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  1. (ALL GONE.)~ Two FREE Christmas CYOs Giveaway! ~

    awwww! could I get three of each? these are fantastically beautiful!
  2. Am I dead? Am I active?
    Even I don't know since I work about 99% of this month.


  3. Rick Grimes by Kayler

    neat neat neat!!! You do really well with traditional pencil to paper :3
  4. Ta-da!

    I wish you best of luck as well! I loved your candy one! they're all so cute! :3
  5. Ta-da!

    thank you! I was really nervous to get it out within the time limit, a lot of things kept coming up, but it all worked out okay. I am SO proud of that moon, I had to play around with it for a bit before.
  6. Ta-da!

    Finally got the thing finished! took long enough. :)
  7. Trust me I'm full of 'em. finger guns
  8. I'm alright, patience is a virtue so is determination :3
  9. June 19, excited to see one next year!
  10. I think the rarest pet species on this site are the Admins.

  11. This is why I love mobile:image.thumb.png.bc51ddcbb8139eccf601c46f5f957f72.png

    it makes anything possible, fully grown pets that usually take 200 clicks to be full level only need 50, AND, cross breeding between pet types is possible.

    this was a screen capture from my phone and I'll swear up and down I didn't change or alter this picture in anyway shape or form.

    1. Kaylercool


      Wow, that's some crazy stuff.

      Might need to hop on mobile. 

    2. Nanane


      lmao what, I play on phone too from time to time, but never seen that haha

    3. Nanane


      on mine he looks normal atleast xD 


  12. ~Two Truths and One Lie Game~ (Guess the Lie)

    Is the lie that you were born in Alabama? i knew someone in high school who could rapidly twitch their eyes it was cool and freaky.
  13. If anyone has Red Pandas I'm willing to pay 3 pearls each for as many as you're willing to sell.
    ( I understand that they're an old ZP pet but I don't remember how much they originally costed, so this was my best guess)