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  1. "Give Us Your Candy" PA Art Contest Entry

    From the album Artwork

    I posted a DA link onto Emma's post, but I thought I should post it here just in case the link doesn't want to work or something. It includes these pets: The Corpse Meow (My CYO.) Hellhound (Official Egg Drop Pet.) Shadowflame Cat (Kageshiryu21's CYO.) Scaredy Cat (Not sure if it's a CYO or who it's by.) Kurayami no Nyakuma (Custom by kellaymarie.) I spent about three days working on it, so there was a lot of effort put into it.

    © Kaylercool

  2. Bump. Edited the birthday list a bit and added some gifs because I'm extra like that. Please let me know if you have an upcoming birthday!
  3. (NONE LEFT FOR FREE.) Free Candy Swirl Bear CYOs!

    Yep! I had one male and one female left, so I sent over my last two to you!
  4. (NONE LEFT FOR FREE.) Free Candy Swirl Bear CYOs!

    Thank you! I sent one over!
  5. Halloween pa comp

    Super cute! I especially like how you put tombstones for Cake and Bob!
  6. (NONE LEFT FOR FREE.) Free Candy Swirl Bear CYOs!

    Yes. I'll send them over right away.
  7. Hello, everyone! I finally decided to set up a shop for what I'm selling in the Avatar Clothing Shop and the Pet Clothing Shop. This is mostly just here to help people find specific items. You must go to the shops on the original site. Hair Accessories: Other: Hairstyles: Companion Animals: Accessories: Clothing: Quads: See this post below for my Halloween items for sale!
  8. Halloween Custom Items (Some for Free.)

    Bump. Added Witch Cat Quads and added a price to the hairstyles.
  9. (NONE LEFT FOR FREE.) Free Candy Swirl Bear CYOs!

    Yes. There are six left. I'll send it over with the Spooky Marionette Cat!
  10. ~Two New Halloween CYOs For Sale~

    Yep. I'll send it over.
  11. ~Two New Halloween CYOs For Sale~

    So, I have added details about the Spooky Marionette Cat. I used the stickerbook to try and figure out what alt some of the eggs will be and I've posted the details onto here. Couldn't label all of them, so some are a mystery.
  12. ~Two New Halloween CYOs For Sale~

    Yes. I'll send a trade.
  13. New Halloween CYOs For Sale by Kayler

    Thanks! The Collector Ghoul Kitsune still needs to be approved by Emma, (the name. Then I need to upload its images and get it approved again.) but hopefully she'll get around to it soon. I made a post with more details if you'd like to check it out:
  14. ~Two New Halloween CYOs For Sale~

    Rules: You may NOT resell any CYOs you get from me. If you decide you no longer want them, I will gladly take them back. Hello, everyone! I finally decided to make a post about these two Halloween CYOs. Spooky Marionette Cat: These are 300 ZC a piece.I cannot 100% guarantee alts, but I have been using the Stickerbook to label some of the eggs. I will try my best to get the alt you want. I will do swaps if need be. Alt 1: Four eggs. Alt 2: Two eggs. Alt 3: One hatched, Three eggs. Alt 4: Don't know if there are any more. Alt 5: Don't know if there are any more. Alt 6: One hatched, Three eggs Either Ors: Two alt 3 or 4 eggs, One alt 5 or 6 egg. Unknown eggs: Six that could be any alt. Collector Ghoul Kitsune (TBA): These have yet to be approved. When they are available I will update this post! They will be 450 ZC.