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  1. ~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

    Hello, Your creations are so wonderful... But I save my money for something else at the moment. ^^' *Note to self : don't forget to come back here later ; I need at least a Tigris Cervus <3.*
  2. Howdy All!

    Welcome here ^^
  3. Leveling & Nursery

    Hello and welcome The number of clicks to level up a creature varies according to its species. Some grows each 50 clicks (so 50, 100, 150, 200), never less I think. Some others hatch at level 100. And I wonder when a Deep Sea Lion hatch, because the one I click regularly is lv 156 and is still an egg XD. My nursery is at the lowest level and I notice breedings take ~ 3 days. Perhaps it will be faster with a higher level.
  4. PSD CYO bases

    Hello, I won 2 CYO brushes with chests, and I would try to create a pet, but the "Download the CYO bases" link is broken and goes to an Error 404 / page not found. Is there another way to get the .psd bases, please ? (I'll need time to submit something, as I'm not very familiar with this kind of software.) Thanks
  5. Breeding Outcome Discussion Thread

    @Xene Aaaah, thank you. My eyes are not in their orbits, lol. (I should learn to read, XD) And I notice a little mistake, as, even in the almanach, this color is - the only one - with the same design than the Felis Aries (with horns, and not ears). That's why I was confused.
  6. Breeding Outcome Discussion Thread

    Hello, I have this little guy ; I don't even know where I got it, probably with the forum advent calendar... No parents but It's not a basic alt, isn't it ? :
  7. Breeding Outcome Discussion Thread

    Thank you very much Let's go to save ZC in order to upgarde my breeding centre ^^
  8. Breeding Outcome Discussion Thread

    Hello, I have a question about breeding. I recieved 2 same Pembroke Welsh Corgis from my welcome gift (2x the 5th alt) and the first breeding gave me 2 babies with the same color... (so Alt 5). My question is : if the parents are identical, are the babies always the same alt ? Thx.
  9. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Thank you very much for all the pets For a first Christmas here, it was a super Christmas !
  10. Christmas Advent Calendar

    My husband and me, we animate a karaoke and dance party in a restaurant run by a friend. My little boy (2 1/2 years) is babysitted by my mother. Tomorrow, we will spend time with friends and my step family.
  11. Hello All

    Welcome Here I'm certainly not the best person to answer your questions, but if I can, I'll try.
  12. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Another day, another comment. Thanks again for this.
  13. Christmas Advent Calendar

    ♫ Time goes by...so slowly ♬ Eeeer, wait... no !
  14. Christmas Advent Calendar

    Fainne : same here XD