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  1. i finally got my booty in gear and made a club of importance. some of us were kinda already doing this. but now we have an official place to go to notify the others.

    1. Jadespets
    2. Squirrel!


      I got an invite let's see what it"s about!

    3. Squirrel!


      I'll think about it

  2. Sooooooo i stumbled upon a thing that i think should be seen a little more just based off of a few minor occurrences in the last few days: 59910ea387fc3_thisrighthere..thumb.JPG.7599edc1f083536d50b3fd9d8dc2d3bc.JPG


    and the link for that is right here: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/topic/14679-delete/&tab=comments#comment-432025

    just so people know that this is a Moderator's view of it. And while it is true that there don't seem to be any "Official" rules for Cyo/custom shops, that is in a way, good for us as it allows everyone to personalize their way of doing things. And allows us the freedom to make our own rules for ourselves and our pets that we have worked so hard on. Do not abuse the fact that everyone is different in how they do things.
    Everyone has their own personal rules for their pets. And as such, those rules should be followed, for at least out of respect for the original creator of said Cyo's/customs. 

    Regardless for your own personal views or rules! When you get something from someone else, you need to have the curtsy and respect to follow their set rules. Even if they differ from your own. We are, after all, each our own unique and different person. And we all love the pets on here. Isn't that enough to have in common to be able to be nice to each other?


  3. OldFoo's AR Drop Raffle CLOSED

    wow, i wasn't actually expecting to win. Thanks all for the fun and thanks for the challenge Tigress.
  4. sup

    1. Kageshiryu21


      lol hi, about to come back


    2. SwiftTalon


      fun ruined, I just got comfy.

    3. Kageshiryu21


      awwwww so sad. i weep for you......................


      in another universe. =D

  5. Where is the comment courtesy? poeple shouldn't have to say out loud something that everyone knows. but since this has risen up. i'm putting this out there right now: 


    Do NOT Sell My Cyos. Ever.
    I work hard them, and if you want one ask. if you no longer want one then please send it back to me in a trade.
    This is something that nearly everyone goes by. And it's something that everyone should understand. How would you feel if you spent your time and sometimes money, into making something for others to enjoy and then found out that someone that got them from you were reselling YOUR work for more (sometimes the same amount, as if that makes it better) then what you were selling it for. Just so they could make a profit. From your work. 

     Please put yourself in someone else's shoes and consider how you would feel if you were them. on a site like this, doing that is practically art thievery. Have the common decency to not try to make money off of other's hard work. :( 

    (obviously you can if you get PERMISSION to. but you have to ask the person who made it first.) 

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    2. Squirrel!


      (I know I first notified you but hear me out please)



      My opinion is that if I have made a bunch of CYOs, and I give one as a gift to someone, they soon go tired of it, They can give it back, or swap it with another custom if they'd much rather have that one. But if they buy it from me, it's their property and I have no say in if they sell, abandon, or not.

      So if they get it for free(Gift, Abandoned Room)  and not want it they have to give it back to me in some way. 

      If they buy it(Auction, Trades, Bazaar, Buying another slot in Abandoned Room) they can sell it or abandon it if they want. It's theirs.

    3. Kaylercool



      It is fine that you feel that specific way about your future CYOs. Those are your specific rules though, not everyone else's.

      Every creator has the right to have specific rules for their CYOs, and those rules shouldn't be ignored.  

      Nearly everyone I've met here goes by what Kage said. It's no secret. So, it's common courtesy to ask permission before doing anything with someone else's creation. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to do a simple task like that. 

      I can see people making a mistake like "Oh, I didn't know who the CYO belonged to."

      That's a forgivable mistake, but I've seen several who knew who the creator was and their rules, but just didn't care and did it anyway. That is unacceptable.

      And of course, like Kage said, selling or trading would be just fine "IF" someone is given permission by the creator. 


