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  1. Hey Paws! I hope things are going ok for you. if you ever come back to PA I still have flitties ready to send to you. 

    Me and my bro have returned here, but man there's so many people gone that we knew. Idk if you are considering to return but i ould be happy if you do. ^.^ either way i hope life is good for you!

  2. (happy belated Birthday!!! (sorry i wasn't on your day to say it then)

    1. CaitlynMellark


      Thank you very much! ^^ It's perfectly fine, I understand <3






    Life is hard. 




    But most of the time, worth it. 


    Hey all. It's been forever. Wish it hadn't been. Wish i could have stayed on here for the last (insert number representing far to long of a time here) months. Wish I and my family didn't have to live on the edge. Always a breath away from falling off the edge, a single sick day from not affording bills. The floor falling out from under us as we drown in a situation we can't afford. Wish i'd been wiser in high school and actually done what i was fully capable of doing. Maybe we wouldn't have had to go through all this if i had just applied myself... Maybe i could have really supported us when the rent went up and my mom lost her job..... Maybe i should have been smarter about how i preformed my Chevron job...
    Sorry, got off track there... What i meant to say was: We live!! We made it. I'm still a bit wary... but so far things are starting to stabilize. Which is beyond a relief. I did it guys, i got another job. I work at my local Safeway, its just down the street so i can walk to work. (which is good since my car died over a year ago and we can't afford to fix it. so the plan for that old thing is to just get a new one.) 
    My mom got a new job too. Right after i got one. So with her making money again we can actually find almost 1200 for rent. (for a crappy two bedroom apartment that's not to code or large enough to properly house the three people and two cats we squeeze in it.) and with Swift getting full time we can actually buy food and clothes too. A luxury i know. 

    I make the least amount of the three of us but i'm fine with that for now. As i have more room for advancement in my job then them. (if it really does work out) I never thought i would or considered joining a corporation like Safeway. But since i screwed up my chances to be something else in high school, maybe i could do this. It's not a bad job, and i like it most of the time. (lol get tired of being interrupted in the middle of one job to be told to go do something else) and there's a spot that i could move up into to help a coworker that really needs an assistant. So it's not so bad. And i don't have the impossible hours of Chevron which is nice cause i like sleep. (not that i get that when i have to cover someone's closing shift and i have opening shift the next morning) But over all it's good. And maybe, just maybe, doing this will give me the time to possibly turn a hobby into a life style. My mom says i could, but she''s supposed to encourage me cause she's my mom so it's hard to know for real if i should try for it. i don't like to advertise it since i know i'm a jack of all trades, Good at a lot but Great at nothing. But who knows, life has yet to work the way i try or want so it's all rather up in the wind. 

    However, i have not forgotten this place, nor the amazing people i met on here. I'm super glad my job gives me the time to be able to get back on here. I can't promise i'll be on every single day, but i will be popping on more and hopefully more. As soon as things get fully straightened around with my position i'll be able to tell better the kind of time i can spend on here. but when i get the chances, i WILL be working on the things i promised. (CYOs, Breeding Shop, ect.) I have NOT forgotten what i wanted to do on here nor what i hoped to give. And i will slowly be working more towards that. 

    I look forward to seeing who's still on that i knew from before. And rejoining the awesome community that this simple but fun game has made. ^~^  

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    2. Kageshiryu21


      Thank you both. ^.^ it's nice to be back and i missed you all too.

    3. Dashy


      I'm glad things have gotten better for you <3 I hope that things continue to move steady! Happy you're back as well!! <3 :D 

    4. Kaylercool


      So happy things are better for you. I'm glad life decided to give you a little bit of a break. :D

  4. Hey guys!! I'm back!! (again) lol 

    so reason i'm back is i just got fired. *sarcastic woo* 

    Now i'm not destroyed over it, even though i loved my job, because i know why it happened and it was my own fault. i also had a cry fest with Swift the day i made the mistake so i was kinda prepared. And i was able to calmly take the hit and now i am working mentally on moving forward so i can get a job again so we don't end up on the streets. 

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    2. Kitkat


      You can get through this! 

    3. Dashy


      Good luck! 

      I hope that things get better for you. 

    4. Kageshiryu21


      Thanks all for your support and kind words. I really appreciate it! ^~^ i will do my best! 

