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  1. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples yay!! Almost to breeding stage!
  2. Reaper Neko V.2

    There’s some parts I like about both I like the skull sword and I like how it’s howling and the second pic I like how it has two tails I like the marking and I like the flame so if you put these parts together that would be awesome but I think overall I like the redid version
  3. Lily's Emporium *New CYO Added *Updated 1/4/2018

    @Lilytora can I have this one if its still available
  4. Hi need these alts of peculiar pup to complete the set




    I am willing to pay zc or trade pets

  5. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples thank you! YAY!!!!!! Finally grew I’m excited
  6. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @cinnamonapples any egg is fine ty!
  7. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    @Dashy yes please! Any egg lol
  8. Click Wall ! ♡ (Help hatch & grow each other's pets!)

    Here’s the ones I need clicked so they can be breedable http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1059172 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1106253 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1106254 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1048008 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1074286 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1074285 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=715873 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1057848 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1070170 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1070171
  9. Alt Swaps with Cait

  10. Alt Swaps with Cait

    @CaitlynMellark can I have this cutie! I love the songstone cats sooo much! http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1085258
  11. Alt Swaps with Cait

    @CaitlynMellark I have the German Shepherd alt can I trade for a songstone cat instead? I already have that alt of the blossom pup If not it’s ok
  12. I have an idea! I was thinking we can collect cute plushies and we can trade them in for zc/zp or pets and we have an option to keep them and put them on our profile page some can be really rare and hard to get (but not impossible) and the more rare ones would be rare pets/ retired pets if anyone has any ideas on how we can earn them feel free to mention some ideas
  13. type the username above you with your elbows!

    Dadshy lolol
  14. GaH the Person Above You

    @Imzadi83 hatched! http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1111933
  15. type the username above you with your elbows!

    Hkayolaxfdoes rebverything wow! It’s ok @KaylaDoesEverything Mine is more worst than yours lol