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  1. Cake decorating compilations are everything. I'm not the best at decorating cakes though. I can make a good tasting cake, but I always end up breaking it when I try to frost and decorate it. ;_; 

  2. Super proud that I got one of my friends into anime after all these years. :D 

    Years ago he called me weird for liking anime, then recently he said: 

    "So, I have to apologize to you. I'm kind of addicted to anime now." 

    I recommended Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to him and he said it was the best he'd watched yet. 

    Mission accomplished. :thumbsup:



  3. Finally back from hanging out with some friends. Tonight was an interesting night for me. I may have shared a little bit too much about myself, but I just feel a bit better I guess.

    This is vague, I know, but you know when you have certain insecurities and problems you don't feel comfortable talking about and stuff? Well, I don't know why, but I talked with some of my closest friends about some things. Deep down I've always thought they'd never judge me, but in the back of my mind I thought they would for some reason. Well, they didn't.

    They've been nothing but supportive and they literally have no idea how much that means to me. 

    I don't have the easiest time making friends because I'm so timid I guess. Most people just never stuck around long enough for me to open up, but they did and they've been there for me for so long. Like, I literally don't deserve all of the love and support they have given me. 

    I feel so much better getting those things off my chest, and finally knowing that they're not going to judge me really takes some weight off my shoulders. 

  4. Going through my Quotev account I've had since 2011. 

    I had already deleted some of my cringiest stories, but I went through my status updates, and ooohhh were they something else. *Has slight urge to stab myself.*

    Yeah, I deleted a lot of statuses. CRINGE WAS STRONG.

    1. MoonlitBlood


      Wait what’s your account called? I’m on quotev 

    2. Kaylercool


      Kaylercool. Though it used to be SparklyNeko. I just recently changed my name.

  5. I feel like something needs to be done about some of the pets recently added into the bazaar. 

    I know that this has been a problem for a long while now, but it's just getting worse. The bazaar is being crowded with so many overly priced pets that it's hard to even navigate it anymore. 

    I get wanting to make some profit, but when you put pets in the bazaar for 20,000 ZC they're just going to sit there and take up space, making it harder to find other pets.

    I don't think anyone in their right mind is going to pay 20,000 ZC for a pet even if it's super rare. I don't think most people are even willing to pay up to 1,000 ZC for a pet in there. 

    Also, so many newer users that don't know how much pets are worth yet are just burning through their ZC because of it. 

    If you see any pets that are severely overpriced, please take a moment to flag them so newer users don't get ripped off. I flag overly priced pets all the time, but just one flag isn't going to fix anything. Pets need 10 flags to be taken down. 



    1. Sergeant_Stucky


      i agree. i don't usually look in the bazaar, but the amount of pets in there that are way over priced is crazy!

  6. To anyone who has DeviantArt, you should definitely add me on there. I'm trying to become a little more active on there. :) 


    I wish I could change my username on there because I don't particularly care for it anymore. I don't know why I didn't go with Kaylercool. I've been using Kaylercool as a username basically since I discovered the internet.

    1. cinnamonapples


      OMG THIS IS SOSOOO CUTE ~ <3 !!! <3 


      & the Daryl drawing is sooo on point ! <3 :D 

    2. Kaylercool



      Thanks so much. ^.^ <3 

  7. I attempted to create a new banner for my profile. 

    It turned out better than the last one at least. 

    (I drew the background, but the rest of the art isn't mine. It's just stuff I like.)

    1. Dashy


      It's so cool! :o And your profile pic is cute too! :D 

  8. Does anyone else experience this problem? :

    I put some pets up for auction and put a reserve price on them. After they had been up a couple of days it said around two hours left for them, reserves not reached. I went to bed, then I checked it shortly after I woke up and I got this notification: 

    "Your reserve was not met. Your auction has expired since it has been over 24 hours since it ended."

    I know I did not sleep for 24 hours. -_- 

    This has happened to me on several occasions. I don't know if it's a common problem with other users or not. It's not that big of a deal, but it's annoying. 

  9. Munchkin Cats by Kayler

    Thank you. <3
  10. Christmas Pony Quads by Kayler

    Thanks so much. <3 lol
  11. Munchkin Cats by Kayler

    I considered the Tortoiseshell one already. :3 I'll probably get it all done in a bit. <3 Thanks. I used a simpler shading technique, so it didn't take as long. lol
  12. Munchkin Cats by Kayler

    I just finished these Muchkin Cat Quads and submitted them. I'll probably make them into companion animals later. Let me know if you want them to be made into companions. <3 I might make more colors later.
  13. Christmas Pony Quads by Kayler

    You should be able to find them just by searching my name in the shop. I made the originals a while back. lol :3 Thanks so much. <3
  14. Christmas Pony Quads by Kayler

    So, I made a few Christmas themed versions of my Pony Quad that should be available soon. The sweaters aren't new, but I thought they went better with the new Christmas Quads than the other ones, so I decided to add them to this picture as well.
  15. All of The Phoenixes

    I'm in love with the rainbow one and the red one. <3