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  1. Packages for Newbies

    Hello, I just joined yesterday site wise, and just joined the forums today! I would love a newbie package if possible. I also may be able to give stuff at one point here, at least I hope so! http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Gryffbirb
  2. Howdy All!

    Howdy everyone! I am new to this site, and I thought I would drop a little bit about myself here. I am 26 years old, and I love cats, I have five of them in real life! I also am an artist that does drawings on dA, and you can find me as the same username there. I am also on Xanje with the same display name if any of you are on there! I hope to see you all around.
  3. ✦ Click Hall ✦

    Clicked them all! I have a few pets that need clicked myself though. http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1233126 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1233127 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1233128 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1233130 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1233503 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1233506 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1169849 Thank you all for clicking ahead of time!