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  1. I can’t do anything

    1. Haru



  2. Arrival of Sen

    It's an original character I made for a youtuber friend of mine named Senpaishome
  3. Trying out new things next week and I'm honestly happy with how things are going now

    Thank you for being such an amazing partner, I love you so much :wub:

    You know who you are

  4. Yesterday was fun and possibly a turning point in my life..
    It took me long enough but it's finally here, from here on out a new journey begins
    and I won't be at it alone, I'll have someone special with me. 

    I'll post new art soon too, possibly after I've had a few things sorted out

    It's amazing what one person can just turn your life around like that

    I never planned on any of this but I'm glad it happened regardless.

    I've never been this happy and motivated to do something for someone else other than myself.It's quite humbling to say the least

    1. Kaylercool


      Heh, what a coincidence. 

    2. Haru


      a pleasant coincidence ;)

  5. Yo!

  6. Been contemplating if I should make a Pixiv or not.. 

    I realized I haven't made nearly as enough art as I should've...

    I mean I'd have probably had more if I could only recover my old files :mellow:welp 

    New ones it is

  7. Yo!

    Heya I'm new here got invited by my friend @Kaylercool she told me this site's fun and all and i really do like it here I mostly draw trad and have come to enjoy the site and the community since I hear the community's fun and the mods are great lol That's about It for introductions I guess
  8. Naofumi & Raphtalia.

    I like how this shows a lot more about you and how much your style has improved over the days like with you experimenting on things.. Feb - June growth is really amazing
  9. Romani fan art pt2

    From the album Art [non pets

  10. Art [non pets

  11. Romani Archaman Fan Art

    From the album Art [non pets

  12. Rimuru Tempest fan art

    From the album Art [non pets

  13. Arrival of Sen

    From the album Art [non pets

    Title says it all