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  1. Hey guys I completely lost two litters, a flitties batch and a chickaments batch, I would really appreciate if when the abandoned room opens if the could be traded back, I'll reimburse you for the pet slots. (there should only be three or two of each but i have no idea) 
    Dumb thing was, I checked them last night about 11 hours ago and there were no litters to be claimed, and it says a period of 24 hours has to pass for them to be shifted away. I'm really starting to get tired of this glitch.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SwiftTalon


      @Kaylercool thank you thank you thank you for finding my chickament, I saw one just recently but I refreshed the page before i could grab it.

    3. SwiftTalon


      @Kaylercool update!
      there are two chickaments and two flitties in total, kage found one of the flitties, and the others are still in the abandoned room thank goodness.

    4. Kaylercool



      You're welcome!

      I will search for them again when the room opens again. :3

  2. @Shannon
    you wanted to know when I had Furfur's ready, I just put up the only ones I have available in the auction house like I said I would.

  3. Swift Draws Things

    General art uploads from all fandoms and other things
  4. part5 frame1

    From the album Swift Draws Things

    How I animatic/animation part 5
  5. Frame78

    From the album Swift Draws Things

    How I animatic/animation part 4
  6. Frame4

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    How I animatic/animation part 3
  7. scene27

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    How I animatic/animation part 2
  8. frame2

    From the album Swift Draws Things

    How I animatic/animation part 1
  9. sup

    1. Kageshiryu21


      lol hi, about to come back


    2. SwiftTalon


      fun ruined, I just got comfy.

    3. Kageshiryu21


      awwwww so sad. i weep for you......................


      in another universe. =D

  10. @Kageshiryu21
    well the real joke is on you, ha ha!
    I have more experience being on the main site for years longer than you, and therefore made your breeding shop possible by getting you half the pets you can breed now.
    So by that technicality, I still win. XD

    Truth be told though we've both been wanting to open Breeding/Selling/CYO shops for a while now, and since we're close we usually talk about the same ideas at the same time. :D

    1. Kageshiryu21


      you may have gotten me most of the pets i'm breeding but my main source of breeding that i do the most i got from @tomomi. So HA to you. XD I actually win! And the fact that you told me about this site or gave me some of the pets i have is irrelevant. i would have found it on my own someday,. :D (probably... >w> ) And i got you some of Your breeding ones to so now we're even! X3 

      lol it's funny sometimes when we do that. It usually means no one person came up with it it was just sorta spawned into existence by our collective hive mind. :P 

  11. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @Cyanocitta accepted, Thank you for the pets!
  12. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    hello! saw your 12 limit CYO giveaway and wondered if the following pets were still available, I don't really have a preference of Alt or gender, but if I could get mostly eggs that would be awesome. 3 winged snakes 2 Cheshire cats 1 Auri Leonem 1 Ducem Draconis 2 Starfield cats Shark Wyvern one from the first series and one from the second series 1 Cockatrice
  13. So this is a 1 second test animation I did yesterday to try and get back into the swing of things, do you guys think I should do more like this?

    evolution of animation-eyeroll.wmv

    1. Kageshiryu21


      you know what i have to say XD 

    2. Kaylercool


      Yes! You did a great job. :3

      It's so much better than I could do! 

  14. Scottish Fold Cat Companions/Quads

    we can be serial killer hand-writers together I'd consider buying them if they were more of a bipedal quad, but that's just me. Regardless I LOVE how they turn out! fantastic job!
  15. 4 Requests Into One

    @Creus I understand that using the word severely was being a tad extreme, but I won't withdrawal from disappointed. It does seem better in the short run to be nicer about how things are put, but in the long run it doesn't do much good, as the artist may begin to think, 'I messed up but they don't seem too mad about it so it doesn't matter that much.' (Not referring to Bloodstone, this is just as example) I've never been one for sugarcoating words either as it has lead to a lot of miscommunication and frankly it costs more energy to do than it's worth. I'd really love to see Bloodstone improve and excell as she continues to draw, from my experience it's best to also show the reality of things to help prepare someone for what is to come. I could have been harsher, but that would have just been plain rude.