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  1. Reminder that if you have any pets on my wishlist that you have for sale/trade, please tell me! ^^ I am always willing to trade or save up ZC!

    My ign is CaitlynKetchum! ^^

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    2. CaitlynMellark


      @Jadespets Okay! ^^ I am still trying to find that alt 1 Peculiar Pups for you xD

    3. Jadespets
    4. CaitlynMellark


      No problem! ^^

  2. I keep feeling anxiety & panic over Songstone Cat :')) All those wrong genders is driving me crazy, & I don't have the ZC to buy my own CYO from people

    I am panicky

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    2. CaitlynMellark


      @OldFoo That is so horrible ;; I wish I spent the 10ZP for Songstone Cat, but I didn't know this would happen

    3. Sergeant_Stucky


      all but two of my CYO pets have been in the egg drop (one is currently in it right now), and it's very frustrating. i wish they never changed it so you have to pay zp for your CYOs to be private

    4. CaitlynMellark


      @Sergeant_Stucky I wish they could let me change it to private

      I'd pay 10ZP to make them private ;; My next ones are going to be private

      I like the new egg drop system, but way too many new CYOs get dropped & I cant stop them from releasing my pet ;;

  3. In another week or two, I might have enough ZC to pay cinnamonapples for her Fennec Fox! ^^ I was able to finally pay Kirito for Goldie, & then I definitely will have the ZC to pay for my preorder on the FNAF CYO. I love Auction <3

  4. Essays suck. I barely have any brain cells left.

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    2. CaitlynMellark


      @Uni_Animalia Thank you xD Essays are so annoying

    3. Uni_Animalia


      They are, but as I always say, "I'm doing my homework so that I don't become a Walmart janitor." Which now that I think about it, is pretty offensive. Oh well.

    4. CaitlynMellark



      I will never need to write an essay, which is sad xD

  5. I have the most inner of turmoils going on

    For my next CYO, the stages mean a lot to me, so I want to keep some, but then that makes too little to sell to people...

    But if I buy a potion (which god, that is expensive), that might make too many to sell!

    It will be a private CYO (thanks to Kaylercool, most precious bab <3), so it wouldn't overrun the stores from Egg Drop or anything

    But would 100 be a lot?

    I already am giving a set to Kaylercool (because she is doing the art, & co-owns it)

    And then myself... I will keep so many for stages alone xD If anyone has advice, throw it at me

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    2. CaitlynMellark


      @Lilytora Ooo owo Definitely less expensive! Thank you ^^ If you could, that would be great, if not, I can find it on my own time owo I don't even have the CYO yet anyway xD Would you suggest getting more?

    3. Lilytora


      Here is the thread

      And I would probably wait to see how popular they are, some cyos sell out while other don't so it would probably best to see how well they sell.

    4. CaitlynMellark


      @Lilytora Of course ^^ I am just mainly wondering since I am planning on taking many of them for myself for alts

      I will see how many I have left over once I have them & such ^^

  6. I am so happy that @cinnamonapples made the Click Wall. It's so much easier to hatch eggs now! Just within 24ish hours I have hatched 10 eggs! ^^ I am so happy to actually be able to hatch eggs besides GaH now!

    1. cinnamonapples


      Aweee ♡ !!! ♡ This made me smile so hard instantly!  ~ :D I love doing it for everyone ♡ !!! <3 ~  :D 

      Your appreciation & happiness from it means so much to me !!! ♡ <3  ~  :D Thank youuu ♡ !!!  <3 ~ :D 

    2. CaitlynMellark


      @cinnamonapples No problem! ^^ It is such a nice thing to wake up or come home & see my eggs hatched!

      Without the Clicklist, I'd probably have 20 pages of eggs right now ^^ I have 15 right now, but I know it will slowly decrease each click wall hatch! ^^

      So thank you once again for making it <3

  7. Happy Easter, Happy April Fools day, & Happy Birthday to Zen from Mystic Messenger xD

  8. pls gib admin

  9. Giant reminder to CYO artists that I can always help come up with ideas! ^^

    I usually just ask for atleast one of the CYO pet eggs when you submit them so I can have one <3

    I adore helping with pets ^^

  10. Only Sushi Bulldogs: Part 2

  11. I've been smacked with fossils five times today

  12. Drowning in Sushi Bulldogs

    Where is the Mystic Panther? xD

    ...The Sushi Bulldogs are adorable though <3

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    2. Sergeant_Stucky


      you're welcome :)

