    Zvnaga Experiment.PNG

    1. Kaylercool


      I bet they'll be cool! 

      I've been experimenting with Scottish Folds. I actually got a mix of a mix. XD 

      Well, I got a mix of Kit Kat and Macy, which was Kacy, then bred Kacy and Octavia to get this little cutie, Kitavia. 7cb15b1776220e051aa072946c9789d715025932 

      The possibilities are endless!   (also I weirdly mix the parents names together to name the children. XD)

  6. A Breeding Collaboration Feature? NEW IDEA (8/15/2017)

    Okay sounds good Yeah I see where your standing! I'm standing on a cliff
  7. A Breeding Collaboration Feature? NEW IDEA (8/15/2017)

    I came up with an idea extremely similar before this. 1. Person sends breeding request.(any form of communication) 2. Other person agrees to breeding request. 3. First person sends pet and half the ZC. 4. When babies are ready,the breeder has them till their hatched,which will make sure they are that really quickly. 5. Decides what to do with babies. Good to know we have similar ideas ^^
  8. Hya! Liking your name ;) 

  9. I have a feeling this will generate PA's first puke-colored Nebula Cat!

    Puke Nebula Cats.PNG

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kaylercool


      I bred the same colors and I ended up getting really unique gray colors!. ^.^

    3. Squirrel!


      We'll see then! I'll be getting the babies in a few hours!

    4. Kaylercool


      I'm predicting one will be gray. If I'm right do I get a star? :D

  10. Alt/stage swaps

    Oki! I sent you a message with the pets I want to buy ^^
  11. Alt/stage swaps

    Alright! I saw the trade and I'll add a possum to it. I'll send you the links to the pets in a message ^^
  12. Alt/stage swaps

    I have the alt you are looking for of Eastern Pygmy Possum,male and female. I'll swap for whatever alt as long as it's the same gender as the possum I'm swapping. Oh btw,is the pets in your trade room for sale? I saw some that caught my eye ^^
  13. Sorting

    Yes you can. There are a few ways so I'll tell you all! 1. Classic My Pets Page: If you go under "My Stuff" and find "Classic My Pets Page" under "My Pets". Click that and you should find something similar to this: It's easy to figure out how it works,so have fun ^^ 2. Again under "My Stuff" and "My Pets" click the very first link entitled "My Pets" In the dropdown. If you are using a computer,it will lead to this: Here you can drag the pets into any of your rooms. If you click "Select" That will select all the pets. If you select "Freeze" It will freeze all the pets in that room. "Unfreeze" It's obvious what that will do. "Show" and "Hide" should hide and show pets in your trading center. I've never used it myself. "Abandon" Should abandon all the pets in that room. If you hover over one pet,it will give you a whole bunch of choices of what you can do with it. When dragging pets into rooms,you can also drag them into whatever order you like. Remember to save your changes when done! Hope this is all helpful!
  14. Tastical's Breeding Shop

    (I'm having problems posting pictures of the pets so I'll just announce it here) I have a "Breeding Shop" room. If anyone is interested with having any of their pets being bred with mine, I suggest checking it out. I also have a room named "Requires Clicks" If pets in that room could get clicks,they are breedable too but need to grow a bit first Right now I'm low on ZC,so I can't breed pets higher than 1000 ZC. I don't have ZP either,so if there's any ZP pets you'll have to send me the whole amount of ZC required for breeding. Send me a private message if interested. Rules: 1. When you have picked the pet you want of mine to breed with yours, tell me the name and the species. Let me know what pet of yours you want to breed. 2. If I agree to your breeding request, you will send me a trade with the pet and half the ZC/ZP required for breeding. 3. Only send me one request at a time, let others get a chance! 4. I'm open to breeding on Sundays and Mondays at either 11:00 AM or 12:00 PM sharp. 5. Be patient with the breeding time. You can ask about it after the breeding begins, but if it starts getting excessive I will keep the babies and you won't get a refund. So patience is all I ask. 6. When the babies come, I'll make sure they will get hatched as soon as possible. They will be moved to "GAH Swap" unless I make a "Bred Eggs" room or something. You can GAH one if you like. 7. Once hatched, we'll decide what to do with them. The ones you want, you get. I'll keep the ones you don't.