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    @Aleah mostly males but i really don't care about gender. how much is my total.

    I'll keep an eye out, and see if i gots the money too. thanks.

    Completed! Yay! greatly appreciated.

    X3 that's fine. i'll accept as soon as i see you have. Thanks so much!

    lol that's understandable with how many people messaged ya. ^.^ and it looks like its only missing these:

    @Kitkat sent a trade with moola

    Welp since everyone got here before me, i'll ask for the left overs XD How much would my total be for these ones?

    Hi, can i have 1 Galacticat, 1 Peppermint, 3 Hellbound Horse (alts 3, 4, and 5 please) and one of each of the 3 alts for the Hanukkat?
  9. So the people at my work are great. they are all super nice and generous. and tend to share a lot of things, even when they don't need to.
    Like this situation for instance: Jordan missed work today cause he called in sick. i almost had to give up my one day off to cover for him since Tina my AS Manager is also sick and should be in working. And i need to stay home and fight off what ever i'm coming down with. ^_^ Don't you like how close we all are? ( i didn't have to cover obviously, or i wouldn't be on at this time. some guy from one of the other stores wanted more hours so he came over to mine and is working right now.) 

    1. Kaylercool


      I'm glad you're getting along with everyone pretty well and that they're nice. That's definitely something to be thankful for. lol

    2. Kageshiryu21


      lol yeah, its great. i just wish they wouldn't share their cold with me. 

  10. XD lol the new profile pic. hehe looks like me and Swift will also get to watch it tomorrow too. though i have work that night but totally worth it to see it in theaters opening night. Man if we lived closer we all ould have gone out and seen it together. that would have been cool. 

    Hope you have fun watching it too! :D 

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    2. Kaylercool


      I'm so excited~ You have just hyped me up! Luckily, I found my MLP shirts within the depths of my closet today. Now I just need to decide between Pinkamena and Nightmare Moon. :3 

      I might be going a little early since I really don't want to wait another five days to see the movie. I might be going on Tuesday.



    3. Kageshiryu21


      DO IT!!! XD 
      As for which to wear: LL HAIL MOON BUTT!!!! :D 

      the movie was so good im actually going to spend money on it and buy it when it comes out on dvd.

    4. Kaylercool


      I was just a bit conflicted because my Pinkamena shirt is black, but my Nightmare Moon shirt is dark blue. (I mostly wear black, but I think Nightmare Moon is cooler so yeah, obvious choice. xD) 

      Now, I REALLYYYY need to get me an Octavia shirt soon. 

      That's fantastic! I don't actually have a DVD player, so I'm just going to watch the movie again on KimCartoon. ;D 

  11. so i had a great start to my shift last night: Within 10 mins of getting in and starting, i managed to piss off a regular that i have NEVER seen before, because i carded him and he didn't have it. and he was like over 60, but once i ask for ID i have to have it or i am not allowed to sell the alcohol. not even if another employee can vouch for him. He was so mad that he decided to not get the soda too (which means we lost that sale thanks to me) and my co worker that knew him told me that he's probably going to come again during the day and complain to my boss. -__- and i got a drawn out 20 min lecture about how to tell whether or not i should card someone and the importance of not pissing off regulars. (this is not the first time this has happened with me carding someone and them getting mad at me cause they are regulars and shouldn't be carded but i'm new so i don't know anyone.) 
    Ain't that a great way to start the day. 
    It gets better. (Said with heavy sarcasm) So yesterday i didn't get everything done. but i got most of it done thanks to Rebecca stocking during the day for me. So i could actually clean, including cleaning the bathroom and deep cleaning the coffee machines (though i forgot to actually make Decafe)
    But today, even though Rebecca and Jordan helped me by stocking during the day so i would have less to do. I still got less done today than yesterday. (though i did actually remember to make Decafe this morning)
    -_- ask me how happy i am with myself about that. Go on i dare you. 

    Needless to say i am really mad at myself for not being fast enough and messing up a lot and basically being an idiot. 

    1. Kaylercool


      Don't worry, bad stuff is bound to happen from time to time. I mean, life can't always be amazing, am I right? 

      And about screwing up and being an idiot. Girl, believe me, you can't be more of a screw up than me. lol

      But, I like to think like this: "The more bad that comes my way, the more good will also come in the future."

