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  1. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    Oh i see, thats cool thanks. I was hoping someone would hatch my egg today but its too late for the pet pageant, oh well
  2. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    Ok so then how do i get custom pets? I never see the eggs or the pets in the bazaar. Thanks for the help
  3. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    i apologise too. i got stuck with breeding and i wanted help. are you by chance short staffed? or is this just a small community? oh and breeding. how do i cross breed? p.s. this site is cool. ♥️
  4. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    This is really getting annoying. I need help and no one is even replying. ARe there no helpers for this site? Whats the deal??
  5. Christmas Advent Calendar

    I got a holiday egg. I don’t know if it was a gift but thx just in case
  6. Newbie, with questions and a Hello

    Wow , not even noticed. Oh well. Probably picked a bad time to post.
  7. Christmas Advent Calendar

    I think I’m too late but I’ll post anyways. Today is monday. Not feeling good. And bored. So far i like this site. I just wish there was more to do
  8. Packages for Newbies

    Hello i started just yesterday, I’m a little lost A package would be nice http://petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Cobwebz
  9. Hello I’m new. what is there to do on site here daily? how long for eggs to hatch and grow to breed? How to make zc fast? some avatar clothes don’t fit base. Why? any other suggestions appreciated