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  1. Omgggg!!!!! Pa hasn’t let me in at all and I thought I wouldn’t get to play anymore it really scared me!

    1. Jadespets


      On the bright side is that I have 2,319 zc when I had like 200 

  2. CA84C240-8E4C-4704-8F2B-74C36179D92A.mp4

    Sorry I accidentally posted it twice
  3. Panda!

    So I thought we were going to just watch this dog for a few months until we get our other dog but turns out we are keeping her? Idc I still love this dog we got her about a month ago and she was used for breeding but she makes too small of baby’s and what’s super cute about her is that she sticks her tongue out most of the time!!❤️❤️ 26C76EAC-4DD1-4649-BADE-2980ED13A766.mp4
  4. CA84C240-8E4C-4704-8F2B-74C36179D92A.mp4

    From the album Panda!

  5. 37F6BEF0-275A-4DED-8A9C-30BEDCBF9305.mp4

    From the album Panda!

  6. 5A76AC39-2AA6-4493-8F4D-C72742F22BFD.jpeg

    Update: she can no longer breed so I’m now her owner!! I’m super excited!
  7. Five nights at Freddy’s cyo shop! ~<3

    @Kitkat no but I will try to hatch one for you male or female?
  8. Anyone have painting pups for sale? If so pm me prices :)

  9. Five nights at Freddy’s cyo shop! ~<3

    @Dashy okiesent trade
  10. [GAME] Steal a pet from the person above you!

    Omgggggg super cute! @gamma
  11. Five nights at Freddy’s cyo shop! ~<3

    @Dashy I will have to hatch an alt 4 and 6 for you it will take a bit but is that fine? Also what gender
  12. Five nights at Freddy’s cyo shop! ~<3

    @CaitlynMellark okie I will send a trade
  13. [GAME] Steal a pet from the person above you!

  14. Five nights at Freddy’s cyo shop! ~<3

  15. Five nights at Freddy’s cyo shop! ~<3