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  1. The Frost Archer's 1x1 Search

    Sorry, it's kind of hard to get to the forums over the weekends because of how much stuff is going on as the holidays arrive ^^; @Creus I like the idea, we should do that! I have no problem with it being a group role-play, but I know that group role-plays could get a little bit hectic sometimes... maybe someone posts too much, and the other person who could be playing the most important character could be posting too little. In theory, the more the merrier, but played out I've never experienced a group role-play that went well. Though, it is worth a shot, but maybe for the queen or an important character there could be a person playing the queen, and then an understudy playing the queen character just in case there needs to be a queen for a subplot, but the main person who plays the queen isn't there... does that make sense? I'm trying to think of things that can relate to the plot, because it doesn't feel right to just say 'hey, that works' without having any input on it. I tried writing things down right here, but nothing seems to work... I will let you know if I think of anything though, as for sometimes I may think of things as the plot develops more, and as we think let the characters develop more. @Dashy Well, yeah the mob of people can be the main enemy, but a person or any type of being could easily move to a new town, run to the forest, etc... The idea with a bid monster is so that there's more of a sense of 'there is nowhere to turn for these guys', if that makes sense. I believe it helps develop the plot more, instead of having it like a cat and mouse game. It would be interesting if the evil being/beings were not actually tangible, but they could still be fought up to a certain point and feared (maybe like a phantom or something). Also, with the idea of an evil doer who is practically a ghost or phantom, it would be interesting if it used animals or other humans to attack them (like maybe it can speak to them, or maybe he can raise the dead without an eternal flame. Heck, maybe he or she or they is the embodiment of the eternal flame). There could actually be a story like put with that that I thought of just now: The phantom -- or other enemy if this ends up making no sense at all -- could of used the all of the humans in the town or in the land (if you wanna be really cliche) to attack each other. But, after the phantom uses his power to perform acts of menace upon this town, the humans who have killed more than two people end up dying after the 'curse' is lifted. But, our characters would have had this 'light', protecting them from the curse, causing them to survive, and the only reason why some of the people end up surviving would be because one of them could be a healer. So, this one character heals some of the people thinking that they would be grateful, but instead s/he gets themselves locked away. (The other heroes may be hiding at the point that he gets taken away, or maybe they're laying on the ground not from death, but from shock). So, spirits and demons need a certain amount of electric energy in order to take a certain form, so after the massive attack, there would be a timeskip to a little later in life where all of the characters are unknown by the city and their king, and to when the phantom or ghost could resurge. And yeah, they could wait it out until the phantom tires himself of electric energy and disappears, but then he would only come back twice as strong and end up hurting more people. And, boom! If we follow that, we have a reason as to why people believe in witches, and we have a character that the other characters need to save. We also have the town hating on them, and the phantom as their main enemy. As for ideas about the characters... Okay, so I like the idea of them hating each other but having to stand each other (it reminds me of a role-play I did a long time ago about a vampire hunter and a vampire who had to work together), and I think we can work in a family rivalry, or a rich-and-poor type of scenario. You know, I also like the idea of there being up to four heroes so that we can get the most out of the powers, and maybe some characters can be a powerful duo together. Maybe the king who took the one guy mentioned above has a son who also has magic of some sort, and so those two characters could end up hating each other. And then that way we could also incorporate a best-friends-to-lovers type of thing into the plot with the other two characters. What genders should our characters be? I'm okay with any type of relationships, but I don't know the rules of the forum all too well (it says to be family friendly, so I assume any type of relationship is okay as long as it doesn't go too far? I don't know, I'm kind of stupid. The rules could be plain to see and out in the open, and they would still go right over my head).
  2. The Frost Archer's 1x1 Search

    @Dashy Well, we can combine the two plots together if you'd like, or if you want to do one or the other that's fine too. Do you have an idea for an enemy? As for character counts, I'm very much the same way. I create as we go along, but maybe we can start with two each (maybe all on the good side, or one of each on either side of the good and bad side), and then keep the ball rolling from there? @Creus Ah, okay ^^ It's fine that if you don't know LoL that well, we'll think of something else (although the lore is pretty cool and I'd recommend reading/listening about it). Okay, so... maybe it could be around the witch trial era, or in a world that's like the witch trial era, but without the puritans. Maybe the magic species is being hunted by some assassins, or kings-men or something. Another plot-like situation could be that he's being hunted by the government because of what he is (maybe they need magic to fuel a project or make an army). All of my plots are kind of cliche, really... I'll see if I can think of something else if my plots do seem cliche ^^;
  3. The Frost Archer's 1x1 Search

    @Creus Okay, well... I like to think about characters and then plot, if that makes sense. What relationship should our characters have, and do you want them to know each other from the start? And did you have a certain plot you wanted to do before I spit ideas left and right?? BTW, what are we plotting for? Did you want to do a League of Legends lore type of thing, or just a role-play that fits the category of magic? @Dashy Mhm, I have some ideas, but they're only ideas, and if you don't like any of them we can always come up with something together ^^ Okay, so no overwatch or anime... the league of legends lore is a lot, but pretty simple to understand. It's kind of like avatar in a sense of the land being split between tribes and whatnot. For the super-hero one, there's the idea that there are new Avengers/League or whatever, but they don't know that they're super heroes. I don't know if that makes sense, but it really depends on how many characters you want to play, being that I'm fine with any character count. Anyhow, so I really want to do this idea with a superhero duo, kind of like a yin and yang thing, and maybe they both grow/grew up in separate orphanages so they wouldn't know that they're related in some way. Another one could be that it's set in a different era, where superhero's may be considered as witches/evil entities, so they kind of have to hide their powers and fight in the dark. Maybe it's the rise of superhero's, and possibly even the rise of evil. True evil, that knows no boundaries.
  4. Reach One Million

  5. The Frost Archer's 1x1 Search

    @Creus That's cool, I haven't really figured out how I want to do character coding on this website yet, so all of my characters are on another forum from another website. Do you want to plot something?
  6. Salutations call me Bella~ I haven't been on this site for a good minute, but I can swing back into things pretty quickly. I am a friendly individual who can post two to several paragraphs, multiple times a day and even more on the weekends. I bet my grammar is pretty so-so, but at least it's readable. I do prefer for the role-plays to be semi-romantic, but I'm willing to go outside of my comfort zone for the sake of the plot. I don't expect much from a partner, but if I'm leaving something out then tell me and maybe we can work things out. Looking for; ~League of Legends lore and/or pairings ~Overwatch ~Cliche pairings ~Superhero-esque role-plays (OC only) ~Anime
  7. ABC Baby Names o3o

  8. ask a question of the next person

    Hawaiian What show is your favorite at the moment?
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    @tomimi hatched Adopt your own virtual pet today!