  5. FINALLY A VA-CAY!!!! WOOT!!! 

  6. Whelp, time for getting ready for work. -__- luckily tonight is also a double night (for some reason, cause obviously its not thursday or tuesday, but yesterday B-dog worked alone so i guess this is making up for it??) 
    So even though i feel like crap and want to call in sick, i know everything will get done if i go. So yay to forcing one's self to work when sick! i also need the money since this will be the smallest check i've ever gotten and i need every day.
    Hopefully it will be a normal night.

    1. Dashy


      Get better soon! D: 


    2. Kageshiryu21


      welp, it actually turned out good this time. B-dog and i got literally everything done. i even got to organize a huge chunk of Beer and the Rock Stars and the Gatorade (in the back room) 

  7. (ALL GONE.)~ Two FREE Christmas CYOs Giveaway! ~

    Yo, Mind if i ask for 3 of each? =D i don't care about gender so whatever you got is fine with me.
  8. KAYLER!!!!!! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kaylercool


      Hey! I've been doing alright. ^.^ lol and you?

    2. Kageshiryu21


      lol as you saw in my story time, i'm surviving. it's been hard in some ways easier in others. hard in trying to keep my mom happy and out of the depression vats we live in. but better in that Swift has been trying to distract me from my troubles by making me focus my short amounts of awake time in creating stories and working on our projects. Sorry i couldn't talk to you on skype, it locked me out again. (i left a message for you though this morning in case you checked it) hopefully this is a turning point and things will get better. i didn't get fired so that's a plus. 

    3. Kaylercool


      Yeah, I'm not even sure why I asked since technically I had just read your update. lol

      Well, that's definitely something to be thankful for. I know you're doing your best and I have no doubt that that will pay off in the future. <3 

      It's alright. If there is anywhere else that you'd rather contact me besides here or Skype let me know. 

      I haven't checked my Skype today, but I will now. 


  9. Hey all! 
    So remember when i used to be super active on PA? yeah i don't remember either, it's been too long. TT-TT
    And on that note: Are ya all ready for story time? no? too bad, Have i got stuff to tell ya'll! Story time part 1:

    So as most of you know, i work the Graveyard shift at the Downtown Chevron in my town. (for those of you that don't know about graveyard shifts: my shift starts at 9:50 pm and goes all night till 6:05 am. at least thats what my shift is on paper.) so let me give ya a slight rundown on what that means. 
                  It means the latest i can wake up at is 8:50pm, i get to work between 9:30 and 9:40pm so i can get on my till and then start my count. (every shift has to count all the cig packs and other tobacco stuff we sell behind the counter.) then while Swing shift is getting out, i help customers between my count and all that jazz. then Swing goes and does their lot sweep (basically walk around the property sweeping up garbage so it looks nice) and lets me know of anything important that happened or trouble people and then they leave, usually around 10:20pm. Then it's all me. For the rest of the night. BY. MY. SELF.  Now this is something i love cause i'm a loner by nature, but it also means that if something happens i have to handle it all by my self and that could set back my timing. 
    If i have to pee, and it's before we shut the doors, i have to completely lock up the store, which tends to piss people off. (Sorry, i'm not a robot. i have bodily functions that need attending. though i do my best to wait till 1 to go to the bathroom.) If it's after we close the doors at 1, i help people through the stupid window. And during the door lock time of 1am-5am i am supposed to complete the following duties: 

    - Stock all the coolers: (cooler door 1 & 2 and Beer doors 1-5 all of which are floor to ceiling with 5-7 shelves with cans and six packs and cases and singles worth of Rock stars, Monsters, assorted other energy drinks, Gatorade, and Powerade. and of course all kinds of beer. and thats just ONE wall. there's another one!: the True cooler which is assorted waters and coffee stuff,  the Coke cooler which i'm sure you guessed has assorted Soda from Coke, next to that is the Pepsi cooler which has peps stuff in it. Now Coke and True both only have 2 doors that i have to fill, and aren't floor to ceiling ones but over achieving Pepsi has to be the fat boy of them and have 3 doors to fill. -__- AND! there' is still three more coolers! the Short True cooler next to Pepsi, the separate Rock Star cooler, {yes, there is both its own cooler and half of the big doors dedicated to Rock Star energy drinks} and last but absolutely not least, our small Red Bull cooler next to the cashier counter. )
    - Sweep and Mop the entire store, 
    - And vacuum all 3 rugs plus the walk in carpet thing 
    - Completely clean the bathroom, top to bottom and stock it if it needs it
    - change all garbage inside which is 5, and that doesn't sound like much till you have to double bag 4 of them. 
    - take off and soak fountain heads (every night and they have to soak for at least an hour so i start them at 3am) and all the parts from the cappuccino machine which also needs to be scrubbed and the machine itself has to be scrubbed out and down, and the tray cleaned out
    - at 4 i have to start cleaning out and then making all our coffee, which went from 4 to 8 since i started 
    - Then while coffee is brewing (2 at a time i might add) i have outside duties too, changing all the outside garbages, which is also 5 but i have to bring out 10 bags because those ones have to all be double bagged 
    - fix any or refill all the receipt dispensers for the pumps 
    - refill any of the 8 towel rolls
    - empty and refill with clean water and soap all 8 water buckets 
    - then before opening i have to put the rugs back down and wipe down all the counters and refill any condiments
    - stock all cups and lids for both coffee and fountain and straws and for the Freal shake machine (which thankfully cleans itself.) 

