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  1. Pet Shop!

    @Kitkat Yes Please!
  2. Free pet Giveaway!

    @Kitkat That's ok! I don't want to take your beloved pet away from you.
  3. Free pet Giveaway!

    @Kitkat So sorry to bug you but I have asked for two different pets on two different days and haven't received them yet.
  4. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @Sergeant_Stucky Could You put your zvanaga into the trade and i'll put mine?
  5. Pet Shop!

    @Kitkat I will take 2-3 days to get the zc! Thanks!
  6. Pet Shop!

    @Kitkat Are these cuties still available? http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1077778 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1075265
  7. More free CYOs! ;P

    @tomomi Could I Get a Female Crystal Mare and I don't mind what gender for the Fairy Flicker
  8. Kayla's Click Shop (Hatches)

    Post your pets or profile link here. If I click yours I expect you to click at least 10 of mine back, (same goes with hatches, if I hatch one of yours please hatch back) My Profile Link: Either click the pets on the first page or the pets in the need clicking room http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=gamergirl3579
  9. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @Sergeant_Stucky I've also started the trade and added the zc!
  10. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @Sergeant_Stucky Are You Still After The pink/purple Zvanaga? I've got one
  11. Guess the pets (CLOSED)

    1 This pet lives in a flower, it is most commonly obtained in the Egg Drop, it has four stages and six different alts = Lotus Cat .2 This pet is a kind of bird, it was obtainable on Halloween, 2013 and only has one stage = ? .3 This pet has stripes in colors that can vary, the first alt is orange, and alt six is black = ? .4 This pet is a type of dragon, it is said it lives in the sky, it has 4 stages and six alts = Sky Dragon .5 This pet is a type of cat, a uncommon with four stages and six alts, the fifth alt is white, and the sixth alt is black = ? .6 This pet is from space, it has one stage, and is a type of cat = Nebula Cat .7 This pet is an Egg Drop pet ( But for some reason it has common in it's name ) it also has a shell = Common Apple Snail .8 This pet lives in a chilly place, it has wings, but cannot fly ( Lol this is a really obvious one ) it has two stages and six alts = emporor penguin
  12. Abandoned Room Notification (have read the other one)

    @Kitkat @Dashy Thanks! I'll stop buying ar notifications now.
  13. Your profile pic is so cute! :D 

  14. Pets For Sale! Also Looking For Alt Trades! (Updated 09/11)

    @Sergeant_Stucky OMG! completely Forgot about these pets! Still want the komodo dragon and Dire Wolf No longer want the crested gecko so 600zc now.
  15. Dashy's Pet Palooza! (pet shop)(OPEN!)

    @Dashy Doesn't matter i've got the zc now. (because I forgot to vote in the pageant)