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  1. Can anyone help me think of names for my novel? I am writing about something, & I want some nice names. So far I have;

    Main Male Character: Charon (named after my favorite moon)

    Main Female Character (will be related to grass): Venus

    Female Fire Character: 

    Female Water Character: 

    Female Ground Character:

    Female Darkness Character: 

    Female Light Character: 

    Name I want for someone: Eurasia

    Also, can anyone good at editing or drawing make something for me? Nothing too huge, I promise

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    2. Uni_Animalia


      @CaitlynMellark Oh it's fine, it's really up to you if they sound like boy or girl names! :3

    3. CaitlynMellark


      @Uni_Animalia I am probably going to use Ziv & Espie if they are the best sounding! ^^ I like Espie especially xD

    4. Uni_Animalia