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  1. I've been playing this game called "Khimeros" lately and I really like it. It just takes forever for Khimeras to be born, 48 hours, aka 2 days, but I've produced two Embarrs so far. I liked Rainbow Daisies more, so the second one was put up for sale.

    KDYtHR-naDU52BKN1Z6ojd_iwDCVvri3NawHzDbPYzsqKE47fAPEHtPhCwyeYV5AePLCOqpBX3j8Kg97uEYcTsNr9bmwpGN3Pb-s7qHi-QsfnTh9rLh0iSKkgcC5I1h8WSwMMx8_<a href='khimera.php?id=1204780'>3K  (For Sale)</a>

                                 Rainbow Daisies                                                                         For Sale

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      ha ha same 

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      Well, i'm going to keep foraging, I'm getting kind of sleepy. Ttyl! 

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      ok I have to go and start my day!! ugh lol ttyl

  2. Echo (Aka Second Chick) Update!

    She definitely is, I might keep her
  3. Peep Update!

    It's so fluffy i'm gonna die!
  4. Peep Update!

  5. My Setup

  6. Delta and Fairy

  7. Delta

  8. Chick Update:

    There is now 21 chicks

    19 are healthy 

    2 have disabled feet, but they're eating and drinking

    Had to get a small box and another light and water dispenser for the 2 disabled chicks

    No more chicks will be hatching for awhile

    14 eggs are left to hatch

    Chicks will be for sale soon  

    I'm going to be keeping at least 3 chicks if they're hens, some have really pretty feathers


  9. Holding my baby gerbil

    @Kawaii Tiger haha she was really cute, she was my baby
  10. My laptop froze so I had to reset it! Electronics can be so annoying!

  11. two more chicks were born today! Here is the second Straw poll for them. The first and Second names will be used. 

    https://strawpoll.com/edr5gg7d Vote if you can! 

  12. Reaper Overwatch Kitty WIP

    That's cool looking! Very epic!
  13. Kitty Sketch

    It's so cute, omg!! <333
  14. I put this pet in the pet pageant put I think it's to cute for the theme