  12. Welp, Shit just hit the fan. And i got a job just in time to help. So my mom came home from work and woke me up, and i have work in a few hour but she dropped this bomb: She got fired today cause of a bitchy lady that yells at everyone.
    So now me and Swift have to find rent. and i have to find over 200 for mine and my mom's car insurance. and my car payments, and gas for both cars. oh and we have to find food money for 3 until we can get EBT. 

    Now i'm really glad that i have so many days. cause i'm going to need the moola.

    1. Kaylercool


      Aw, that sucks. :/ I wish you the best of luck, my friend. I wish I could help. 

    2. Kageshiryu21


      Thanks Kayler. i know you would if you could. ^-^ I greatly appreciate your support. and your friendship makes me feel better. so thanks for existing in the first place =D 

    3. Kaylercool


      Haha, you're welcome! :) 

  13. Wow, so ow. I really wish that the guy i'm replacing would have waited a month or so to put in his two weeks notice. cause last night i worked my second day this week, but my trainer stepped back so i literally did everything. And i'm in so much pain that i can't get to sleep. TT--TT and tonight is my first night alone. I don't know if i can actually do it all. 
    I mean technically i did it all (well except for some of the deeper cleaning) by myself last night. i even got all the stocking done and the garbages. but i didn't get to do some of the other minor cleaning stuff. and yeah my trainer said that for a first day it was pretty good. but still. he reminded me of several things during the night. but that doesn't mean i will be able to do it all alone tonight. i'm going to be moving so slow.....

    And to top it all off, cause the guy i'm replacing really hasn't been doing his job, my boss didn't give him any hours for the time period of his last 2 weeks. and my trainer needed to rearrange the days he worked. so instead of working monday -wednesday nights and getting 3 days after off. i work monday - wednesday, get ONE day off and then work another 3 days and get only 2 days off. then work like another 4 day in a row. 
    What is rest? what is days off?? 
    But at least bigger paycheck to spend here XD 

    1. Kaylercool


      Wow, that sounds tiring. o_o You have more determination than I do.

    2. Kageshiryu21


      It's exhausting to tell the truth. but that's part of why i love it. I can't begin to explain how happy i am to be so tired and sore from working. i've been fat and lazy for too long and it was driving me crazy. 

      Also i know you to be super determined in your own way. :) 

    3. Kaylercool


      And I'm still over here being fat and lazy at the moment. xD 

      But yeah, I'm sure the feeling of completing something and actually doing something productive is very rewarding. :) 

  14. Back from first real Graveyard Shift. (9:50pm - 6:05am and i was 10 mins over) And the first thing i have to say about it is: "OWWWW!"   XD 
    Second thing is: "Man does the other shifts have it good." (i'm not joking on this, as part of my training was to do the other shifts first.) like i hurt (mostly my feet) my first and second week of full time on the other shifts. But man does GY do way more lifting and exercising then even i thought. Cause i knew it was going to be hard. that i was going to have to lift and pull and push and work out. I knew that all, and i wanted it. XD but dang does my body hate me right now haha. 
    It was everything i wanted and i am so happy right now :D:D:D No matter how much i complain or my body hurts it can not and will not diminish how much i love my job. 
    (If you'd told me in High School that i would love a job working at a gas station, i would never have believed you.) 

    1. paws4ever


      glad you are still enjoying it :)

    2. Kageshiryu21


      Every painful second!! XD 

    3. Kaylercool


      Well, they do say exercising makes you feel good.

      When I had to take this dancing class (half the week we did dances, the other half we did an ungodly amount of exercises) I was in so much pain. I had never moved more in my life. XD But, after I finished for the day I just felt so happy. lol 

      Also, I didn't particularly like dance class simply because I have the worst balance in the world. If there is a way I can fall or hurt myself, you better believe it will happen. lol 

  15. so i know a while ago i said i was going to make a breeding shop, and i still plan to. Life decided it was finally time for me to get off my fat booty and get a job so i didn't get the time i wanted to get it started. but now that am working and will be getting a steady shift. i can set that up.
    and after i finish and get accepted the next two Cyos i have started, i will also set up a Cyo shop. and for those of you that have gotten the Elemental Space Cyo (my very first) i have a special plan for a new one that has to do with it. (i'm super excited about it X3 ) which is thanks to @SilverStallion so let that news hold you till its done XP 

    1. Kaylercool


      I can't wait to see your new CYO and to order from your shop. :3