    4. Squirrel!


      @Kaylercool Yeah I've seen everyone go by those rules.(Not mine)


      I agree ^^

  6. will this be a fair trade?

    Well first of all, the Dobbies and the Akitas are a bit over priced. Considering that when Emma restocked the store a while ago, the Dobbies were only 25zc and the Akitas were... 250 if i recall. (and are breedable. but the price for their breeding could drastically raise their price since it is a 1000 to breed them just to them selves) the American Staffordshire Terrier, was either 250 or 750 (i honestly can't remember at this point but it was one of those two numbers) so make of that what you will. The two hybrids are expensive so that helps with the payment. and the Samoyed dogs are also a bit expensive to breed as well, and are a bit harder to find unless you find someone to breed them for you so i guess that raises their value some. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is easier to breed but is a retired pet and everyone explodes their price high so there's that. I'm pretty sure, the bloodhound is retired too, (i haven't seen to many cause they are also hard to get a hold of.) Now the red foxes are rather rare, so i don't know to much about them. but they would be very expensive, and very hard to get. and not many people are willing to give them up, so three is like a god-sent. And ZP is basically really money, since practically the only way to get them is for real money. but because of that, people usually don't ask for many. (yet it takes 3 to speed up on breeding pair) so again, make of that what you will. When it comes to trading on here, it really comes down to whether or not the two parties involved feel its equal. And that is based off of their own desires for pets and their own value system for pets. Everything I've put is based off of what I've seen in the general community and my own experiences. It's pretty much my opinion. I personally would say that it's rather fair, roughly speaking. But once again it depends on factors that aren't set in stone, and the only one that can really say for sure whether or not its "fair" would be an admin or mod. And That's only if there are very specific rules. Otherwise it's up to you and the other involved. I hoped my input helped in anyway.
  7. Swift tried to steal my idea of making a breeding shop but jokes on him cause i thought of it weeks before he did, So Ha!!! @SwiftTalon XD 
    So yeah, coming soon: Kage's Breeding Shop! look forward to it! :D 

  8. Expanded Breeding Center

    OK so I know there have been several breeding suggestions throughout the years but since nothing seems to have been done with them for literally years, I thought it would be good to readdress this. As I know it's been a thing a lot of us have mentioned or complained about to each other. 1) It would really helpful to have at least 5 Breeding rooms though 7 would be the best. I know as a Breeder myself, that it would be super helpful. I'm sure several of us that really like to breed, or try to make money from it would like the extra space. (obviously to upgrade to more rooms it would cost extra just as it did to get the 3 we have now.) I saw someone else had mentioned something similar to this. 2) Another thing that I saw mentioned, both years ago as well as recently, and that I have thought about myself that would be helpful to breeding: Some sort of timer/tracker that would tell us either: A] when the pair was put in that particular center (Ex: Speckled Flitties entered xDays/Hours ago) one of the comments/suggestions I saw that I liked that was similar to this by Runingwolfin : "A timer/tracker thing. Just something to let you know when you put the breeders in the room. (Like: This room filled on July 11, 2013 [X days/hours ago])" or something like B] a timer to tell us how long is left till we get the eggs. A combination of the two would be the most awesome. And very informative, particularly to those of us that do a lot of breeding. 3) So we have the list in the breeding page of breedable pets, but it would be nice if the total breeding cost for a pair would also be displayed next to the name of said pets. (this is a much more minor thing, but would still be helpful, as not all of the pets have been updated with cost on the wiki. And I'm sure not everyone knows about the wiki or would want to go look. So it would help to have it right there to be able to check without having to have both a female and male and an open center just to check the cost. It would help would-be buyers/breeders to know what they might want to invest their time and crystals into first.) 4) another minor thing that would be nice to update, would be adding a picture of the pet (whether first alt or egg, doesn't matter too much) to the name in the breeding list on the breeding page. because the print for the names are rather small and it sometimes hurts the eyes to squint at a computer screen with tiny print. 5) Also, it would be nice and helpful to be able to change the name of the breeding centers at anytime like we can our mines. (And also would be nice to actually be able to see the description that we were told to put when we first bought the center. <- Just as a side note) {added} 6) A way to look at what we can actually breed without needing an open room. {added} 7) along the lines of actually breeding pets, and I know it would take a lot of work to make all the art for it but it would be super cool if there was more cross breeding within species. Like cats with cats and dogs with dogs. and so on. (more breedable horses would make my inner Horse-Girl uber happy) {added] 8) Another helpful bit would be some sort of mini menu while in a breeding room, that will let us easily move between rooms. Or, like we go into the "Breeding Center" and all three rooms are on display and easily accessed. What do you guys think?
  9. Ahhh... :D just spent some time with my bro reminiscing about the show Scooby-Doo. Man, that was back when Cartoon Network did awesome shows. i miss the old CN. actually learned stuff. and was taught life lessons. (Like Scooby teaching us that the real monsters were actually people trying to do bad things. not some obscure creature.) 

