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  1. Free adventure pets for newbies ^^

    @karen3 Site name: Rubina Links: 1. Cute Clydesdale Horsey. 2. Adorable chipmunky. 3. Chibi fat Chickadee.
  2. Free Cyo Designing For Newbies!

    Uh hi? I joined yesterday. Some basic information on what I like: Favorite animal: Cheetah Favorite color(s): Pink, purple, red, black. ( In a pet I'd want it to be like a hot pink, with any like markings to be a purple. ) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you can make it a cheetah: Cheetah design, base pink, spots & tear marks purple ples. If you can't make it a cheetah: Floofy kitty design, base pink, I imagine a muzzle mask & a belly for markings, and those would be either light pink, or white.
  3. Packages for Newbies

    Hi I joined yesterday. Profile: My proooooofile! :)