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  1. A Late Introduction?

    welcome to the forums!
  2. Newbie here!

    well thanks you! <3
  3. ~Pika's Pet Links~

    i will ! thank you so much! do pets need to be clicked after they are hatched? how does it work?
  4. ~Pika's Pet Links~

    thank you !!! and that would be so kind of you as soon as I could do that I will gift you a hatch <3
  5. Newbie here!

    that would be kind of you, but you don't have to if you dont want to <3
  6. ~Pika's Pet Links~

    Thank you for anyone who takes the time to click my pets ~ <3
  7. I am giving away everything on my account

    hello! i just joined and it is pretty awesome on here :3 any crystals and pets you dont want would be awesome <3 I would love the event pets you have since I missed them all ;o
  8. Newbie here!

    well i am super broke now :c i set up my entire mine and got everything I needed and even did the activity ;o phew between clothes and the mine i am completely broke and need to save up now ;o thank you for the help!!
  9. Newbie here!

    hmm okay im kinda all over the place. I read the guide that was on the main page. how do i get cute apparel for my avatar? Is it worth building a mine? It says you can lose it and im worried cause I don't have a lot of currency. How can I get more clicks so they grow up? do you get anything when they do grow up? Is there a max on pets? How do I name my pets? (i cant find that option) >.> i guess im going to start there :3 edit: oh how do i add to my wishlist? okay i figured out the avatar and clothes:3
  10. Newbie here!

    hello!~ My name is pika or Luna & I just joined pet adoptable :3 Any advice would be awesome because I am pretty lost on here I am glad I found the forums & hope to find new friends <3~