    AND while i'm getting product out of the back, i'm expected to keep it organized and neat.  Which sounds easy and in theory it is, but when i come to it messy i have to spend twice the normal time to clean up and fix things for the other shifts that couldn't be bothered to put 10 cans on the shelf and take out their own garbage. So with so much to do and having to help people through the window, you can see why i don't always get everything done. BUT! according to my manager David, who hired me, has done it all himself and knows it is completely possible to get it all done in one night. I personally am on the fence about that. 

    To be continued since this is rather long,

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    2. Kageshiryu21


      Alright, Part 3 of this monologue of negativity, strap in people and get ready for middle class "white american" problems. Ready, good. 

      So i think i mentioned it at some point to someone on here, that literally my second check of working at Chevron, my mom lost Her job. (which, if i had still been jobless, we would have been homeless as Swift does not make enough at his part time job to support three people, two of which have cars.) 
      Now, her loss came out of no where and no one was expecting it. So of course we were unprepared. See, up till that point mom had been paying for like everything. which is as follows: 
      - Rent: $1060 (though granted Swift started giving her 240 a month to help with it) 
      - Electricity: $35 - $65 (depending on if we remembered to turn off lights or not)
      - Her car insurance: $115 (at the time, she has a smaller car and has in the last 4 years been hit)
      - My car insurance: $124 (at the time, i have a bigger care so its more, and i'm in the 20 - 25 age range)
      - My car payment: minimum $50 (cause i haven't finished paying off the 3500 i bought it from a neighbor that was sweet and then turned out to be an uncaring bitch who also caused me to get arrested and spend a night in jail. Btw, not fun.) 
      - Land line: $40
      - my cell: $20
      - her Credit card minimum: $130 (and more for that if she could squeeze it out of her check)
      - gas for her car: about $50 a month
      - gas for my car: and since i have a bigger car that's older it takes more: $100 a month unless i went very few places, which is hard for me cause i LOVE to drive. 
      - and her many medications she needs since she is a diabetic, (with her work paying for the co-pay) Around $120 total
       - debt to my aunt, her sister, who barely decided to help us the last time we were almost homeless my senior year of high school: $20 - $100 (we owe them around 2000) 
      - food: ~$250 a month. (swift pretty much buys his own food now so she doesn't have to pay for him now) 
      - and misc that is needed or wanted that we can maybe get: ~$150 a month

      Now adding all that up, with using the 65 for Elc, and and average of 55 for my aunt the total for a month is ~$2264
      My mom made about 1200 in a check and she got 2 a month, so we were capable of surviving and now that i had my own job maybe even having some fun. 
      Now here's how things have changed a bit around that time that depleted her savings, My car broke down. (as it has quite often since buying it, cause the above mentioned neighbor did not take care of it and lied about some of what had been done to it so it started breaking down on me soon after i got it. (In fact, if we added all the repairs we've had to pay for since getting it to the total i still owe we would be nearly done paying it off.) but when it broke down, she no longer had to shell out gas money for it. which sort of helped. 
      So when i got a job i was going to take over my bills so she could have more free money and try and get some of her debts down. which with a part time just i was capable of doing. So of course, thinking everything was fine, i followed the law of first checks and completely blew it on buying stuff for my friends and her and giving back a little bit to those that had spent the last 2 years buying me stuff cause i was broke. i was planning on taking everyone of my friends out to dinner out of my first couple of checks, and i was going to pay for it all. 
      Then she lost her job after i got my second check. 

