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  1. Elemental Wolf RP

    ^ OoC
  2. Elemental Wolf RP

    @Kitkat Its alright!
  3. Eee! I’m so happy!! 2 hatches in one day!

  4. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

  5. I just realized what your profile picture is from, started playing it a couple hours ago~

    1. Kaylercool


      I love this game. lol :D I'm glad at least someone knows what it's from.

      Also, your profile picture reminds me of Life is Strange, even though I doubt it has anything to do with that game. 

    2. MoonlitBlood


      Haha. Nope I just found it and liked it (changed it again lol THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS XD)

    3. MoonlitBlood


      Also idkwhy I made that trade I just had like 10 of those dragons and wanted to get rid of some :P 

  6. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    Minty :: Interacting w/ Gabriel “Oh! I’m Minty! Your Gabriel! You have a brother! Sorry I was watching you I didn’t mean it I’m sorry!! I’m also 14!” The talkative side of Minty was taking over, for the first time in 11 years. She looked genuinely happy, but also scared because she knew she had a bad habit of watching people. She stopped hugging Gabriel and gave him a bright smile. “I’m small but I’m not a little kid!” She said, making it obvious that she noticed how he acted when she had hugged him. She picked up a stick. “See this stick?” She asked. “It’s a friendship stick!” She broke the stick in half and shoved one half into Gabriel’s hands. “We’re friends, right?”
  7. Elemental Wolf RP

    @Alcarie OoC: sorry! I didn’t mean to have her read her mind! I was intending for Heather to look at her body language but I didn’t portray it properly
  8. Elemental Wolf RP

    Heather :: Interacting w/ Mink ”You’re right.” Heather said. “I wasn’t born in the Fire pack. I don’t even know how I got here.” She sighed. “Basically I don’t know who my parents are. I don’t even know who I am. When I was about a moon old, my parents abandoned me, or died, I don’t know. The only sibling I ever had died at birth. I was forced to survive by myself, teaching myself everything. I nearly died from starvation 5 times, and the other times was me just giving up. I found this.. place. They offered to take me in and give me a home. Having no other choice, I accepted. I don’t even sleep with the other wolves. I sleep in a cave nearby. For 3 seasons no one talks to me. For 3 seasons I’ve wanted to give up. But it’s like I’m not allowed to. I’m a jerk to others because I’m afraid of them. When I was a pup, everything and everyone was my enemy. I killed to survive. I killed other wolves to survive. They said I was insane. In reality, I was terrified.” Noticing she had said too much, Heather yipped and looked at Mink with a pleading gaze.
  9. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    @Dashy whoops! We’ll pretend I said 13 ok ^-^
  10. Sooo happy to have finally found an amazing rp site, literally took me 2 years ♥️

  11. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    Gadget :: Interacting w/ Xander As if she could read his thoughts, Gadget smiled. “No, I’m not a jerk faced Sun. My family was, but I ain’t.” She winked and sheathed her sword. “Wanted me to be a housewife, the idiots.” She smile day at Xander and patted his shoulder. “In case you were wondering, I’m Unknown. And I’m 16.” She rolled her eyes and plopped down on the ground. “That was certainly an interesting Introduction.” She smiled sweetly. “Sorry.”
  12. Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

    @Alcarie @Dashy Yeah, it would fit heathers character better to not have a apprentice
  13. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    Minty :: Interacting w/ Gabriel Minty looked surprised. “R-really?” Her eyes widened, and for the first time, shined with joy. They quickly faded, and Minty said something about not being happy. She quickly lifted her head and gazed at Gabriel. “Ok!” Her personality abruptly changed. The little girl hugged him.
  14. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    OoC: Hey guys! I've made a Signup topic because id like to limit this for just roleplay. You can visit it here
  15. This is the signups for my rp. Click here to go to the RP (If you'd like to read them or, if you are accepted you may join in)