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  1. (ALL GONE.)~ Two FREE Christmas CYOs Giveaway! ~

    awwww! could I get three of each? these are fantastically beautiful!
  2. Am I dead? Am I active?
    Even I don't know since I work about 99% of this month.


  3. Rick Grimes by Kayler

    neat neat neat!!! You do really well with traditional pencil to paper :3
  4. Ta-da!

    Finally got the thing finished! took long enough. :)
  5. Ta-da!

    I wish you best of luck as well! I loved your candy one! they're all so cute! :3
  6. Ta-da!

    thank you! I was really nervous to get it out within the time limit, a lot of things kept coming up, but it all worked out okay. I am SO proud of that moon, I had to play around with it for a bit before.
  7. Trust me I'm full of 'em. finger guns
  8. I'm alright, patience is a virtue so is determination :3
  9. June 19, excited to see one next year!
  10. I think the rarest pet species on this site are the Admins.

  11. This is why I love mobile:image.thumb.png.bc51ddcbb8139eccf601c46f5f957f72.png

    it makes anything possible, fully grown pets that usually take 200 clicks to be full level only need 50, AND, cross breeding between pet types is possible.

    this was a screen capture from my phone and I'll swear up and down I didn't change or alter this picture in anyway shape or form.

    1. Kaylercool


      Wow, that's some crazy stuff.

      Might need to hop on mobile. 

    2. Nanane


      lmao what, I play on phone too from time to time, but never seen that haha

    3. Nanane


      on mine he looks normal atleast xD 


  12. ~Two Truths and One Lie Game~ (Guess the Lie)

    Is the lie that you were born in Alabama? i knew someone in high school who could rapidly twitch their eyes it was cool and freaky.
  13. If anyone has Red Pandas I'm willing to pay 3 pearls each for as many as you're willing to sell.
    ( I understand that they're an old ZP pet but I don't remember how much they originally costed, so this was my best guess)

  14. I sanyone else having an error when they try to post statuses? I don't think I have this problem but some other people are?

    1. Kageshiryu21


      i am. -_- i am rather annoyed by it. 

  15. Baby Sky Dragon

    this is pretty cute!
  16. Count to 20 before a staff member posts?

    clearly we have won 9+10= 21
  17. I have a TON of extra furfurs, would you guys rather I stick them all in the auction house for a 24 hour period, or in the Bazaar?
    (See room labeled "Pets for the Auction House, also for trade if not currently in an auction" for the Furfurs that I'm planning to get rid of)

    1. Show previous comments  39 more
    2. SwiftTalon


      alright, add and accept.

    3. paws4ever


      accepted as well. thank you so much for holding them all for me while I came up with the zc:)

    4. SwiftTalon
  18. Looking for me XD

    You did it! (At least I believe you should get it)
  19. lol

    I think I guessed on all the other ones XD
  20. lol

    Yay! I have a good guess for this changed version but I don't want to win more than once while other people could have a chance too.
  21. Looking for me XD

    Green Winged Macaw probably not this since it's a bird but the phrase 'in a playing position' is really vague, it could mean just about anything.
  22. lol

    I'm going to guess Tawny Frogmouth
  23. Terror of the Invisible Pets?

    So I have a similar problem just the other way around: This guy is PERMANENTLY on my main page, He can still get clicks and the separate viewing image is the same, but on the "my pets" tab its solidly labeled as 'Undefined' Irritating right? it gets worse. Anytime I try to change or move it to a different to move the broken thing off my front page it returns magically or give me this message: