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  1. I might not be on here for a little while or as much, because I just found out my sister's pregnant with her first child, and I'm going to be an aunt for the first time, so if I'm not on here, don't worry just family stuff. <3

    1. Dashy


      Congratulations to your sister! <3

      Good luck with being an aunt as well <333

    2. Uni_Animalia
  2. Ladybug's kittens.

    AWW, I want all of them! <3
  3. My Dream Team

    @cinnamonapples Thank you!! I appreciate it! <3
  4. Litten and Magikarp

    @cinnamonapples Thank you! <3 I was going to make it a regular fish in the bowl, but then I thought Magikarp would fit a lot better.
  5. Random Art by Me

    @Kaylercool Well you did a very good job! Kudos~
  6. Random Art by Me

    It's really cool! I love the colors, and the shading! :3
  7. My Dream Team

    @Dashy Thank you!! <3 It's my favorite Pokemon actually! I love fire types!
  8. My Dream Team

    From the album Uni_Animalia's Art

    Again, I was bored.
  9. Litten and Magikarp

    From the album Uni_Animalia's Art

    I was bored.
  10. Been trying to level up my Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Elite Four, and it's taking forever!!

  11. On Saturday I'm going to be doing a riding class at my equestrian center, with other girls. It will be the first group glass in, forever. Wish me luck!


    1. Imzadi83


      Good luck! What kind of horse do you ride?

    2. Uni_Animalia


      @Imzadi83 Thanks! I ride an bay Oldenburg named Santa.

  12. Recently I've been getting into the  "Alexander Hamilton"  soundtrack, I really am liking it. It took a little while to like it, but, it's grown on me.

  13. A painting I did of my cat, Olivia

    @Kaylercool Oh that's really cool! I love Corpse Bride! It's my favorite Tim Burton movie.
  14. CYO

    @Kitkat Shellcome! <3