      So now our expenses have changed. 
      The rent is now split between me and Swift, which is 530 each,  but there is still the two phone bills, 40 & 20, and i have to pay 116 for my car insurance (see it went down) and my mom's 104 (also went down. whoopee. better than nothing right.) And her minimum credit card, which i've been putting at 140 so it will actually get paid off a little at a time. gas for her which now that she doesn't have to cross the river is only about 25, my gas has ground to a halt since my alternator in Black Beauty (my Jeep) is having problems and won't start. (mom drives me to work and picks me up) and food which is about 150 now and misc needed around 80, and here's the kicker: because she is no longer employed and doesn't get health benefits, all her medications went up. so now, only taking 4 out of the 10 she was, is around 260. (luckily her doctor will give her "sample" insulin pens so we don't have to buy those.)
      And this month (December) me and Swift had a trip planed for spending over a week up with his parents for Xmas. (a trip we started planning for in the summer.) i was going to pay for the rental car, and he was going to pay for gas since i get paid 11.25 and he gets paid 11, and i was working more than him and therefore making more. which is about 300 for the car. 
      Now without the rental, my math tells me its 1325 that i have to shell out from a part time job. and with the car, is about 1625 for this month in particular. 
      A good check for me is about 600. and that's if i do over time and don't sign out on time and nearly work full time. i also get paid bi-weekly, so technically in a month i make about 1200. roughly. tell me whats wrong with them numbers. things ain't adding up now are they?

      Now you must be asking, "But Kage, if you are so under but your mom has been jobless since about late September, early October how have you not become homeless yet?" 
      Good question. 
      Here's the answer: Cause after they fired her, they gave her another full check. and out of that we made it through October and most of November. with her paying for most of her stuff and helping with the rent and me doing some of it and Swift pitching in to take over his half of the rent and the Elc bill. but this month she doesn't have very much. so guess who has to pay for everything? That's right you guessed right! Itsa me! (of course with help from Swift, but he has his own personal bills he has to do besides what he's trying to help with.) 

      To be continued again since the text is lagging form the amount of words. don't worry it get's slightly better, Or does it!!! Tune in next part to find out. 

    3. Kageshiryu21


      Ok, so this all kinda sucks right? well get ready for a small flickering ray of sunshine that happened on November 9. (back when Black Beauty still mostly worked, before his alternator gave out) 
      I had spent the three days before that offering a ride home to B-dog, cause he has to walk a couple of miles to work. he had refused each day. but on that day he finally gave in and said sure. I was waiting to turn into his apt complex and suddenly i was rear-ended by another SUV type car. 
      "But Kage, how can that be a good thing? You got hit!"
      Yeah i'm getting to the part of it that made it good.

      Anyway we did the lawful thing and pulled over, so we could get out and go through the annoyance of exchanging info. The guy that hit me was super nice about it all, and was mostly worried as to whether or not either me or B-dog were hurt. We were pretty much fine, though i do feel bad for B-dog as i had kinda screeched in startlement when it happened so i bet his ears hurt a bit XD 
      but after that, B-dog walked to his house and the other guy drove off after taking pictures of his and my car. And since my phone is crap and can't take good pictures i asked him to text them to me, and he did right there, which was cool. 
      As you can see there really wasn't that much damage, though his nose got crunched a bit and you can hardly see any damage to my baby. Since i had been stopped and he apparently wasn't going very fast. But it wasn't till i tried to drive it a few hours later that i discovered something wrong.
      At first i thought it was my back shocks since he had hit me while going down hill, that gave him a good angle to damage the under part of my car. But when my personal mechanic took a look at it, he said it was just that the small box that contained the electric hook ups for if i pulled a trailer had been shoved out of it's spot and down into the protective cover for my gas tank. which was banging against the thick metal cover for my back axle. But that nothing major was the source of the noise. (My mechanic even gave me a quick fix for being able to open my trunk again since it turns out he also dented that part of my butt enough that it wouldn't open.) 
      Which was reliving, but by that time i had already filed a claim with the guy's insurance because i didn't have a choice, as i don't have any extra money to fix even a minor problem with my car. Had that part not scared me with it's banging, i would not have filed a claim. i'm not that type of person, so long as there isn't major damage to the point of not being able to drive my car, and the fact that no one was hurt and that he was so nice about it, i was perfectly willing to let it all go and get on with my life. (especially since his insurance payment would go up if i did, and i know how hard that can be and didn't want to inflict that on someone else.)
      But once i realized something was wrong, i didn't have much of a choice as i needed the money to make sure my car is workable. Which i still feel bad about, i really didn't want to file a claim. However, at this point i'm willing to shrug about it and be grateful he hit me, cause here, (idk if this law is just in Washington or just the US) in an accident, the person behind is automatically at fault. it took a long time to get through all the nonsense of paperwork and calling and getting an estimate, but just a half hour ago, i finally completed the stupid banking thing they needed so i could get the E-transfer.
      So  the good part of all this is that i'm about to come into a decent amount of money. money i can spend as i want. so i'm setting aside a chunk to fix my car enough to get it drive-able again. Which is good cause i miss my car. and i'm going to take care of a couple of important things that are needed,
      Like a new phone for me and swift. Cause our's are so old that they are not functioning right. Mine stopped giving me notifications about anything about a half a year ago. (which means anytime my coworkers or boss sends me a text or trys to call me i don't get it till i go looking in the app.) Swift's stopped letting him connect to wifi a bout 2 months ago, same for his blutooth. and a slu of other things. We did a bit of looking for the ones we wanted and we can get 2 for the price we were afraid would be for one.
      I'm also going to get a part in my mom's car fixed before it gives out. cause at this point it could give out literally at any time. and set some money aside to rent the car for the trip, (which i wasn't sure we would be able to do till this happened) and for future bills. cause idk when my hours will go back up to a point where we can survive. 

