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  1. I have a CYO ready to go for an upcoming Valentines Day giveaway of mine, but I am unsure of how I want to go about this giveaway. 

    I want to make it unique, perhaps do some sort of game. 



    Also, I'm considering doing another Valentines CYO because I like making them, but I'm low on brushes.

    I might sell designs if anyone is interested. or maybe something else. I don't know.



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    2. cinnamonapples


      It truely is gorgeous ! <3 So glossy <3 ~ 

      & OMG that's so exciting !! <3 ~ :D 

    3. Dashy


      Maybe you could have a riddle set up at the top of the page and have them PM you the answer in exchange for one of your Valentine CYO's?

      Just an idea, since you wanted something unique and all; not great with ideas though, lol.

      And I saw the egg and it looks sooo pretty <333 super excited for the giveaway! :D 

      And if you wanted to sell some Valentine CYO designs I could PM you~ I think I have a spare brush or two just waiting to be used, lol. 

    4. Kaylercool


      I've considered that as well. :P Except for the fact that I'm bad at coming up with riddles. lol

      Thanks. :D 

      I'll PM you if I decide to~ Which, I probably will. lol I have a few ideas in mind, but that's about it.