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  1. GIVEAWAY!!!

    I pm jade about those as she asked first sorry
  2. GIVEAWAY!!!

    @cocatrics sure sending trade
  3. GIVEAWAY!!!

    @cinnamonapples sorry someone already asked for that egg just awaiting response
  4. GIVEAWAY!!!

  5. GIVEAWAY!!!

    Sent trades to everyone
  6. GIVEAWAY!!!

    No problem @Alcarie
  7. GIVEAWAY!!!

    @Alcarie ok will send it back when I get it back from @Antashi
  8. GIVEAWAY!!!

    Ok sending now @Antashi @cinnamonapples @Lady of Baskerville @KaylaDoesEverything
  9. GIVEAWAY!!!

    Hey guys! I’m not on pa too much and i have to quit because of some things but I’m giving away all my pets to who ever wants them lol Just look on my home page and pick a pet and I will get back to you
  10. Kawaii pup cyo (finally finished and approved!

    @Miss Kitty sorry for the late response I’m sending it now
  11. Chit's CYO & Custom Shop [open] *SPECIAL PETS FOR SALE!*

    This shop looks good!
  12. Kawaii pup cyo (finally finished and approved!

  13. @Alcarie can I take this one in this alt