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  1. Hello, everyone. 

    So, I've been gone longer than usual. Honestly, I'm thinking of leaving at least for a while. 

    Recently, my laptop that had all of my art I had done for PA, including some things that I had never gotten around to posting, died. Not to mention all of my other stuff.

    Yeah, I think something is wrong with the hard drive. So, right now I'm using an old computer that I found in the closet. 

    Right now, asides from that, things are going okay for me. I hope things are well with you all.

    1. Lilytora


      I'm sorry to hear about your laptop, I always fear that sort of thing happening. If possible you should invest in an external hard drive to save stuff too. Hopefully even if you aren't able to fix the laptop you can at least get the stuff off of the hard drive. I hope you are doing well other wise. I am doing fine, breeding pets on site and working on stuff for inktober.

    2. Kageshiryu21


      ouch, that really sucks. I hope you get it fixed enough to rescue your stuff. And i hope things go better for you. I'm alright. life has been really bad but its toning down and settling. i am honestly getting a bit tired of living on the edge of losing everything. its very stressful. 

  2. Just got around to posting the kitten pictures! ^_^

    The stray, Milly, had these kittens right on the back porch. I placed the couch cover on the porch because I was going to throw it away later since the inside cats...um..had a sharpening fest on it. 

    Guess where Milly had the kittens...

    She wrapped herself up in the couch cover right on the porch. The large, glass sliding door that leads outside onto the back porch doesn't have curtains so I looked out there and wondered why she was wrapped up like that. Well, she had three kittens born already; one had just been born. I brought her inside and she had the other two. There weren't any complications. All five of them are chubby and healthy! 

  3. Sunburst.

    I don't know why I chose Sunburst as a name, but gosh I think it's cute. Sometimes I call him Sunshine. He just has the sweetest face. He's always lying on his back and just rolling around looking precious.
  4. Phoenix.

    I named this little cutie when I was listening to Phoenix by Fall Out Boy. He's a little feisty boy. Shortly after his eyes fully opened he tried to hiss at me, but no sound really came out. It was more cute than anything, honestly. He doesn't do that anymore though. He's turning into a softy already. (You know what? His laughable attempt at hissing reminds me of Simba's laughable attempt at roaring. lol)
  5. Rosemary.

    This is Rosemary! She is the only one that has purred so far. She loves snuggling, but the others don't love me quite that much yet. She's just beautiful, isn't she? So, my nephew wanted to name her Rose, but my sister used to have a cat named that so it was a bit weird. I wanted to name her Mary because she looked sort of like a little lamb to me. and thus Rosemary was named.
  6. Violet.

    This kitten is so heckin' fluffy! I just love the name Violet, so I went with it. I love flower names. I named her mother, who is a stray, Camellia, but we just call her Milly.
  7. Splenda.

    I named this little sweetie after an artificial sweetener. Yep. When I was younger I had a gray tabby cat named Sugar. He was everything to me and I miss him dearly. A year or so after I got Sugar, I got another gray tabby, but this one was female. She had the same coloration and pattern as Sugar so I named her Sugar Heart. (Keep in mind that I was a child.) So, you get the gist of it, right? (I was also considering Sugar Bell for some reason. lol)
  8. CLOSED.

    It's been a little while since I've been on the main site since I've been so busy. lol I got lost looking for it, but yes I do have one left! I'll send it over when I get a chance!
  9. Ah, good news finally!

    I found Clementine's other kitten and the one I currently have inside is doing just fine! He's still somewhat scared, but he'll eat canned food right out of my hand and he purrs a lot. :D I love him!

    I have no idea what gender the second one that I found today is. I haven't caught it yet. It moved into the shed, so he must have followed Clem to my house.

    Also, all the kitties I'm caring for are doing just fine. Still trying to find a home for the blind one. (Though I may end up keeping him.)


    Now, I'd like to apologize for missing quite a few birthdays. I PROMISE I'll get around to giving out those CYOs. I've had a lot of different things piling up on me lately, and it's hard to keep up with everything. Please don't think I was just being lazy and careless. ;_; I do love you guys.

    I might even give out a bonus CYO to those I missed as compensation.

    @SwiftTalon @Kirito @rebeccaqwer12 

    Happy late birthday you guys. <3 I hope you all had a wonderful day!

    Also, noticed that today is @CaitlynMellark's birthday. :o Yay! One I made it just in time for~ 

    Happy birthday, my friend! :3 

    1. CaitlynMellark


      Thank you so much! <<3

      And I am happy that the other kitten is doing well! ^^ And I am also happy you found the other one! I hope you can catch it really soon!

    2. Kaylercool



      You're welcome! 

      Also, managed to snap a few shots of the one I need to catch. All it took for me to get that close was left over chicken and dumplings. Clem and the baby couldn't resist that.



    3. CaitlynMellark


      @Kaylercool That is a cutie right there <<3

  10. The kitten Tiramisu passed away on the 15th. So, Tirmamisu and Maxwell are together now. I buried them underneath the Weeping Willow tree in the front yard; side by side.

    Whenever an animal passes away, I do like them to be buried next to flowers or trees since that way they can help something grow even more beautiful. 

    Good news is that Marmalade and his mom are doing just fine. At least he can grow big and strong and not have to compete for food anymore. I've been giving him extra attention since he is a bit lonely now. Also, I got him to eat some canned food today and that makes me so happy! Him having such a large appetite is amazing news. I didn't want to post anything until I thought Marm had a good chance, but it's been a week and he's done nothing but improve, so here's my post. 

