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  1. Scorbunny Evo Idea

    From the album Artwork

    This was my first idea for a Scorbunny evolution I did a while back. Though, since then I've done some different sketches. This was just my first one. I have another sketch for a middle evolution and a different final evo. I might fully draw them. I'm eh about this one.
  2. I hope you're all doing well! 
    Gosh, I miss this place. I also miss a lot of the people that were super active before... 

    This community was (and still is) super special to me. 
    Like I've probably said thousands of times before, It's not too easy for me to feel like I belong, or to truly put myself out there, but I always felt welcomed here. 

    Life has been busy for me, but I still try to find time to better my art and writing... (You know, because what's life if I can't do what I love so much? Though, sometimes I push myself too hard lately.)

    However, I haven't had much time to be here...and I feel like this place has been a bit dead lately, which makes me sad. 

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. I've had a bit too much coffee today. So much so that it's approaching midnight and I'm still going strong on it. It's been a long day though, seriously...

    Have a nice night everyone. <3 Much love.

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    2. Creus


      Recreatu, we still appear here from time to time though looking to see if anything is going on

    3. Kageshiryu21


      Wow i can see why people went over there. It's way more detailed. 

    4. Kaylercool



      I try to post art at least every three weeks. 

      I've been a bit absent though, so I have a heck ton of DA notifications to go through... R.I.P me.

      I'm hoping to start doing speedpaints for at least some of my drawings in the future..

      Those three weeks might turn into more weeks if I do that though. I hate editing painting footage, but its worth it in the end I guess. lol

      I'm about to get on that and give you a watch back. lol 

      Yeah. Things just sort of lost their value, honestly. 

      I've considered just abandoning all my CYOs that aren't in my CYO collection since selling them is pointless at this point. I want to keep that rule, but it's sort of pointless now. That's really nice though. <3 

      I might have to check that site out. For a while I was super into using Pokefarm, but I fell off for a while. 
      I want to come back on there too.

  3. Naofumi - The Disgraced Hero.

    Thank you so much! I've been trying hard to improve on backgrounds, so that means a lot. - I actually really love your art style and your art too. <3
  4. I have no idea.

    Thank you! <3
  5. Lily Costume

    The costume is sooo cute. I love her pose too. <3
  6. Sweet Smoke Outfit.

    So incredibly cute! <3
  7. I have no idea.

    From the album Artwork

    It was supposed to be a Pokemon (Or Fakemon)... but... I don't know what it is.
  8. Kokichi Drip

    From the album Artwork

    Hey! I've been practicing art in my spare time. I thought I'd share some. This is Kokichi Oma from Danganronpa V3.
  9. Naofumi - The Disgraced Hero.

    From the album Artwork

    I've been watching Rising of the Shield Hero lately, so... here's some art.
  10. I just want to make it clear that if anyone sends me a DM on here, I might not see it right away. 
    If anyone desires to get in contact with me for any reason and wants a quick response, then just DM me or @ me on Twitter. It's easier since I'll see the notification on my phone. There have been several times where people have asked me about important things and I didn't see it until late.
    I'm @Kaylercool on Twitter. I'm sure that was obvious though. 

    I hope you're all well. I'm tired as heck. 

  11. Naofumi & Raphtalia.

    Thanks so much! Yeah, I'm enjoying it.
  12. Naofumi & Raphtalia.

    Thanks so much!
  13. Naofumi & Raphtalia.

    From the album Artwork

    So, I've still been practicing art in my free time. I started watching "Rising of the Shield Hero" and decided to draw some fan art of it. - I had to size this down to post it here, so I'll link the larger image from my DA: Naofumi and Raphtalia.
  14. Stormy and Raven

    They are so cute!