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  1. Buying pets!! Come and sell them to me! Updated as well!

    Updated! Added pictures and animals!
  2. ~Looking For Clouded Leopards/Eggs~ [ O P E N ]

    I've got these three! Pretty easy with the price. I normally sell them for 750 but am willing to go down c:
  3. Christmas Advent Calendar

    I'm hereee
  4. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Christmas is so close!
  5. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Mine will always be All I want for Christmas is you
  6. Christmas Advent Calendar

    It's been such a random season in the temperature department where I love. It was 26 one day and five days later 67 degrees. A lot of people got sick from it. Also thank you for the gift!
  7. Christmas Advent Calendar

    I wish it was snowing where I am
  8. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Thank you!
  9. Christmas Advent Calendar

    This is so cool and cute
  10. Buying pets!! Come and sell them to me! Updated as well!

    UPDATED!! I had a couple more eggs i am seeking.
  11. Buying pets!! Come and sell them to me! Updated as well!

    PM me, Gamma c: We can discuss prices and etc.
  12. Funko POPs

    I love Funko pops. My boyfriend is crazy about Captain America and Bucky so i bought him this one exclusive POP of Bucky without his arm at Target since it was one of their exclusive's for 10 bucks. I try to collect many as i can since i have 24 of them.
  13. Hello! I'm on the hunt for eggs to complete my wishlist. I'm up for buying eggs only because I enjoy clicking them xD PLEASE OFFER ME A PRICE!! I SUCK AT PRICING! Animals I'm very very interested in: American Staffordshire Terrier: Anglerfish: Ball Python: Bobcat: Cane Croso Dog: Catahoula Leopard Dog: Clouded Leopard: Clown Fish: Clydesdale Horse: Dire Wolf: Golden Retriever: Grizzly Bear: Irish Elk: Jamaican Iguana: Mountain Lion: Polish Hound Dog: Queensland Heeler Dog: Sugar Glider: Tennessee Walking Horse: Threadfin Butterflyfish: Tibetan Fox:
  14. Kayla's Pet Shop (OPEN)

    Male please! Send a trade?
  15. Kayla's Pet Shop (OPEN)

    How much for your Red Eared Slider Turtle?