    More bad news also?

    I said I had found Clementine's kittens. Well, I had been going out there attempting to gain their trust for about 4-5 days. I thought it'd just be easier to be patient with them.

    Normally they'd come out of hiding for food, but I couldn't find the second kitten. I decided to go ahead and catch the other one and bring him inside. He's still scared, but he's doing well. I still don't know where the other kitten is. Clementine is still outside, so maybe he'll show back up? I looked around everywhere and there was no sign of anything dead.

    I was considering naming the black kitten Lee or AJ. (Since the mom is Clementine.)

    1. CaitlynMellark


      Lee or AJ are good names ^^ I'd probably name it AJ myself just because Clementine is his mom, but that is for yourself to decide.

      Also immensely sorry about Tiramisu ;; It will be alright

    2. Lilytora


      I am sorry for your loss, and I hope the other kitten shows up soon

    3. Kaylercool



      His name is AJ. ^.^ 

      It's alright. I did love her very much, but sometimes bad things happen and you can't do anything about it...

      so, Hakuna Matata. 

      Starting to think they may have been premature and that's what caused their problems. I don't know though.


      It's okay. They're not suffering, and that's all that really matters. Found the other kitten today, but I haven't been able to catch it yet.

  11. I lost a three week old kitten today. 

    I have been caring for a litter of three kittens that I hadn't gotten around to sharing with you guys. I'm sorry. 

    The only photos I have were taken a couple of days after they were born, so don't have any open eyed pictures sadly. I may not even post those old ones. I'm sorry that I won't be able to share a recent picture of the sweet baby that died.

    Their names are: Marmalade (the orange tabby), Tiramisu (the calico), and Maxwell (the black one.)

    Maxwell died this morning. I think it was just a matter of her being so small and weak; the runt of the litter. 

    I tried bottle feeding her, but I guess it wasn't enough.

    The strange thing is, she seemed totally fine until a couple of days ago. Small, but fine.

    She was acting super funny for a couple of days. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was though. 

    She felt cold this morning and was sluggish, so I held her in my arms. She died shortly after.

    She was very friendly. Now, most kittens don't purr so early on. Maxwell did. She was so loud and she seemed so happy. I thought, "This kitten is going to make a wonderful cat for someone."

    It's very sad. It's sad enough for a kitten to be born dead or die shortly after, but its even worse when you're starting to get attached. 

    But, these things do happen. Dealing with it never gets easier either. I'm kind of....fragile when it comes to these sort of things. Even though I've dealt with them several times before.

    At least she isn't suffering now.

    But, I must say that I am thankful that Tiramisu and Marmalade seem super healthy. They're both pudgy and energetic.

    1. CaitlynMellark


      Rip Maxwell

      Precious lil baby

    2. Dashy


      That's so sad!! It sounds like she was such a sweet kitten :( Although things like this happen with kittens - especially runts - it's always so depressing. I probably wouldn't be able to deal with anything like that ;;

      It's good that Tiramisu and Marmalade are doing well <3 I love those names, by the way. It's so cool that you always take care of cats n kittens lol ~ I hope they stay healthy ^^

    3. Kaylercool


      I'm really scared because Tiramisu went downhill very quickly. 

      She was totally fine today, but I checked her about ten minutes ago and it's like she was gasping for air. (She's not cold like Maxwell was though.) Asides from the sniffling, there isn't anything else wrong. Her symptoms aren't anything like Maxwell's. 

      Honestly, with everything going on in my life right now I can't afford to take her to the vet. But, there isn't all that much that can be done for a kitten this size anyway. I mean, she's too small to take anything really. 

      Marmalade seems okay, but since Su and Maxwell went downhill so quickly I can't be sure. 

      So, I'm going to pray for Tiramisu to pull through. This kitten in particular is very special to me. I'm pretty upset about all of this, especially with my little Su. I just really want her to be okay. 


      On a positive note, I did find Clementine's kittens. From what I can tell, there are two black ones. They were in the barn on the property my grandmother used to own. They're wild, but I'll get my hands on them just you wait.




  12. Hello, everyone! 

    It's been a little while since I last posted and I just wanted to let you guys know I'm not dead or anything.

    I'm busy most of the day and only really have time to check my online stuff late at night. (Which is when no one is even on. ;_; ) 

    I know I've said this a few times, but I'll be active again soon when things calm down for me a bit.

    Lots of love~ I'll be back to doing more stuff here soon hopefully.


    If I've missed any messages or anything I'm sorry. Just contact me again or something. I'll try to get to anything I may have missed.

  13. Gabriel (The Blind Kitten.)

    He's the blind kitten. Not sure if his eyes will clear up. They were originally red and swollen. They would get all crusty and glued shut within no time, but now they don't. He's come a long way, that's for sure. He is one also a part of the litter that lost their mom. He is the friendliest of the bunch, and he is my favorite! If I didn't have so many cats I'd keep him. <3 Status update where I wrote about how I got them: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/profile/8406-kaylercool/&status=24989&type=status
  14. Chickapea

    His name is weird. I get it. I didn't name him. But, it stuck. He's full of personality and is a bit sassy! He is Chi's brother and Milly's kitten.
  15. Chi

    She is the daughter of the stray, Milly. She's like the cutest thing ever! I named her after the cat from "Chi's Sweet Home."