    3. Dashy



      I sent a trade with two Mystic Panthers and accepted!~ :D 

    4. CaitlynMellark


      @Dashy Thank you ^^ Now I have all the Panthers I need ^w^ Hopefully xD

  13. > red flicker fox for sale in auction, that thing I rarely ever win


  14. Today is Yoosung's birthday from Mystic Messenger! ^^

  15. On PA, ZC is the generic currency

    On Pokefarm Q, ZC is the 'pay to get only' currency

    Imagine my confusion reading ZC in random places

  16. I was on Pokefarm & I was looking in Journals

    And in one person's journal, they were detailing their... death attempt like


    A mod got to it but holy crap I was so scared

    I don't care about journals or most people on Pokefarm aside from some favorites, but that is some scary stuff to see

    I hope they get the help they need ;;

    I understand being in their position; sometimes I feel the same way but god

    Putting it out there sounds scary

  17. Reminder to everyone that I am always very happy to help CYO artists! ^^ I can't draw, but I am great at giving advice, ideas, etc!

  18. I'm so excited about my next CYOs uwu

    Still trying to think about how to do the MM CYOs though

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    2. CaitlynMellark



      Mystic Messenger CYOs ^^

      Kaylercool will help make them, but I have to figure out how I want them to be. Some would benefit from having more than 2 stages, but some wouldn't ;;

    3. Kirito


      Oh~ Can't wait to see what those will look like :) 

    4. CaitlynMellark


      @Kirito Thank you! ^^ They will be much easier to pick genders for since I want them to all be male characters

  19. I should open a CYO shop, but I only have one CYO, so that definitely lowers things :')

    Worse still is that a lot of them are hatching the wrong gender, so that is bad

    I am going to buy the Pheonix pet design from Kirito, & then wait for the MM CYO I want to do with Kaylercool before opening a shop :')

    Reminder to self; Either make them exclusive to one gender or make them not gender exclusive. You don't have the ZC to change genders & fail like you have 3 times now

    1. Kirito


      I think its fine to open a CYO with one CYO. I did that when I opened mine! I just slowly added more and more to the shop. :) It's easier for people to find your CYO's when you have a shop.

      (Preorders if CYO's are a great way to attract people just give them a better deal than if they wait.)

    2. CaitlynMellark


      @Kirito That is true ^^ Once I get the Pheonix all done, I probably will make my shop I'll just have to figure out if Pet Adoptable's BBCode is different from other forums with their hide boxes, images, & etc

  20. I always wonder if people ever put my CYOs on their Wishlist owo

    I only have Songstone Cat for now, but I wonder

    1. Sergeant_Stucky


      i have Songstone Cat on mine, but i mostly put the alts i'm missing of every pet that i have on there

    2. CaitlynMellark


      @Sergeant_Stucky Ooo~ ^^ Nice! If you ever want to buy others, I am the one who sells some of them in my For Sale room. Alts are hard to get.

      I feel bad for the people who might put them on their wishlist but don't have a forum account ;; I just put one Songstone Cat in the auction for those people

  21. Happy Valentines Day, babbus!

  22. Monthly reminder that if you have ANYTHING on my Wishlist for sale, I would love to buy it or save up to buy it <<<3 

  23. My PA Forums & PA website stopped working for an hour

    I was so terrified something happened ;;

    1. Kaylercool


      Mine did too. I was scared I might lose eggs. 

      One time it went down and I lost two litters of Scottish Folds because of it. (The only time I've ever lost litters.)

      I never found the babies. Weird thing is, I couldn't even find them by clicking on the parents and looking at their offspring. It's like they just vanished and no one had them. 

      But yeah, that was 4,000 ZC down the drain. :') 

    2. CaitlynMellark


      @Kaylercool I was jusr scared the site closed down randomly or something xD

      It even was like "oh just email the webmaster"

      so i did & then it was like "THAT EMAIL DOESN'T EXIST, SUCKER"

  24. I guess I am going to be the leader of the Doki Doki Literature Club Clan on Pokefarm???

    i goofed :')))

  25. I am obsessed with Doki Doki Liteature Club songs help

    Doki Doki Forever by Or3o

    I Belong With You by Mandopony

    Your Reality by Dan Salvato (the creator of DDLC)

    Why did this have to happen

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    2. CaitlynMellark



      Oh no, I like NateWantsToBattle

      I am doomed xD

    3. Kaylercool



      Actually it's Mandopony and Nate together, but it's posted on Nate's channel. I just heard it today.

      I got a signed CD from NateWantsToBattle a while back. <3 

    4. CaitlynMellark




      Oooo~ So lucky! ^^