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  1. @paws4ever I'll start the breeding tomorrow. Hoping I won't be busy like I was today! I almost lost the babies actually ;_;
  2. @Kaylercool Hey I'd trade for that last one~It's on my wishlist lol I have some of those lions lol
  3. @Jadespets Yep! ^w^ That paying pets thing is mostly for people who can't pay ZC at the moment. Want to be fair for them and give them a chance! ^^
  4. I have updated this,check it out! Oh btw I have a pair of Ultra Rare Retired Atlantic White Spotted Octopus! Ready to breed!
  5. GAH Swap anyone? I have babies that need to be hatched.

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    2. mcmuffin


      Is there any way you'd be able to hatch one of my maned wolves in return (I think it was a zvanaga  I hatched but then my memory is terrible)? http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1053392 :3 thankies Tastical ^w^ 

      And I still can't believe I forgot it was you xD sorry!

    3. Squirrel!


      @mcmuffin Sorry that I keep confusing frond ;_;

      I'll hatch a Maned Wolf ^^

    4. mcmuffin


      thank you fried xD It's fine, I'll get used to it eventually :3 me and my friend have a thing where we call squirrels squurls, so you may get called that at some point :P

  6. @Kaylercool I've been playing since April! I've been through three events since then. CS 9th Birthday CS Easter CS Lost City Event Next one is Halloween!
  7. Fudge it, I can't you! Can you send me a link to your profile?
  8. Yeah! If you look in the archives under 2017-The Lost City you can see all the pets and even add ones to your wishlist!
  9. I saw that one! I already have one though. It was from last month's Summer Vacation,The Lost City! Your welcome to look at what pets I have :3 It came in a set of race horses you could get.