      So yeah, stuff happened while i wasn't on here. (lol believe me, there's more i can say but i think i will end it on this positive note rather than to continue on with more negativity. After all, things aren't all bad now. just mostly bad. X3) 
      Main thing is that We are still alive and doing our best to survive as much as we can and make the best of crappy situations. Guess that makes me a Positive Realist. 

    4. Kaylercool


      You have to close up to pee? I feel like if I was there the store would be closed most of the time because I pee a lot. Though, it isn't my fault. I won't get into why Kayler has a peeing problem. No one needs to know. xD 

      Anyway, I do miss you on PA. I really hope things begin to look up for you. <3 

      You've been working pretty hard and you really deserve a break sometime soon. 


  10. Hey all just a shout out to say that if anyone finds my litters of: Speckled Flitty, and American Paint Horse, i will happily pay you back for spend the slots to get them. thx! =) 

    P.S. my hours got dropped so i should have some time coming up to spend on here in about 4 days or so.

    1. Kageshiryu21


      Welp, looks like ibex got them all. unsurprisingly, and i doubt they will trade them back for money. but i appreciate those that looked. 

    2. paws4ever


      I don't know how ibex got all yours too. I had a litter of firmouse a few months ago, grizzlys and scottish folds about 2 weeks ago that all went to AR. Ibex got them all

    3. Kageshiryu21


      yeah i tried looking for the ones you asked bout but i never saw anything. And somehow ibex gets them all. =/ 

  11. ~Kayler's CYO Shop~ (All 250 ZC)

    awesome money added. thanks. and lol i'm always up for free cyo XD
  12. Awesome. almost 2 hours of work on my Breeding shop, DOWN THE DRAIN BECAUSE IT REFUSED TO SAVE AND ONLY GAVE ME THE DANG "internal server error 500" crap. no i have to redo  ALL THAT WORK.
     Ask me how happy i am. go ahead, i dare you. -__-

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    2. Tricepious


      Should be fixed now, please let me know. :-) 

    3. Dashy


      That has happened to me multiple times as well, it's extremely frustrating ><

      Glad it's fixed now! :D Can't wait for your Breeding Shop to open up!

    4. Kageshiryu21


      @Bob yes it seems to be working. Thank you very much! :) 

      @Dashy XD lol thanks, i can't wait to open it up too. i'm super excited about it. Heh, i've been planning it for about 3 months now, but right before i was gonna work on it, i got hired and suddenly had no time to get on here. but now that i'm starting to get the hang of my job i can start setting aside time to do fun things again like PA. :D 

  13. ~Kayler's CYO Shop~ (All 250 ZC)

    Hey girl, mind if i have this one? (also sorry for wasting today's Gah on it, i miss-clicked) http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1071393
  14. So on behalf of all the awesome people on here, i have decided that When i open my Breeding Shop i will have a special event for it as the Grand Opening. So look forward to that. :) Hopefully it will be soon since i have a few days off and then one day of swing shift then more days off. so i finally got some time to work on my stuff.  

  15. Check it out guys, i finally got around to doing what i said i would and making a breeding shop. It's going to be a slow process right now since we are super short handed at my work so i'm doing a lot of hours but i will still try to update it steadily till its done and i can open it. and after i get that finished i will finish working on my Cyos and get those out so i can start my Cyo shop as well. 

    1. Dashy


      I'll check it out! :D