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  1. GaH the Person Above You

    @Miss Kitty Hatched! http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1103135
  2. Please Lock/Delete

    Sorry @featherfall13 I ony made this because i thought that the other one was out of use. Go post on that one.
  3. type the username above you with your elbows!

    dczashy @Dashy At least yours is easy!
  4. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    @Alcarie Just wondering when the Ixbalanque will be available as I want the whole set! Is there like a preorder thing or something like that.
  5. GIVEAWAY!!!

    @My story Could I have the barbary lion. Thanks
  6. ~Kayler's Easter Giveaway 2018~ (Closed.)

    @Kaylercool Thanks again for another giveaway! I would like 1 male and 2 females please! I am also interested in getting an american curl cat.
  7. Kat's Pet Shop! *ALL PETS HALF OFF & UPDATES*

    @Kitkat Yes Please! So is that 450zc Now?
  8. Kat's Pet Shop! *ALL PETS HALF OFF & UPDATES*

    @Kitkat Could you please add pets and accept the trade. have waited a few days now. Sorry for bugging
  9. type the username above you with your elbows!

    jADFWEEWAS;;PERTYDS Sorry @Jadespets! Caps went on when pressing a so, yah.
  10. New Egg Drop Pets

    Hello, please comment your new egg drop pets here so we can see what we've all got. Once hatched please post a picture of the alt and see if it has any stages. Lists: Heirogriff: Kleur:
  11. Kat's Pet Shop! *ALL PETS HALF OFF & UPDATES*

    @Kitkat Started trade and added zc
  12. Kat's Pet Shop! *ALL PETS HALF OFF & UPDATES*

    @Kitkat I'll pay now. Forgot all about it sorry!
  13. PA Improvements INCOMING - post your suggestions HERE!

    So far all the Ideas have been amazing and I agree with all of them! Here are some of my ideas: - Adding onto @Sergeant_Stucky's Idea of more breedable pets, making special events when a certain pet or pets become breedable or making some pets breedables for only certain parts of the year. Maybe having an item that you can buy from the general store (an idea of someone else's but can't find who's) that allows you to breed a certain pet but can only be used once. - Quests. I think if you had quests it would be fun. The quests could be an all week thing or a one day thing, like if it was make 2000zc in one week, or adopt from the egg drop 3 times today. - an uptade to the color almanac: If a pets stages have not been discovered, then have them as question marks (?) and then say who discovered it. - A way to search through pets, like on your page, a certain profile, or the whole site to search for a certain species or the name of a pet and order it in a few different ways like, most clicks, longest time on the site, rarity That's it for me!
  14. (Closed) A (Late) Valentine's Day Giveaway

    @Alcarie Could I get 7 and 49 please? And could I get a candy horse cyo please? Female. And am I automatically entered into the zc giveaway? If not please enter me! Just making sure! Thanks!
  15. Kat's Pet Shop! *ALL PETS HALF OFF & UPDATES*

    @Kitkat Ok About 2 days! Thanks!