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  1. I'm so sorry I haven't been on here in forever! I really miss everyone a whole bunch! It seems as though this place has been pretty quiet since I was last here. News! I'm 19 now! Guess I have to change my 'About Me' info. I turned 19 on July 20th! Wish I could've been online to celebrate with you guys. 

    Hopefully we can get this place lively again! Some of my best memories have been with everyone on here. Coming together as a community, really makes a cancer emotional. Sorry i'm being sappy, but it's true. Seems like it's been a ghost town here lately, hope we can change that soon! Life tends to get the way of fun sometimes. 

    All my love 

            Uni <3 <3 <3

  2. -X NOTICE X-

    I'm selling some of my Embarrs to keep rotating my stock. I'm getting into more natural colored Embarrs. 

    If you're interested please PM on here or PM me on Khimeros. My username is: Uni_Animalia 

    Here are all the Embarrs I'm selling. Prices can be lowered, I'm pretty flexible. Bold lettered links are mares, non bold links are stallions. T stands for Trinkets which is the main currency in Khimeros.

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1178045  4,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1204786  2,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1205197  2,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1205878  2,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1208281  2,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1207120  3,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1205784   3,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1209712   1,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=94233       1,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1206749   3,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1207527   3,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1213660   3,000 T

    http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1222233   3,000 T



  3. Nixa

    From the album Uni_Animalia's Art

    Art of my horse, Nixa.
  4. Fixing

    From the album Uni_Animalia's Art

    Sorry, there was a problem with posting. I'm trying to fix it.
  5. So today I rode Nixa for the first time in like 2 years. She did really good, a little fast and over excited. I had to get her a 32 inch girth today, but because she has a western saddle I need to get another one so that the back straps don't hang on her belly and bother her. 

    I also had to lunge her a bit before I got on her to get some of her energy out. I should have had someone take some pictures but I didn't, Oh well. 

  6. Happy Pride Month Everyone!! <333 :D

  7. Recently got a new horse! Her name's Nixa and she is sooo adorable and sweet. All though she can be kind of nutty at times xD 

    She's a cremello/really light Palomino (We aren't exactly sure cause she has gray skin and Cremellos don't have gray skin they have pink) Quarter Pony. She used to do professional barrel racing but she got injured and can't do it anymore. She's an amazing horse and I'm planning on riding her in a couple weeks once she's gotten used to her new home a little more. 





  8. Chick Update:

    21 chicks are healthy

    2 disabled chicks are now walking around normally

    They have been put outside

    For sale sign is now up in my driveway 

    No chicks have been sold yet

    5 eggs are left to hatch

    I'm going to stop putting eggs in the incubator for now since i'll be going on vacation later in May

  9. I've been playing this game called "Khimeros" lately and I really like it. It just takes forever for Khimeras to be born, 48 hours, aka 2 days, but I've produced two Embarrs so far. I liked Rainbow Daisies more, so the second one was put up for sale.

    KDYtHR-naDU52BKN1Z6ojd_iwDCVvri3NawHzDbPYzsqKE47fAPEHtPhCwyeYV5AePLCOqpBX3j8Kg97uEYcTsNr9bmwpGN3Pb-s7qHi-QsfnTh9rLh0iSKkgcC5I1h8WSwMMx8_<a href='khimera.php?id=1204780'>3K  (For Sale)</a>

                                 Rainbow Daisies                                                                         For Sale

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  10. Echo (Aka Second Chick) Update!

    She definitely is, I might keep her
  11. Peep Update!

    It's so fluffy i'm gonna die!
  12. Peep Update!

  13. My Setup