    Old Scooby is the best Scooby!!! >.> not bias at all XD 

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    2. Kageshiryu21


      XD Scooby Doo on Zombie Island is one of my top favorite 5 Scooby movies!!! lol yeah the scare camp one as one of the few movies with just Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy Doo. (im pretty sure it was that one.... lol) 
      it has been forever since i've watched any. though the ones i remember best were Zombie island, the aliens one, and the Witch's ghost. oh and the Cyber Space one. 

      nothing to be sorry about when passionate about good stuff. lol like Scooby-Doo!!! :D 

    3. Kaylercool


      Ah! I love the aliens one. I can't for the life of me remember the actual title though. And wasn't that one called Cyberchase or something like that? That one was pretty good, but I think I remember Cartoon Network playing it into the ground. XD

      It's one of my all time favorite cartoons along with Courage The Cowardly Dog and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and of course a few others that have currently slipped my mind.

    4. Jadespets


      I know I miss old scooby!

  10. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    @Cyanocitta Thank you! i really appreciate it!
  11. Jay's CYOs - Reopening!

    hi could have 1 Summer Kitsunes, 1 Shark Wyvern ( series I ), 1 Literal Five-Headed Dragon, 1 Starfield Cat, 1Ducem Draconis, 1Skydra, and 3 Melon Collie Baby, 1 Cheshire Cat, 1 Watermelion, and a Cockatrice? It's really cool of you to do this!
  12. HEY ALL 

    looks like the pet mall was restocked!!! go check it out. :D

    1. Kaylercool


      Well, I accidentally bought too many Savannah Cats because I hit the wrong key when typing in how many I wanted. 

      I guess some of them will be dropped into the abandoned room. .-.

    2. Jadespets


      @Kaylercool I think I know someone who would love them if you still need owners

  13. OldFoo's AR Drop Raffle CLOSED

    @Lone Wolf Yep. till next week i believe
  14. Idk where the rest of you live but today and yesterday sucked here. it was over 100. in an area that spends most of the year raining and shouldn't ever get above 85. it's almost midnight and its around 85 now. tomorrow it's suppose to get to the high of 99. Oh thanks weather, one flippin degree down from 100. i feel SOOOOooooooOOOOOOOO thankful. -_- 
    My mom moved us up here from Arizona to get away from heat like this. I am a cold weather creature of the night. this heat is cooking me alive. Send help and lots of ice packs! :crybaby:

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    2. Kaylercool


      Make a paper one. 

      I got mine at a dollar store. lol

    3. Jadespets


      @Kageshiryu21 OMG OMG OMG I live so close to Arizona :)

    4. Kageshiryu21


      Lol then can you please take your heat wave back? XD it's still unbearably hot here, though not in the 100's anymore. @Jadespets :D 

  15. OldFoo's AR Drop Raffle CLOSED

    XD indeed, great to have fun with you too! And thanks OldFoo, that's really nice of you.